8 Reasons to buy OnePlus 6 over other Flagship Phones in 2018

In the generation where we see new smartphone launches every month, latest addition was the OnePlus 6, one of the most awaited smartphones of the year. As the smartphone industry is divided into three of its major segments: Low-budget smartphones, Mid-range smartphones or the Flagships. Where most of the industry leaders like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and more range their smartphones in all those three segments then there are some not-so-big and challenging companies like OnePlus.

Reasons not to buy OnePlus 6

OnePlus, currently one of the most promising companies in the smartphone market has evolved over the years to deliver the best hardware and software in a smartphone at a very competitive price tag. OnePlus with a motto to “Never Settle” is no less than a nightmare to companies like Samsung, Google, and more because of its bang for the buck price and powerpack performance.

OnePlus’ growth started after the successful launch of OnePlus 3/3T which broke all the selling records for the company and came out as the best flagship phone to buy in that year. After that, the company has never looked back to delivering what their customers need at a meager considerable price and came up with 5/5T last year. While this year OnePlus has invested more in making the phone look more premium and compete in looks with integrating the best hardware in it with the latest OnePlus 6.

However, OnePlus 6 is a not perfect phone and has few flaws/drawbacks when compared to other flagships. However, it has more advantages over other brand smartphones, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article today. In the article, we have listed 8 reasons why you go for OnePlus instead of other flagships.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6 over other Flagship Phones

We have listed 8 reasons to buy OnePlus 6 over other devices and the most important one being the price. So let us get started with the advantages of OnePlus 6.

1. Price

While you plan to buy a smartphone or any gadget, the price is the most important factor you consider. The effective cost you pay to get something or say value for money factor goes right into the favor of the OnePlus 6 when in comparison. Moreover, this is also the reason where OnePlus 6 leaves every other flagship behind by quite a margin.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

While other flagship smartphones cost you above $800 for the latest pick of hardware, where the OnePlus offers the same specs at a much lower price of $529 and above depending upon the storage variant you choose. In the same price you pay, you get pretty much every needy feature and performance you wish to have in your daily driver. Moreover, in 2018, these essential set of features and best hardware still make OnePlus 6 a bang for the buck smartphone.

2. Fastest Android Phone yet

The most important factor for choosing a flagship phone is the performance they offer no matter which you throw at it. Considering the OnePlus 6 motto with “The Speed You Need” is currently the fastest Phone yet considering both iOS and Android Smartphones.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

Last year, OnePlus 5T took the crown from Samsung S8 to be the fastest Android Phone in the market. However, this year OnePlus 6 beats every phone available to purchase even the Apple’s flagship phone iPhone X. OnePlus 6 running on the latest stable Android v8.1 Oreo out of the Box comes packed with the 6/8GB RAM and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630 to deliver the Speed You Need.

3. New Glass Design

In 2016, OnePlus came up with high-grade aluminum design making the phones look premium and stayed with the same material till this year’s flagship OnePlus 6. While this year OnePlus came up with the new Glass Design making it look better and upto the standards of 2018 smartphones.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

The latest OnePlus 6 is crafted using Gorilla Glass 5 on front and back with metal carved on either side. Due to the addition of glass body, OnePlus 6 is now water resistant making it easily withstand water splashes while rain or around the pool but never take it in the pool with yourself. The smartphone comes in three colors: Midnight Black, Mirror Glass, and Silky white. There is also a limited edition of Avengers: Infinity Wars in collaboration with Marvel with 256GB of internal Storage.

4. Fastest Charging in the Business

In comparison with other phones, the OnePlus 6 with 3300 mAh battery which is quite enough for everyday average usage. However, if you tend to use this beast for heavy use and drain your battery before the end of the day. Do not worry, plug in using the dash charger can you get the charge enough for the day in just 30 minutes of charge.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

OnePlus launched their unique Dash Charging with OnePlus 3 and is the fast charging algorithm to date. The OnePlus 6 also comes with the Dash Charging technology to rapidly charge up your phone. Forget charging your phones for hours or the whole, plug in for an hour before heading out.

5. Oxygen OS with gestures

Behind the success of the OnePlus, its OS is one more important factor in choosing OnePlus Phones over other smartphones. OnePlus run on Oxygen OS skinned over the stock Android with a clear and user-friendly user interface. This OS is very lightweight unlike other UIs making the phone more snappier and thus boosting performance using the robust set of hardware.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

The Oxygen OS comes with lots of customization which let users customize the looks, features, and appearances accordingly. It also includes few moist useful features like Parallel Apps, App Locker preinstalled in the software. Moreover, it has a gaming mode for gamers to avoid interrupting notifications and network boost for the game you are currently playing. It also has a reading mode which can set with a specific app to enable e-reader like on Kindle.

Another feature added to the awesomeness of Oxygen OS is the Navigation Gestures giving you access the whole screen and navigate the phone without any software buttons. It now lets you use your phone just with swiping up for recent apps, back or home. In Oxygen OS, you can also get to hide the notch if you are not a fan of the “Notch” making the best operating system out there with smoother and snappier responsiveness.

6. Fastest Face Unlock around

Apple introduced the feature to unlock the device using your face instead of your fingerprints for the first time with their 2017’s flagship iPhone X. Later, every other company implemented the latest feature on their smartphone, but none could do it better than the OnePlus.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

The Face Unlocking feature OnePlus uses in their smartphones is still the fastest one out there in speed as well accuracy. However, it is not as secure as the one on iPhone X which uses 3D mapping to register your face but undoubtedly faster than any smartphone. After you enable it, it takes less than a sec (0.4 sec to be exact) to unlock the phone using your face.

7. The Headphone Jack

In 2018, where most of the flagships don’t come with a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack and got shifted to wireless Bluetooth technology. However, there are few reasons people still recommend the usage of wired headphones instead of Bluetooth Headphones. First, the quality a headphone offer doesn’t come with same budget wireless headphones and second being the effective cost of Bluetooth Headphones which doesn’t come cheap.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

Third being the dependability of their usage on the battery of the wireless headphones, if the battery runs out, you need to charge them again to use. While in the wired or combo  (wired/wireless) headphones, the battery is nowhere the problem as long as your phone is charged up. Moreover, with the OnePlus 6, you get the ability to use your headphones the way you like making it different from others. In other smartphones where you need to use a Type-C adapter to use headphones but can use directly on OnePlus 6.

8. Android P Beta

Another reason to slightly increase/decrease your smartphone budget is that the OnePlus comes pre supported with the “treble support” of Google. As a result, OnePlus 6 also supports the latest Android Beta program of Android P, latest Android Version. OnePlus 6 was one of the 7 devices supported by the developer version of the latest Android Version which will eventually make the first devices to run on stable Android P later this year.

Reasons to buy OnePlus 6

This is an exciting feature for the users which wish to get the latest firmware updates ASAP. You can easily flash your OnePlus 6 with the Android P ROM to use the latest features and improvements you will see in the Google’s latest Android version.

Why should I buy the OnePlus 6?

OnePlus is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year and delivers the promises made to the OnePlus fans with the most potent performance you can get an Android Phone. Over that, you also get the clean Stock Android feel with few useful customizations and snappier response time.

As we have already mentioned the 8 reasons to choose OnePlus 6 over other smartphones, the most critical factor is the price and the performance of the phone. Considering these two main factors, OnePlus 6 beats every phone currently available to purchase.

However, if you are someone looking for alternative phones to OnePlus 6, you can head to the list of Best Smartphones in 2018 according to performance and features. Or if you choose to buy the latest addition to the list of OnePlus smartphones, click on the given to head to product link.

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