Ready to Explore India? Did Your Travel Agent Told About PNR Status

India is a beautiful land reverberating with rich history and the glow of different cultures. This is why, it is counted among some of the most happening tourist destinations for travelers from across the globe. It has resplendent colors, historical monuments, amazing heritage temples and so many attractive cultural treasures that anyone would love to visit it and explore it deeper and deeper. Traveling freak would definitely find one or another way for their India exploration, but there are thousands of tourists, who are keen on exploring every bit of it, but systematically. The below page brings a few suggestions, tips and information that will help every kind of tourist with a level of comfort and convenience.

Exploring India

See, India is a vast country of diversity, which is impossible to be covered in one go. Here below, we have mentioned a few basic facts about the country’s various different sectors in order to help you learn the country closely.

  • It is composed of 29 states and 7 union territories.
  • The cultural history of India spans more than 4,500 years. This country is notable for its varied religious diversity. For your knowledge, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, and Jainism, all reside together in India and are counted among the nation’s major religions.
  • Indian architecture is very unique and creative, for example, the Taj Mahal. There are many more similar works of Mughal architecture and South Indian architecture, that you can enjoy here with a blend of ancient local traditions and imported styles.
  • Indian music is a hot favorite of almost every music lover because it ranges over various different traditions and regional styles.
  • In India, there is a lot to learn about dancing. The Indian dance primarily features diverse folk and classical forms. Some of the most popular Indian folk dances are the ‘Bhangra’ (famous in Punjab), the ‘Bihu’ (speciality of Assam,) the ‘Chhau (dance form of Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand), ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ (from Gujarat), ‘Ghoomar’ (the famous dance of Rajasthan) and the ‘Lavani’ (from Maharashtra).
  • Indian festivals are absolutely unique in their kind. All of them are very religious in origin like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Makar Sankranti, Chhath, Durga Puja, Navratri, Vaisakhi, Christmas, Bakr-Id, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Thai Pongal.
  • India has a well co-ordinated transport system, which plays an important role in the sustained economic growth of this country. There are various different modes of transport in India such as rail, road, coastal shipping, air transport, etc. In the recent years, transportation in India has recorded a substantial growth, they have spread their network far and have generated good output of the system.
  • Indian Railways is the largest railway system in the world managed by a single management. Moreover, it is the principal mode of transportation for freight and passengers at reasonable prices. Indian Railways have also gone online for the convenience of its passengers. Their online irctc train enquiry services have provided a very convenient way for travellers to fetch any kind of irctc pnr status or any other kind of pnr enquiry.

pnr status

Travel Agents in India

For a convenient travelling in India, travel agents could help you a lot. They make their client’s trip very special and memorable to cherish in the years to come. There are many renowned names in the field, which are popular for their warm hospitality, excellent organization and exceptional assistance provided by their staff members. We hear sometimes that people have some really horrifying experiences while on tours to the country, but this all can be avoided if you hire a genuine and reliable Indian travel agent at your services. So how will you choose “the right” travel agent? Tricky one…but you can find one.

  • You should search for a certified travel agent, who makes a genuine name among the premier travel agents for anyone’s travel to India.
  • There are many travel agent companies in India, which are existing since decades. You can definitely give them a try. After all, experience counts big.
  • Check online for a company name. There you can find a genuine team of agents. Read the testimonials and the reviews to get a clear picture of them. There are a few travel agents in India, who have been accredited with a number of national and international distinguished bodies in travel and tourism industry. You can surely shortlist them for your services.
  • They should offer you a plethora of inbound tours for groups as well as individual tourists. Check if they are specialized in any kinds of tours like adventure tours, cultural tours, beach tours, backwater tours, religious tours, festival holidays, heritage holidays, wildlife tours, rejuvenation and Ayurveda tours, or corporate tours. If yes, they will also assist you with hotel booking and travelling booking for India, itinerary planning and car rental services (if required any).

In short, a travel agent is one, who knows what all it takes to satisfy a traveller. They make their tours quite unique, unexplored and hassle-free. They even take care of minute details like providing the right pnr number to the travellers, and handling them the most appropriate details so that they don’t stuck anywhere anytime.


See, an experienced travel agent would always make sure that their clients experience an absolutely hassle-free trip to India, but there could anytime arouse a need to run your brain and fetch a solution. For example, your travel agent has booked a train ticket for you on Indian Railways and your travel is scheduled in the next two hours, but, unfortunately you have misplaced your ticket somewhere, what would you do then? You will call your travel agent immediately, correct? But, this hassle could have been avoided if you securely place your pnr number of the ticket with the documents in your tight secured bag. A pnr number is the main link that can connect you with all your details once again from anywhere. You can go to the indian railways pnr status check links and submit the pnr number to seek every information about your ticket and travel.

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