30+ NEW Putlocker Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List (100% Working)

Putlocker Proxy

Torrents have always been the most popular and comfortable way to download online media or any file. It works on P2P file-sharing technology, which allows the users connected to the internet to download any related data and share it with other users at the same time. Putlocker was initially invented to let anyone share their data over the internet to any number of users. It downloads the file by dividing it into some smaller fragments.

Putlocker Proxy

However, from the time of its invention, it has become the most prominent place for internet piracy. However, all movies and other copyright content are available to download on putlocker. The copyright content has become the prime reason for controversy attached to the putlocker service.

Government and media groups are regularly engaged in efforts to scrap the movies and other media present on torrent. However, it is not an easy task to track the files being surfaced online, the job of eliminating the illegal data from scratch remains almost impossible.

Putlocker Proxy List

Many clones of the website have surfaced on the internet. Currently, it is up and running but is blocked by the governments of many countries including UK and India.

Another way to access the site is by using the proxy sites or its mirror sites. What a proxy does it hides the original IP address of the target site by rerouting the traffic which enables the user to access the specific blocked websites? It also redirects an alternative for the unique domain in case it is not working.

Here is the list of Putlocker proxy 2018 that are up and running currently. The links here will let you access Putlocker server without any hassle. It is advised that you use a VPN service to prevent yourself from getting monitored. Using torrent has been blocked by many countries so using virtual private network will ensure that you remain anonymous while downloading any file.

Therefore, we have listed all the mirror site available by the torrent that can be used to download any files or you can directly stream online to watch in HD.

Putlocker Proxy/Mirror



http://putlocker.ac/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlocker.rs/ ONLINE Fast
http://putlocker.ist/ ONLINE Fast
http://putlocker.is/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://putlockers.sc/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://watch5s.rs/tag/proxy-putlocker/ ONLINE Fast
http://putlocker-m.net/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://www.watchfree.to/ ONLINE Normal
https://putlockerhd.co/ ONLINE Normal
https://putlocker.unblockall.xyz/ ONLINE Fast
https://putlocker.unblocker.cc/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlocker.unblocker.cc/ ONLINE Normal
http://putlocker.immunicity.cab/ ONLINE Fast
http://putlocker.immunicity.team/ ONLINE Normal
http://putlocker.immunicity.plus/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://putlocker.bypassed.cab/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://putlocker.bypassed.plus/ ONLINE Very Fast
http://putlocker.bypassed.team/ ONLINE Normal
http://putlocker.unblocked.team/ ONLINE Fast
http://putlocker.unblocked.plus/ ONLINE Normal
http://putlocker.unblocked.cab/ ONLINE Slow
https://putlocker.unblocked.pub/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlocker.unblocker.win/ ONLINE Slow
https://watchputlocker.live ONLINE Fast
http://www.putlocker-is.live/ ONLINE Normal
http://www.putlockers.am/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlockerhd.is ONLINE Fast
https://putlocker.stream-ing.xyz/ ONLINE Fast
https://watchfree.ukunblock.win/ ONLINE Slow
https://www.putlockerfree.ac/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlocker.unblockmy.tech/ ONLINE Fast
https://putlockerwatchfree.live ONLINE Fast
https://putlocker1.fit/ ONLINE Slow
https://watchfree.usunblock.space/ ONLINE Normal
https://watchfree.ukunblock.space/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://putlockerx.live/ ONLINE Slow
https://put-locker.to ONLINE Fast
https://putlockerfree9.live/ ONLINE Fast
https://www.putlockers9.ws/ ONLINE Slow
http://putlocker.today ONLINE Very Fast
http://www.putlockertoday.co/ ONLINE Slow

We will be updating this list regularly while some site stops functioning over the time. If we find any sites that are new to the Putlocker torrent family, we will be updating them in the above-mentioned list.

Using different methods to access Putlocker

Blocked websites can be accessed by using a simple proxy method, but the only problem is either its alternate links often go down or change their domains. Thus they do not provide a long-term or widespread solution to it, and in addition to that we are left with multiple alternative methods, and for us, the most suitable and effective one is using a virtual private network.

So now what is a VPN? It is an online service that bypasses the ISP (Internet Sevice Provider) and stops them from inspecting over your Internet Activity. What a VPN does is it bypasses all the traffic via their servers which makes it impossible for the ISPs to check on what the user is up to. Using a VPN is also a way to increase your security while you are surfing and not accessing any blocked content or website. The server you access through a VPN is encrypted and thus is more secure.

However, while using VPN, you might face problems related to lowering of your internet speed because of their server bypassing, but you need not worry as this is normal. Moreover, once you shut down the VPN, your internet speed will resume to normal.

Online VPN Services

There are lots of online VPN services available to bypass you to a different server which lets you access a blocked content or website. However, if you do not wish to download a VPN software, you can also access using them online or use an extension on your favorite browser like Chrome, Mozilla or more.

Using an online VPN service is very easy and has numerous regional options to select from.


Hidemyass is one of the most popular VPN service provider with over 860 servers at 310 locations across 190 countries. With that using it is free and secure and quickly lets you access any blocked content or file sharing websites. Hidemyass provides their encrypted browser on their official website. You can also go for their premium version with their list of adequate pricing list according to your usage and for better downloading speed.

putlocker proxy

You can also download their official VPN service on your system. However, before you access it, you need to sign up entering your email id and password and download and install it on your device. After you successfully install it all you need to do is start the VPN by clicking on connect button and it will connect to the fastest and safest available server by default.

So before you wish to access any of the blocked content, make sure to keep the VPN connection active until the time your file gets downloaded completely. There are a lot more VPN services available to access for free and which are GooseVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, CyberGhost and more.


All the Putlocker mentioned above websites are 100% working and are ready to use. Using them, you can download your favorite media content or stream them to watch online, dependent upon your ease. However, accessing them (copyright content) is illegal and can lead you to trouble, and thus we suggest you to either use a proxy or a VPN before you access any of the blocked content or website. If you find any problem with the Putlocker proxy websites, feel free to comment on the section below, and we will update the list with the latest working website.

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