SaferPass Review – Best Secure Password Manager Tool

Password managers have gained an importance in this growing era of technology where each one of us has created an identity on a web. There are many types of identity that we have created one of which is social identity like facebook, Instagram etc. A normal working person has over 20 accounts in average on the web. Web gurus and IT professionals have over hundreds of account on the web which are not easy to manage without passwords manager.

Why Do We Need A Password Manager ?

There is a high importance of digital security now. Since online identity theft has become major issues. Some of us are lazy to remember passwords so we either choose an easy password or we keep same passwords for all logins. Since these passwords once guessed by any person who knows you or has an access to your device can lead to identity theft. Many of our personal information is stored on different web pages.

Online shopping sites and banking site tend to save your account details including your card number and everything else. If in case you face any identity theft it may result in insidious results and can destroy you financially. No one can we trusted when it comes to the web and you need to secure all your information which can only be done if you have a very strong password which cannot be easily decrypted.

Password Manager – Blessing For The Lazy

Many of us tend to share the same device with family, colleagues, and friends. So it is very normal that if you have not logged out from any of your web accounts or you have saved password on any of your account then at least there will be one such person who will try to access your accounts since all the login information has been already saved.


Here comes the role of password managers. If you do share the same device then you can just log out from your password manager and then no matter with whom you share your device won’t be able to access any of your web accounts since you will be automatically logged out from all your web accounts once you log out from your password manager.

A password manager is responsible for creating safe, strong, random and complicated passwords for all of you web accounts. If you want to log in any of your accounts you can access automatically since it saves all the passwords for different web addresses and manages it. All you need to remember is the master key for a password manager. So instead of remembering all the passwords you can just remember one password.

SaferPass – The Ultimate Password Manager

SaferPass password manager in one of the best password manager that even provide its service for free. You can add its extension on your chrome browser if you are working on a PC, laptop or tablet else you can download its app which is available for android as well as iOS. There are many password managers available but only a few provide better services even in their free version.


SaferPass is responsible for creating safer, unique and random passwords for all of your web accounts. It stores all the passwords in itself and its servers are located in Amazon database. So you don’t need to remember any of its passwords since it already stores everything on its server.

As far as the security is concerned these passwords are encrypted in AES-256 standard of encryption format which is generally used by government data. So not even the SaferPass can access your passwords since they are encrypted. You have the master key which is the SaferPass password so now there is only one password which you need to remember.


Once you install and add the SaferPass extension in your browser. You can log in using your credentials. You can use the free version of this password manager else you can also get the premium account which will cost you $19.99. In premium, the services provided are better. With a premium account, you get the following:

  • Highest data security password manager.
  • Close and open browser tabs remotely.
  • Import accounts.
  • Clear browsing history remotely.
  • Unlimited accounts can be stored. (With free version only 7 accounts)
  • Automatic backup and synchronisation.
  • Offline access and data export.
  • Multiple logins per website.
  • Strong password generator.
  • Secure notes.
  • Can log out from websites remotely.
  • You can see the password created on your screen.

You can add as many accounts as you want in just three simple steps:


There are many upgrades that have been added recently in safer pass password manager including the following:

  • Copy passwords directly from account list.
  • You can even access password log from settings.
  • Caps lock detection.
  • Auto-complete for already used websites.
  • You can zoom the interface directly without hiding any elements.

With so many features that will provide you, high-end security and management this password manager can be of greater use by looking at its capabilities. Since the premium version is best suited for people with unlimited accounts on the web, it will make things easy and much more secure to handle. High-end encryption includes SHA-12 encryption algorithm which is the most secure and even used to manage confidential government data.


SaferPass password Manager has created a strong base for securing any identity on the internet. Not only it has great and strong password generators but is also capable of doing other functionality like handling multiple logins, remotely access to web account and providing data security at the high-end level. You can even disable this password manager for some websites if you want to. There are many limitations when it comes to the free version like it will handle only 7 accounts including creating password and synchronization. If you have only a few accounts on the web then this free version can also be of great use. But if you have way too many accounts then you will require the premium account which does not cost much.

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