Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at Just € 409.99

The majority of the customers who use electronic devices are more or less dependent on the branded electronic products for regular use. They mostly ignore purchasing a brand new product with minimal or negligible defect. To consider the case of mobile phones the main focus of the customers always remains on the functionality and features of the phones. An insignificant defect in the external body can be ignored for an excellent featured mobile phone. Thus at the least possible price, if one can get a refurbished branded phone, then it might turn to be a unique opportunity for the buyers.

What’s The Offer

Get Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at Just € 409.99 from here.

Coupon : SAMWH1

Offer on Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

A lucrative offer is provided in the e-commerce site on the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with all the decorated quality features and functionalities of the phone as discussed earlier. The discounted price of the phone offered is 409.99 Euros which is valid only on after applying the coupon code SAMWH1 as provided. The proposed price is valid for all available colors of the phone like Grey, Lake Blue, and Gold.

The customer can apply the coupon code by clicking on the ‘Buy It Now’ option of the website link of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which is then redirected to the customer information page, where the buyer needs to fill ‘Discount’ textbox with the provided coupon code and click on the Apply button.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 4G LTE Mobile Phone-64GB

Movilshack is providing Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone in the refurbished form with the 6.2-inch display screen, with the configuration of 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM (Internal Memory), 12.0 MP camera, that offers 4G LTE Octa-core processing Smartphone. It bears the feature of fingerprint recognition and has a screen aspect ratio of 9:18.5 which means the display screen is taller than the usual one. The resolution of the screen is 1440 x 2960 pixels, i.e., resulting in 529 pixels per inch that makes even the tiny fonts appear finely visible. It also has an AMOLED display which is not much different from the previous Samsung top phones. When viewed in the dark it gets very dim, and in the outdoors it gets bright. All the accessories provided with this phone are original.


What are Refurbished Phones?

When a mobile phone which is returned to the seller due to major or minor functioning defect, which is then taken back by the seller to repair the device, such device is known as refurbished. Refurbished smartphones undergo a full quality check with best industrial standards, and after positive results, they are sold again. Refurbished phones do not have any significant functionality defect. It is mostly found either with damages in the external body or minor glitch in the features. These phones when comes back after repairing with the full guarantee in quality can be bought at a cheaper rate. People often get confused with refurbished and second mobile phones but there are a lot of differences between a refurbished phone and a second hand used the phone.


Movilshacks is one of the most trusted e-commerce websites that guarantees quality refurbished iPhones, mobile phones and accessories at the lowest price. Along with the best quality refurbished phones, it also provides satisfactory support and service to their customers. It always presents exclusive products with exclusive deals and promotions to its customers and takes serious care to provide better satisfaction to the customers. This is done with the provision of dedicated and professional service for customers regardless of the order size. The customers can easily contact the customer service department for any issue at [email protected]


The Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has received excellent feedback as per its features and functionalities by using it extensively. Though refurbished yet it functions with full guarantee without any defect along with all the mentioned features.

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