Restore Your Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Have you ever find yourself in that enigmatic scenario where you deleted your files only after realizing that you needed them badly? This dichotomy exists with anyone who has to regularly spend hours in front of a computer. However, some files are deleted from your computer’s location permanently, apparently; so you are only left with lost hopes and even some tears.

EaseUS free data recovery software is your last chance when there is nothing that could save your day. It works with all Windows and Mac devices while recovering files is as easy as playing SimCity.

So here is how you can recover your deleted files with EaseUS file recovery software:

Getting Started with EaseUS

Downloading EaseUS is easy and only takes a few minutes to setup the software on the target PC. Much of the installation process is self-explanatory and requires no more than just clicking buttons like “Next”, “Confirm”, “Install” and “Finish”.

Once you are done with the installation, this free data recovery software would launch itself automatically if you would keep the option “Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” checked.

Using EaseUS

The minimalistic interface on this app is what makes it super-easy to navigate. There is no menu bar, but just a bunch of icons in the top-right corner (includes menu, status, minimize, maximize, close)

From the “Menu” icon, you can select the software’s language and or even ask for some professional help from one of the IT experts of the EaseUS.

Searching Deleted Files

To search files, you will have to click the “Home” icon. From there, you can choose the type of files that you want to recover (you can look for documents, graphics, audio, video, emails, etc.).

Then, you can also choose the location of your storage drive. Remember that you can’t run the search for the whole hard drive in a single go, so you will have to select a certain folder or drive.

Deep Scan vs. Quick Scan

When you click on the “Scan” button, the software will run a quick scan which is actually very QUICK.

The quick scan is able to recover loads of files, but it’s nothing when compared to Deep Scan. In fact, in the latter case, you can recover as much as 100 times more files (but could take around two to three hours). The Deep Scan option could be accessed by clicking on the orange button on the top-left corner.

Deep Scan is intuitive. If you realize that it’s taking longer than you could wait, you can also pause the scan and preview the recovered files.

You can also export your scan results as a Recover State File (.rsf) to avoid the inconvenience of starting all over again.

Saving The Recovered Files

Using this data recovery software, you can find and recover individual files, rather than having to recover an entire plethora of lost files.

To recover a file, just right click on that respective file and click the “Recover” button in the bottom-right corner. You can also choose a location where you want to save the recovered files.

So next time when you accidently deleted any file, do not worry. Simply download this cool data recovery software and recover all your files for free.

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