6 Reasons Not To Buy OnePlus 6: Must Read before you buy the Latest OnePlus Flagship

OnePlus 6, the latest flagship from OnePlus and the successor is here and available for purchase online or it’s authorized stores near you. OnePlus 6 has been a hot topic in the smartphone market and there are reasons for its craze. OnePlus with its latest device has managed to fulfill its fans complaints with OnePlus 6 by doping almost every needy feature in the phone which makes it pretty much 2018 flagship device.

OnePlus 6 is also countably the most loved, anticipated and praised smartphone of OnePlus. Just a few days after the launch of OnePlus 5T, we started getting lots of rumors every day, so we are not surprised with the feedback the phone has received from everyone. However, if we tent to analyze the latest device minutely, not much has changed over the last year’s flagship OnePlus 5T apart from few tweaks in software and hardware (no, we are not complaining). However, the OnePlus 6 is currently the only phone with those high-end specs at that price of $529 (£469, Rs 34,999).

Now talking a little more about the OnePlus 6, the phone is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630 and the 6/8 gigs of LPDDR4 RAM which makes it the fastest smartphone available in the market. Other than what makes it stand out is its Dash Charging which can juice up your phone for a whole day in just half an hour. Also, it has Fastest Face and Fingerprint Unlock security feature in the business. Most importantly is its price factor where it beats every flagship from tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Google, Honor, and more.

Undoubtedly OnePlus 6 is a great phone taking a step closer to the perfect but yet not the perfect one. It has few drawbacks which lack in comparison with other flagship devices and in this article we are going to throw a limelight on them. This is also useful for them who are confused for to buy or not buy the latest device, this article will tell what the fastest Android phone is missing in it but included in others.

So in this roundup includes 6 Reasons not to buy the OnePlus 6, so if you are the person who wishes to have these features on your latest device, we recommend you to not to buy OnePlus 6.

6 Reasons Not to Buy the OnePlus 6

Let us begin…

1. No Wireless Charging

From past couple of years, OnePlus was stuck with the Aluminum body design on OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T. In 2018, the company opted to go for Glass over Front and Back side of their latest device OnePlus 6 to make it more premium and competitive with other flagships.

Although with the introduction of Glass on OnePlus 6, it was rumored that the device will have one of the most convenient features, Wireless Charging. However, the OnePlus decided not to go with the feature this time which disappointed us like most of you. Wireless Charging is the features available in devices like Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, iPhone X and we expected the same on OnePlus 6 but we are hoping to see the feature on OnePlus 6T.

2. No Stereo Speakers

Another disappointed in OnePlus 6 was the same speaker setup we have been seeing since OnePlus 3 of a single speaker and OnePlus has the same. The sound quality is however improved but OnePlus seriously needs to get over the mono speakers. If they seriously want to match with others more than just offering speed on their flagships, they got to get over the single speaker setup.

However, OnePlus 6 does have a 3.5mm headphone jack to make your listening experience better with headphones but there is no one stopping if OnePlus decides to include stereo speakers on OnePlus 6T. Although you will find the stereo speakers on Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X.

3. Full-HD Screen Only

In the year when all company is shifting to notch displays may that be Android or iOS and secondly raising the resolution of the display. With an OLED panel on iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL and QHD+ display on others including Galaxy S9 but the OnePlus once again stuck to an Optic AMOLED Full-HD Display, we have been seeing since OnePlus 3. We expected a screen upgrade on OnePlus 6 for better colors and resolution.

However, the Full HD display is not same we see on other devices and delivers better sharpness and colors than any Full-HD display available in the market. Sticking to the same display also helps in maintaining the battery usage to offer the maximum output from the phone. Although, we wish to see an upgrade in their next device.

4. No Water-Proof IP Rating

Having a non-waterproof phone is no big deal as we purposely don’t dump our phones in water as it always happens accidentally. However, when it comes to competition with other competitor phones like Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, iPhone X or P20 Pro, OnePlus 6 lacks in providing an IP rating to their phone which means they are not waterproof.

However, OnePlus did make the 6 water resistant which can easily withstand water splashes but doesn’t recommend taking it with you to the pool. Although, having this extra feature on your is just like an advantage or of no use unless you are careless enough to drop your high-end phone in the water. But yes having it gives you a peace of mind while you are in rain or accidentally drop it in a pool of water.

5. Average Camera with No Optical Zoom

Having a good camera is of the most important features we want on our smartphones these days and we expect no less from a flagship device. Talking about the camera in OnePlus 6, the company has upgraded its camera sensors over last years OnePlus but still lacks the quality to compete with this year flagships. OnePlus also brought back OIS on the rear camera but upon testing, the camera struggled while focusing on an object.

Another thing which OnePlus 6 lacks is the optical zoom which we saw in OnePlus 5 but later got replaced with an RGB 20-megapixel camera. While in OnePlus 5, the secondary lens helped in getting more detailed shots, OnePlus got shifted to a sensor with the better aperture to improve portrait mode and low-light shots. Thus OnePlus 6 also misses Optical Zoom that helps in taking more detailed shots but found in most of the flagships like Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

6. No Expandable Storage

Another feature OnePlus 6 got from its predecessors is the same no option of expanding your storage, you can only use the limited onboard storage. Most of the people like keeping their data on the memory card which makes it easy for them to use it on other devices. While with internal storage if your phone ever gets damaged you can only backup the device once the device is repaired.

However, OnePlus provides enough storage with at least 52 GB of usable storage on their smartphone which is quite enough for most of the people including myself. However, there are some of us who like keeping lots of videos or click photos and record videos on their devices and need extra storage for their convenience.

Final Verdict

OnePlus is undoubtedly an excellent phone with top class hardware specs and buttery smooth OS but tends to lack few features when in competition with other same segment phones. However, the price plays an important factor too, where you can get two of OnePlus 6 at the price of one iPhone X and still will be left with few hundred dollars.

So, the ones who were searching for the reasons not to buy the OnePlus 6. But if you ask about my opinion, the answer will be to go for a value for money phone than the $800+ phones with we hardly and I wish to see more of camera improvements in OnePlus devices.

If you liked our effort, please share with your friends and family but if you loved it, keep looking for more posts from us we are soon coming up with the Tips and Tricks to master your OnePlus 6 and the reasons to go for OnePlus 6 and not with other flagships. Also, comment down the section with the things you liked or disliked on your OnePlus 6.

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