PUBG New Map – Sanhok Release Date | All You Need To Know

PUBG is making us very curious about its new map aka Sanhok. I bet you already know about Sanhok and if sources are trusted, this map will be hack free with no bugs. If this is true, it will be a huge advantage to entire fan following. Recently PUBG mobile was also introduced for iOS and Android.

PUBG has got a big fan following in a very short span of time and it is evident that it is a great game. Among various battle royale games, it is the most popular currently. Even our favorite Shroud prefers PUBG over FortniteAs a regular player of PUBG, I am waiting for the two new maps, not just Sanhok! That is the secret which you have to find in the following part. ? Trust me I have rumor busters.


Player Unknown’s Battleground- Sanhok & Adriatic | New Maps

Sanhok (Sah-Nok)


Sanhok is the most awaited map which is based on the tropical regions of Vietnam.  The map is going to be the third installment after two live maps. It got it name from two different words: Sanook’, the Thai word which means FUN, another word is ‘Manok’, the Tagalog word which means CHICKEN {Sanhok makes sense now ? }

The new PUBG Map will be 4x4km, which is smaller as compared to other two maps (Erangel and Miramar) having 8x8km. Upon testing, you will find that the graphics of Sanhok are good which is one of the biggest plus points of this map. This map is made smaller to save the gameplay time.


This map is kept smaller to increase the thrill of killing. It is exciting to play this new PUBG map because half of the 100 players get knocked out even before the second circle starts. One more advantage of this map is that vehicles are made according to the terrain. The time between the two circles has been reduced to 45 seconds. It will be a significant change as most of the players are not used to it, as a tip do get your bag up with lots of boosters.

Tukshai – Pubg New Map

With this map, a lot of things are added like new vehicles in Tuk Tuk style aka Tukshai and Jet Ski. Apart from vehicles, the climate will be dynamic with respect to Sunny, Rainy and Foggy. Foggy is bit scary though.


It is going to be the third map based on the Adriatic region of Europe which is already on the experimental servers and to play in this server PUBG has officially provided the keys to the active users. This new map is going to come on the test server once Sanhok reaches on the live server.

It is going to have 8x8km play area, which is equal to the first 2 maps. Right now it is a raw map with not so solid figures. We will keep you updated once it gets the new upgrade.

Time to clear rumors

Few websites and few unknown YouTubers are spreading the rumor stating the next map is going to be a complete snowy one but unfortunately, that is not true. Adriatic map is going to feature thick forests on the warm Mediterranean coast and snowy mountains tucked in the center. It will have Rivers, Villages, Farms and hillside slums.

PUBG New Map Release Date

We are still waiting for the official announcement of the exact date, we could not help but to contact gaming experts. Here is what we know so far:

At the time of writing this article, the date of 4th Patch test of Sanhok has been extended till 11th of June and according to our experts, it will be released by 22nd of this June. This is crystal clear that PUBG is serious about the bugs in this new map and I personally believe, this wait is going to be worthy.

Adriatic map is expected to be live by the end of November 2018 and I am already waiting for this one.

Bonus NEWS Which Is Making A Huge Thrill!

Some Important New PUBG Updates Rolled Recently

  • Damage of M24 has been decreased by massive level.
  • PUBG has nerfed the M24(removed from Drops) and added it into the world spawn loot tables to increase the availability of the alternative of KAR98.
  • Increased the damage and range of Frag Grenades. (In pic)


  • Stun Grenades‘ blinding effect has been increased.
  • Reduced vertical and horizontal recoil of SCAR-L.
  • Damage of Molotov Cocktail has been increased.
  • Vector will be easily available as compared to UMP-9 in SMG category.
  • The tactical stock and cheek pad are now less effective at improving recoil recovery rate.
  • Anti-Cheat Tech is put on test servers and expected to be an appreciable test.

Anti Cheat

With all these updates or shall I say timely updates, PUBG is going to make new feeds in your FB timelines. Bluehole Inc. never leaves any chance of amazing us with our favorite game. PUBG is known to render the best gameplay which brought it to top 5 games. So it can be assumed that PUBG will live up to our expectations.

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