Review for MacX DVD Ripper Pro- Hassle-free Guide to Copy and Digitize any DVD

There is a considerable benefit in digitizing the DVDs and creating a backup for protecting the DVD collection of the users with the fastest speed and lossless quality thus helping in keeping the users far away from the standard DVD ripping errors.  While coming across different kinds of DVD rippers in the market, it has been found that MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best DVD backup and ripping software to digitize and copy all types of DVDs that helps to protect the old DVD collections from scratches and even save the space of the shelves. It converts the DVDs to any video files for playing on iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPad, QuickTime, iTunes, PS4, and Android devices, or streaming from Mac/NAS to HD TV. With the possession of high-quality engine and unique level-3 hardware acceleration technology, it can rip a full DVD in very less time and at high speed with lossless quality.

Encountering Common Errors While Ripping DVDs

While ripping DVDs with any other tools rather than MacX DVD Ripper, there are some common errors that the users might confront which are listed as below that can be used as the reference:

  • The user might get a “No Valid Source Found” error.
  • The DVD ripper might hang/crash or stop and must be restarted.
  • The DVD ripper cannot find correct title and playlist.
  • The user might get an error message of ‘damaged DVDs’ while ripping.
  • It might only rip a few seconds or would not rip the entire movie for error.
  • After conversion, there can be errors like ‘No Audio,’ ‘Mixed Up’ or ‘Out of Sync.’

The above-listed errors are not encountered with the MacX DVD Ripper Pro whose latest version is 6.2.0. It is considered the best DVD Ripper for Mac as it can assist the users to back up and rip any of the DVDs to Mac, mobile devices, and hard drive with the fastest speed and intact quality. The users can download the latest version of the software from the official website.

Considering MacX DVD Ripper Pro as the Best DVD Ripper

 There are specific reasons concerning the features of the software for considering it to be the best DVD ripper above all. They are as follows:

  • The ripper has full GPU accelerated speed that can rip an entire DVD with the original quality only in 5 minutes. With the help of level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel QSV, NVidia (CUDA/NVENC) and AMD, it moves the video processing from CPU to GPU that can boost the running speed. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the first DVD ripper in the world that genuinely applies the Level-3 GPU Hardware Acceleration technology. It extends HW to video decoding, encoding, and processing thus making the process of DVD ripping 5X faster than other rippers. The other traditional ripper takes more than 1 hour 30 minutes to extract the content from DVD whereas MacX DVD Ripper Pro requires only 5 minutes ripping a 2-hour DVD at a maximum speed of up to 320 FPS.
  • The presence of ‘Advanced Deinterlacing Accelerator’ and built-in ‘High-Quality Engine’ can make sure the output quality thus keeping the same as the original.
  • It is the first and the most powerful tool to support all the knotty DVDs including the recently released DVD movies, homemade DVDs, Japanese DVDs, 99-title DVDs, Workout DVDs, TV series DVDs, and other damaged or unplayable DVDs.
  • It can convert the DVD to MP4 or MKV, PC or Mac, and into iOS or Android platform, TV, Hard Drive and 180+ video formats and 14 audio formats that can rip DVD to MP4 without errors, HEVC, MKV, M4V, MPEG, AVI, M2TS, ISO image, MP3, etc.
  • MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes it easy to convert the DVD with 350+ preset profiles to almost all multimedia devices thus covering all the models of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphones, Apple TV, and the tablets from Huawei, Google mobile, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, and other companies.

How does MacX DVD Ripper Pro Fix the Errors Mentioned Above

There are few methods formulated by MacX DVD Ripper Pro for fixing the errors that have been mentioned above. They are as follows:

  • For completing the DVD ripping, the user needs to choose “copy DVD to ISO image” mode to make a 1:1 copy of DVD thus including the audio, video, subtitles, and other data.
  • The user should remove all DVD encryption techniques like RCE, CSS, region code, Sony, Disney, etc. that can solve the errors caused by strong DVD protections.
  • For DVDs with bad sector or damage, the user needs to cut the damaged part with the trimming feature and then continue ripping.
  • It supports the HW acceleration, along with multi-core CPU processing technology, makes the maximum use of GPU and CPU and finishes the ripping process in the shortest time.

Tutorial for Copying and Digitizing DVDs on Mac

The step that needs to be followed by the user for digitizing and copying the DVDs on Mac with the help of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is as follows:

Step 1: First you have to locate the DVD on the Mac computer.

Step 2: The MacX DVD Ripper Pro software needs to be opened by the user.

Step 3: The DVD Disc needs to be clicked on to load up the disc in the software.

Step 4: The output format needs to be clicked on, and the mode should be chosen that the user wants to copy to. The high-quality engine checkbox in the software needs to be checked to ensure the highest quality.

Step 5: From the Output format, the users need to choose the way they want to copy the DVD. To copy everything from the DVD ‘Main Title Copy’ can be selected.

Step 6: If the user needs to export the video in a specific format, can click on General profiles and choose between MP4, iPhone, MOV, or Android format.

Step 7: The output destination is chosen once the format is figured out.     

Step 8: Then the user needs to click on the Run button and wait for the completion of the conversion. After the conversion, the video file can be seen on the destination folder.

Additional Features of MacX

  • The additional features of the ripper like crop, trim, merge, adding the external subtitle, and adjusting the vide parameters also makes it unique and the best DVD Ripper.
  • The advanced features for the users that adds a feather to the software are adjusting video parameters like video codec, frame rate, video bitrate, resolution, etc.

Conclusive Review

After downloading the software, the user can get the license of MacX DVD Ripper Pro software and win iPad Pro and more gifts by visiting the provided link. Specific rules need to be followed by the user forgetting the licensed copy of free DVD Ripper Mac. The user needs to complete a 1-minute survey and submit a valid e-mail address, and every user gets the chance to win Netflix gift card, iPad Pro, and many more gifts. Along with this, users are also invited to grab the holiday BOGO special offer. The campaign will be closed on 20th Feb 2019. If any user fails to rip DVD, they can fix the error by visiting the recommend article.

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