Reliance Jio Plans and Offers in 2018: Data Boosters, Tarrif, Recharge Plans

Jio, an Indian cellular network provider owned by Reliance Group launched back in 2016. While all the major network providers in India like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and more were holding the share in Telecom Industry, Jio came like a hurricane and hit them hard by offering free unlimited data and voice calling when you buy the Jio SIM for free. And no time the Jio became the most successful network with the largest number of users in the world.

Soon after providing free data and calling benefits, we saw a change in the way people used to communicate or use their phones for entertainment earlier and after the launch of Jio Networks. Due to free offerings, there was lots of chaos seen in the telecom industry by a serious loss for companies like Airtel, Vodafone and more. Moreover, everyone was happy with the benefits Jio offered since it all came for free and within a short period of time, Jio became India’s largest 4G network. Due to the serious loss caused by Jio Networks, all the other telecom companies had to cut down the prices of their current plan and came up with unlimited data plus voice packs to compete with Jio.

Jio plans

Furthermore, as Jio was the first network to bring down the 4G LTE service to India (which most of the companies still don’t have) and instantaneous call connection and high-speed data, it was not easy to leave Jio behind. And now, most of us are the happy customers of Jio and currently using it as our primary or secondary in one or other way. As per now Jio is not offering the services for free but costs you less than the other companies offer you. So in this article, we will discuss the Jio plans and offers given to its Prepaid/Postpaid users in 2018.

Reliance Jio Plans and Offers

Before we begin discuss about the Reliance Jio 4G plans and tariffs, I think you must know about the Jio Prime first. So let’s begin

What is Jio Prime Membership?

When Jio was launched, it offered free services to everyone but alter after few months of offering the benefits till March 2017. Jio came up with the new recharge plans and its prime subscription plans. The Prime Membership was the idea to retain the valuable customers who will actually use it for a long time by actually buying the prepaid or postpaid plans. Earlier, due to its free availability, it was widely getting used among some who actually never wanted to pay for the services getting provided and thus to cut down the unvalued users that this membership was initiated.

Later, the Prime Membership was made compulsory, if you wish to continue using Jio SIM in the future by paying a small amount of Rs.99. Only the prime members remain active and rest members number was closed. With the prime membership, you are eligible for great offers and recharge plans and Jio App services.

How to get Jio 4G Prime Membership?

If you are an existing Jio customer, you would already be a prime member, but if you are new customer of your Jio membership has expired, you will have to get the prime membership to continue using Jio in future. To opt for Jio membership, all you need to do is, visit the nearest Jio Store and get recharged by paying Rs.99 on your number.

And if you are a new customer when you buy a new Jio SIM, you also need to visit the Jio Store and soon after you buy the SIM and select your desired Jio recharge plan, the retailer will ask you to pay extra Rs.99 on your current plan as it is compulsory for every new customer. After completing all the documentation and procedure and you are all done and can enjoy the services offered by Jio.

New Jio Prepaid Plans 2018 for Prime Users [Latest]

Jio 4G offers a ton of prepaid recharge plans for its prime and non-prime users including long-term plans, most affordable plans, small sachet plans, data booster plans and monthly recharge plans. We have covered all for you in this article for your convenience with every plan Jio offers different data value and validity. Moreover, we have also added the recharge link so you can directly recharge from it by entering your Jio number on the next page and enjoy its service.

  • Jio 4G Prepaid Sachet Plans starting at Rs.19

If you wanna recharge your Jio prepaid number with a small value, Jio offers a small recharge plan with 1 day or 7 days validity with limited data value starting at Rs.19.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
190.15 GB1 day
521.05 GB7 days
  • Jio 4G Prepaid Most Affordable Plan at Rs.98

If your current Jio Prepaid is exhausted and due to any reason you are not able to recharge your Jio number with your desired plan, so Jio offers its most affordable plans for its prepaid users with limited data value at high speed for limited days starting at Rs.98.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
982 GB28 days
  • JioPhone Plans starting at Rs.49

Last year Jio came up its fetaure phone, JioPhone at effective cost of Rs.0, it also released few special plans for JioPhone users with unlimited calling and data pack with limited validity starting Rs.49.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
491 GB28 days
15342 GB28 days
  • Jio 4G Prepaid Long-Term Plans starting at Rs.999

Jio also offers Long-Term recharge Plans for its Prepaid users who want more of validity but don’t use much of data. In this plan Jio offers unlimited calling to any network in India with 60 GB of Data Value for the Validity of 90 days with no per day data limit.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
99960 GB90 days
1999125 GB180 days
4999350 GB360 days
9999750 GB360 days
  • Jio 4G Prepaid 1.5 GB/Day Plans starting at Rs.149

This is the Prepaid plan offered by Jio with 1.5 GB of high speed usage data per day post that you can still use data at 64 Kbps with unlimited calling to any network in India. You can also directly recharge for this plan using the given link.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
14942 GB28 days
349105 GB70 days
399126 GB84 days
449136 GB91 days
  • Jio Prepaid 2 GB/Day Plans starting at Rs.198

This is the Prepaid plan offered by Jio with 2 GB of high speed usage data per day post that you can still use data at 64 Kbps with unlimited calling to any network in India. You can also directly recharge for this plan using the given link.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
19856 GB28 days
398140 GB70 days
448168 GB84 days
498182 GB91 days
  • Jio 299 Plan – 3 GB/Day

This is the Prepaid plan offered by Jio with 3 GB of high speed usage data per day post that you can still use data at 64 Kbps with unlimited calling to any network in India. You can also directly recharge for this plan using the given link.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
29984 GB28 days
  • Jio 509 Plan – 4 GB/Day Plan

This is the Prepaid plan offered by Jio with 4 GB of high speed usage data per day post that you can still use data at 64 Kbps with unlimited calling to any network in India. You can also directly recharge for this plan using the given link.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
509112 GB28 days
  • Jio 799 Plan – 5 GB/Day Plan

This is the Prepaid plan offered by Jio with 5 GB of high speed usage data per day plus unlimited data at 64 Kbps with unlimited calling to any network in India. You can also directly recharge for this plan using the given link.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
799140 GB28 days
  • Jio 4G Prepaid ISD Calling Pack at Rs.501

Reliance Jio also offers ISD calling pack for the users who have their friends or family resisiding anywhere outside India. However, this talk time can be used only for making ISD calls while you are in India.

Amount (Rs)ISD Talktime (Rs)ValidityRecharge Link
501435.6528 days

For Country Codes and special International calling rates, you can visit here or if you wish to know the standard International calling rates, visit here.

  • Jio 4G Prepaid International Roaming Pack at Rs.1101

You can also use Reliance Jio 4G Network while you visit any foreign country for work or vacations. Jio offers its network coverage for its users in most of the countries so no worries of taking it with you to communicate with colleagues or relatives.

Amount (Rs)Talktime (Rs)ValidityRecharge Link
1101957.3928 days

For International Roaming Rates country wise, you can visit here.

  • Jio 4G Prepaid Data Booster Pack starting at Rs.11

If you have exhausted your daily high-speed data limit, Jio offers these great data booster recharge plans to increase your high-speed data limit starting at Rs.11. These plans go with your current existing plan on your Jio number and are great if you need some extra data for a limited period of time.

Amount (Rs)Data ValueValidityRecharge Link
110.400 GBExcisting Plan
211 GBExcisting Plan
513 GBExcisting Plan
1016 GBExcisting Plan
  • Jio 4G Prepaid Top Up Vouchers/Plans

All the above Jio plans include package plans with data and voice value. However, who wish to use Jio as per normal recharge plans prime users with different recharge value and get the fixed talk time vlaue for calling. Given below are the vouchers with all the recharge value available for Jio users in 2018 in India.

Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers
Maximum Retail Price (Rs)Monetary Value (Rs.)Processing Fee (Rs.)Taxes (Rs.)

Above mentioned are the vouchers for ROI (Rest of India) except Jammu and Kashmir  (J&K) Service Area where are fewer taxes and thus following are the Current Top-Up Vouchers applicable for the region.

Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers – For Jammu and Kashmir Service Area
Maximum Retail Price (Rs)Monetary Value (Rs.)Processing Fee (Rs.)Taxes (Rs.)

Above mentioned are Top-Up Vouchers for its Prime Users and can be used at normal recharges similar to other Mobile Networks including Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and more.

New Jio Postpaid Plans 2018 for Prime Users [Latest]

Apart from Prepaid recharge plans, Jio also offers its users Postpaid facilities for an Individual or Corporate. Given below is the updated list of all the recharge plans Jio offers for Postpaid Customers in 2018 starting at Rs.309 of monthly bill pan with data and unlimited calling to any network in India. You can visit the official site of Jio or any nearest Jio center to know about the details and opt one for yourself.

Amount (Rs)Security Deposit (Rs)ValidityFree VoiceData ValueSMSJio Apps
309400Bill CycleUnlimited30 GB + Unlimited (1 GB daily data limit)UnlimitedUnlimited
409500Bill CycleUnlimited20 GB + Unlimited (No daily data limit)UnlimitedUnlimited
509600Bill CycleUnlimited60 GB + Unlimited (2 GB daily data limit)UnlimitedUnlimited
799950Bill CycleUnlimited90 GB + Unlimited (3 GB daily data limit)UnlimitedUnlimited
9991150Bill CycleUnlimited60 GB + Unlimited (No daily data limit)UnlimitedUnlimited

*Limited data signifies Daily Limit at High Speed, followed by unlimited at 64 Kbps.

How to Recharge Jio 4G Number?

We all know the procedure of recharging your mobile number on different mobile networks in India and same goes with Jio. You can recharge your Jio Mobile Number using any online recharging services like Paytm, Amazon, Freecharge and on even MyJio App or Jio Website itself. For further assistance we have also added recharge links with every prepaid recharge plans, you can simply choose the plan and recharge it by entering your current Jio Number on the next screen and proceed it with the completing the payment.

Moreover, you are having an issue with recharging your Jio Number, you can also visit your nearby recharge points and choose your desired plan and get the recharge done.

For Jio Postpaid Users, you will need to visit nearest Jio Store, if you wanna change your existing plan or just pay your regular monthly bill using any payment method on MyJio App. However, if you to opt for Postpaid services, you will visit Jio Store to get your documents (e.g. Passport, Aadhaar, or any government approved ID, except PAN Card) verified and get a number registered on your name.

Choose the best Jio recharge plans in 2018

We hope all the above-mentioned plans are clear with you as we have mentioned everything possible for to of the offering by Jio Networks. However, you can also use official Jio Mobile App for any recharge and account related details and assistance including your current plans and all the recharge plans available for your number. You can simply select the recharge plans according to your requirement and continue using the service provided by Jio networks.

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