Real-Talk Tips to Boost ROI From Your Instagram Marketing

It’s no secret now that Instagram can be much more than a platform for communication. Not only it has 800+ million monthly users, but also it proves its efficiency with skyrocketing engagement stats.

Just by looking at statistics, it becomes apparent that Instagram might be worth investing in. When it comes to visiting the page of influencers, that’s just another proof how awesome the platform is in terms of building an engaged community.

Yet there are roadblocks

Or how else could you explain that many businesses don’t yet use Instagram? Most of the companies have insta profiles, that’s for sure but staying empty these pages are as good as dead. What is it about Instagram that makes promotion struggling?

We defined 10 main Instagram promotion challenges and found our answers that will help to boost your ROI. Yes, Insta sometimes requires more hustle than other platforms but it doesn’t make it any less rewarding – we’d rather say otherwise.

Challenge #1 – Visuals should be on point

That’s the first and foremost problem that most business owners face while planning Instagram media marketing. We have all read articles and guides about how quality matters for a successful Instagram page. All these expert advice has created a misconception that a profile requires you to get a professional photographer and a pile of professional hardware.

Yet as brands show us, beautiful pictures are not necessarily sophisticated. Look what American Express has to say about it. It’s a minimalistic picture with hand holding a card. Simple and brilliant at the same time.

Yes, I am sure that American Express probably uses a professional photographer. Yet with practice, it’s totally possible to make your insta profile look if not as cool but at least kind of similar.

Challenge #2 – Figuring out a brand style

All successful Instagram profiles have their own identity. The question that many brands fail to answer is: what defines this style and how do I create one?

Let’s take a look at the examples and analyze how they attract followers.

Califia Farms – what a colorplay

How did they create their own style? By combining light vivid colors that harmonize with brand vision. You look at the profile – and feel the vibe. That’s what style is about.

Another example – Ballet Opera de Paris

What creates a style on their page? Not just same color styles for all pictures but also the poses and moves of people depicted in photos. The profile is cohesive, and that’s what determines its success.

The takeaway? Choose one style and stick to it.

Challenge #3 – Consistency

This issue is alive and kicking not just when it comes to Instagram activity but to all social media promotion generally. To be successful on social media, especially on Instagram where pages tend to be extremely active, you need to be consistent. It means doing publications regularly (one post in 1-2 days) and keeping that pace over time.

It’s something many companies overlook publishing dozens of photos on one day, they going quite for a month or two, then coming back with that same explosive activity. If Taylor Swift does this thing on her Instagram account all the time, it doesn’t mean we can do the same thing. Business owners are not pop-stars which means we have to try dozens of times harder.

So the takeaway? Create a publishing schedule and really stick to it.

Challenge #4 – Writing captions

When we talk about Instagram, it’s usually about what pictures to post, which filters to choose, and how to approach the visual branding. Text constantly gets overlooked – and it’s a big bummer.

Why? Because these are captions that bring company voice to your customers. Also, with pictures, you can mostly interest the subscriber, but if the goal is to get the actual conversion, it’s text that does the job. However, if you need some prompt additional help with texts that convert, you can contact EssayVikings, a professional writing platform.

How should captions be written?

  • Keep them brief and to the point. 2-3 sentences are usually enough.
  • Maintain the same style for the captions same as you do for pictures.
  • Ask engaging questions. If you promised to respond to your subscribers’ comments, don’t forget to do that as well.
  • Use songs and movie quotes. Even if the picture is done not so well, a good caption can get additional sense to the publication if you tie up a pop-culture reference. To do it effectively, keep up with popular TV shows and movies, and follow music and YouTube – this way you’ll never miss out on a new trend.
  • What to do if I work for the bilingual audience? If you work with people on English and French markets (for instance), I’d recommend to combine but yet make a priority. One language will dominate anyway, and that’s okay.
  • Don’t write captions that have no meaning. After one or two senseless publications your followers won’t even pay attention to the text you’ve written.

Excellence is not an act, but a habit as a wise man once said. If you always maintain your captions on the high level, your followers will get used to reading them. However, 3-4 bad descriptions are just enough to turn the situation on its head.

Tip #5 – Use hashtags (but not overuse)

I hardly have to explain the importance of hashtags to you. It’s pretty obvious that hashtags yet remain the universal promotional method on Instagram and no matter how overused it is now, it yet works fine.

The question here is: what hashtags work best?

On many profiles, you can find these general and popular hashtags like #girls #summer #party. If you just want your publication to be seen by someone, this might be justified. But I think you’d rather go for focusing on your target audience – and it would require much more specific hashtags.

Where to find them?

Follow your competition. See what hashtags they use and find the tendencies they like to apply. After you collected few hashtags, experiment. You can also look for hashtags on your own, just searching for them and monitoring which work better and which don’t work at all. That takes longer but gives results nevertheless.

That’s just one of the examples of the pretty effective hashtag use.


If you used these tips but want something else, use influencer marketing. Invite an Insta blogger to take over your account for a day – it’s an awesome marketing opportunity.

You probably heard how complex Instagram promotion really is, how there are many tricks to master and things to learn. In fact, it’s all simpler. Find the profiles you like – just like I did, and try doing what they do. Learn from those whose work you appreciate – and it’s going to work out great. You’ll see.

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