Review: Hands-on with Utopia 360 Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality is a new thing that hit the tech market a few years ago. Now, there are a lot of manufacturers who created VR headsets and games. Virtual reality is a new way to enjoy games. Using a VR headset puts you right in the game. Unfortunately, there are also some low-quality headsets which come with a lot of problems.

In this article, we are going to talk about a great VR headset. According to this in-depth review made by Top Best VR, Utopia 360 Virtual Reality Headset is an inexpensive device which comes with a lot of great features. This great device also comes with some cons. Keep reading to find out more about Utopia 360.

Specs and Features

This smartphone-based VR headset has a low price of less than $40. Its resolution is platform dependent. One of the best things about this VR headset is that it comes with 360’ field of view as well as 110’ FOV. It doesn’t have any sensors installed and it comes with a Bluetooth controller. Also, it only supports Android.

Another great thing about this headset is that it supports augmented reality apps. This means that you can see a composite image of the world on your phone and the one around you when you slide down the screen in front of the headset.

More and more games are trying to incorporate augmented reality. This type of games can make you feel like you are living in that fictional world. Some users mentioned that by supporting augmented reality it gives you an amazing experience. This is a great feature considering the small price of the device.

Requirements and Design

The resolution of the headset is the biggest problem with this device. First of all, the manufacturer doesn’t clearly state what is the required size for the smartphone that fits in the headset. Also, the resolution of the headset is given by the size of the phone. So, this shows that the resolution of the headset is a bit unclearly explained.

This headset might have some design flaws. Some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users mentioned that their smartphone doesn’t fit into the display. However, after trying for a few times, they discovered that it first perfectly. This might mean that the dock is loosening up. Due to this fact, some phones might fit too loose in the dock after a few uses.


LucidView manages to keep the display of the device bright all the time. This helps the users who experience a strange resolution caused by the size of the smartphone. Utopia 360 VR comes with a controller which is a bit light. Despite this fact it has 8 buttons that can help users perform different tasks. These tasks depend on the app the user chooses.

Also, if you are watching movies, you can hold the controller with one hand, as an RC. If you turn it around, the controller can be held with both hands when you are playing games. It feels like a Sega Genesis controller. This means that you won’t have problems getting used to it if you are a gamer.

Setup and User Experience

Before you put the smartphone inside the dock, you will have to install a few VR apps. There are a lot of free games you can choose and some of them are high-quality. Also, you can find short demos of paid games. Make sure to install the apps before you place the smartphone because it is difficult to preview apps when you are wearing the headset. However, this is a common problem among VR headsets.

Before you start playing VR games, it is recommended that you try out VR apps. This way you can calibrate the image. Don’t use the Google Cardboard animation to set up the headset because Utopia goggles are not Google Cardboard clones and you might experience resolution problems.

When it comes to user experience, most people mentioned that they received exactly what the headset advertises. This is good news for those who were thinking of buying Utopia headset. However, if you have an iPhone or Huawei Mate 8, you might want to purchase a different headset because various users who had these phones complained about the fact that the headset doesn’t work.

All in all, this VR headset is a great one considering its small price. However, if you don’t like it, there are a lot of other VR headsets with more features, better specs, and, of course, bigger prices. Choose a headset that suits your needs and don’t forget to enjoy the virtual reality games and apps.

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