Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 Tips and Tricks and Root process

Today here we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 tips and tricks, features and specification. And also i will tell you How to root Galaxy J5 and J7 easily. Samsung introduced the two smartphones in India namely galaxy J5 & J7 the price of the smartphones are Rs 11,999 &Rs 14,999 respectively. The smartphones will be available on Flipkart and Amazon. The phone will be available in many colors like black, white& gold variant.

Samsung introduced the first time in smartphones the latest selfie auto focused camera with LED flash.

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Specification About Galaxy j5

galaxy j5

The galaxy j5 specification a 5 inch TFT (Thin film transistor) display with a 1280×720 pixel resolution. The galaxy j5 powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon 410 processor paired with 1.5 GB RAM. The phone also include an internal storage at 8GB & also supportable 124GB via microSD card. The dual-sim smartphone work on 5.1 (Lollipop) version.

The phone equipped with a 13 mega pixel rear auto focus camera with 5 mega pixel front-facing camera. The connectivity of smartphone j5 supported 4G, 3G, Bluetooth v4.1, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and micro USB. The battery backup of these phone is 2600 mAh and the standby time of these smartphone is 342 hours, as claimed by company.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Price : Rs 11,999. Check latest price now.

Specification About Galaxy j7

galaxy j7

On the second way the other new smartphone galaxy j7 specification as , the smartphone display is 5.5 inch TFT (Thin film transistor) with 720×1280 pixel. The galaxy j7 powered by 1.5 GHz octa – core Exynos 7580 processor paired with 1.5GB RAM. The Dual Sim smartphone work on 5.1 (Lollipop) version.

The smartphone equipped with a 13 mega pixel rear auto focus camera with a 5 mega pixel front –facing camera. The connectivity of the smartphone galaxy j7 offers 4G,3G, Bluetooth v4.1 Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and Micro- USB. The battery backup of the smartphone galaxy j7 is 3000 mAh. The standby time of these smartphone is 342 hours, as claimed by Samsung company.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Price : Rs 14,999. Check latest price now.

SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 & J7 Tips and Tricks

  • S Bike Mode : In the new version of Galaxy J7 and J5, a new feature called S Bike mode is added. Now you can ride your bike without tension. It helps you to manage calls when you are riding your bike. Just turn on the S BIke mode from quick icon section or long press the power button to access it. s bike mode

Now When a caller calls you, a pre recorded message will inform the caller that the person is riding a bike, if its urgent he/she can tap 1. Now your phone will start ringing. But you can not pick the call until you stop your bike. As there is a motion locker which will not allow you to pick the call until you stop the bike. So its a very nice feature for safety purpose also.

  • Custom Toggles : You can set the toggles acording to you in Galaxy J5 and J7, Just scroll down the shutter, now click on the edit button and now add whatever you want to add in Toggle menu. You can change position of individual toggles also. Simply drag and drop to add extra toggles.
  • galaxy j5 custom toggle menu toggle menu in galaxy j7 and j5
  • Ultra Data Save Mode : Now save more of your data with this new data saver mode in galaxy J7. It can save upto 50% of your data usage by restricting unwanted background apps from consuming data. ultra data saving mode
  • Select Sim : Simply scroll the shutter down and select the sim you want to make default. When you select the sim you can find that there is change of theme also. It’s pretty cool and easy to identify Sim with the theme.

select sim

  • Outdoor mode : When you go out and while using phone in Sunlight, visibility of screen is very low. You can now use outdoor mode in Galaxy J5 and J7, which will increase the screen brightness so you can easily see the screen. You can simply turn on outdoor mode from shutter. Simply tap the Outdoor check box. Outdoor mode will automatically turned off in 15 minutes.

outdoor mode in galaxy j5 and j7

  • Change Folder Background Color : Now in new Galaxy j5 and J7 you can change the color of folders background, simply open the folder and on the top right there is a theme icon. Tap on theme icon , now select the colors available.

change folder colour or theme in j5 and j7

  • Galaxy J5 and J7 theme Change : There are lots of theme option for Galaxy J5 and J7, simply tap and hold anywhere on home screen, now a menu will appear at the bottom, select the theme option from the menu. Now select your desire theme from the option, you can also download theme from the store or can purchase new one.

theme in galaxy j5 and j7

  • Hide apps from App Drawer : You can now hide apps from app drawer , so that any one else can not see this. Sometimes we have some private apps that we don’t want to show to any one. With this hide option, you can hide individual apps. Simply open the app drawer and tap on the edit button on the top right. Now you will see minus sign got appeared on the apps. Now tap the minus sign on the app you want to hide. This will not delete or uninstall the app , it will only hide or disable the the app. So all the function of the get off. To turn it on again, go to settings >> application manager and enable the app.

disable or hide apps

  • Easy Mode : There is an easy mode , as the name say it will make the menu easy. The size of icon is also increase. You can turn on easy mode from settings >Easy mode.

easy mode in galaxy j5 nad j7

  • Power Saving Mode : go to settings >Battery and then there is two mode , open power saving mode. Turn it on , now it will help you save battery power by reducing CPU usage. It is very helpful feature and helps in saving lots of battery.
  • Smart Manager : This is a extra feature, on your home screen tap the Smart Manager. There is four option, Battery, Storage, RAM and Device security. We have already talked about battery. Now in storage , you can see the details of you memory usage. you can clear cache and residual files from memory with single click option.
  • RAM : The RAM option in the smart manager, will show you your RAM usage. the amount of RAM used by individual app. You can also tap on end button on the right site of particular app to restrict that app. Or end the RAM usage of that app. Or tap on END all app to free up RAM by closing all the apps.
  • Security : There is an security option in Smart Manager, In that you can scan your device for any type of issues like any error, bug or virus, malware etc.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J5 And Galaxy J7

To get the full access to your phone, you need to root galaxy J7 and J5. This root process will work on any type of Android built so you can use anytime you want. Just follow the below step to root Galaxy J5 and J7.

Easy to way Rooting on the Galaxy j7& Galaxy j5

1 Well, first download the SuperRoot.apk file on your computer.

2 Place the file on your desktop and don’t unzip the file.

3 Connect the phone j7/j5 with your PC by connecting with USB cable.

4 Now, transfer file in your galaxy j7/j5 internal memory main directory, after that unplug the USB .

5 Now Go to Menu>>Settings>>Security and turn on the unknown source.

6. Now open file manager and install the Superroot.apk in your phone.

7. After installation get completed simply run the app from app drawer.

8. Now select install SuperSU from the drop down menu.

9. Now select exploit and tap on the app.

10. Now it will root your phone, just simply reboot phone after rooting get completed.

You have successfully rooted Galaxy J5 and J7. Now you have full access to your device. Enjoy!!.

Galaxy J5 and J7 Patter Unlock and Hard Reset

If you have forget the lock of Galaxy J5 or J7. Then there is an easy way to unlock patter. Simply hard reset Galaxy J5 and J7. But this process will delete all your data. To unlock Galaxy J5 and J7 with hard reset process check this steps to know How to hard reset Galaxy J5 and J7.

  • Turn off Galaxy J5 or J7.
  • Now hold Volume Up+ Power + Home button simultaneously for few seconds.
  • It will bot your phone to recovery mode, now move pointer to Wipe Data/Factory Reset by pressing Volume up/ down key. Now select the Wipe data Factory Reset option with power button.
  • Now confirm it again with power button.

Now all your Galaxy j5 or J7 data will get deleted and it will be in Factory condition. Your patter lock will also get removed.

Both the smartphones galaxy j5 & galaxy j7 are very attractive and good specification smartphones. Both are the supportable 4G network and also a very clear front- facing camera. The smartphone galaxy j5 &j7 price are very cheapest in the market if, compare any other model in 4G network.

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Hope you successfully rooted Galaxy J5 and J7. And you must found some hidden feature and tricks of Galaxy J5 and J7. If you have any other interesting hidden feature of Galaxy J5 and J7 , do let us know in comments.


  1. Hi! Will the J7 work with foreign SIM card? I shall be travelling to South Eat Asia and would like to use local SIM cards instead of paying roaming charges to India

    • Hey my phone is also galaxy j7 . I also have the same doubt that the phone will work with foreign simcard or not.But it works now iam in france it works with foreign sim card

  2. Hi. Can we know how to get the menu button to use conventionally in certain old apps. Previous galaxy we used.. the below button made it easy but j7 hardly to use the menu as used to. Thank you in advance. Hope u understood my question.


    • I think you must do a hard reset of Galaxy J5 or J7, and then look for all updates. If still problem continues, i advise you to visit Samsung service center.

  4. The problems in this phone:
    1.No led indicator (notification)
    2.Doesn’t have samsung default music player
    3. The messaging text characters is limited only to 480 characters.
    4. The background of the messaging and color selections textbox is not available.
    5. Limited shortcuts like (flip to mute, raise to ear to make calls, etc…)

    How about you? you want to add something up?

    • Hello Sasa

      Thanks for your feedback about this phone. Our user will love to read these negative points of Galaxy J5 and J7. If you have some other points to share about this phone. We will like to hear from you.

  5. Hi i am getting problem in j7 phn i am unable to receive msg on whatsapp only wen i open whatsapp app I ‘ll receive msg so for that I have reset my phn for 3 time bt still same problem is there even wen I off the restricted background nd its gets automatically turn on within 10 seconds y this problem is

  6. 1) How can I quickly Mute Samsung-J5, during Incoming calls ?
    2) Shake to Update feature ?

    This feature is available in Samsung duos i8262 — i.e. turn over to Mute during incoming calls.
    and also missed calls were known by the User without opening the face cover, the device is shaking.

  7. My shake feature in wechat in not working for my j7. I had grand Qutro that time it works but now it’s not please reply please

  8. hey guys i have a problem in my samsung galaxy j7 it turns on silent automatically whenever every call ends can anyone tell me is it the problem of setting or anyother ??

  9. I bought Galaxy J7, Does this android keep a history of the files sent/received via Bluetooth? I didn’t see anything like that in the user interface (there’s no file or folder name Bluetooth inTool-File), but maybe there’s a hidden log file somewhere? Can you guide me on it

  10. I am planning to buy Samsung J7 but in fix! Can you kindly tell me if all the car apps like Uber, Ola etc compatible with this? Because the model of samsung right now I am using is not compatible with Uber, Ola, PayUmoney etc. Also I have read reviews online that the phone hangs & have software issues! How far is this true?

  11. How to lock particular app after installing on samsung Galaxy J7.Like i installed whatsapp 1 month back on my new mobile,now i want to lock this app.Could any one help me how to do this?

  12. J7 defects
    1….back and multipurpose keys does’ t having lighting
    2….downloaded apps are did not hide
    3….do not provide any option for decresing icon size

  13. Don’t worry just go to home screen, scroll down the screen upside down, now click on ultra data saving mode, you will see a dialog bog writen (always turn on mobile data while ultra data saving mode is ebable). Just disable it and all it’s done.

  14. I was unable to remove the accuweather from the home page and a service provider also failed. After reading your blog i managed to rectify it. Many thanks to you.

  15. i am using J7. When tower is not available/reachable, a message frequently appears that SIM data changed. System will reset automatically. The mobile reset frequently. How to avoid it

  16. can you help me with my samsung galaxy j5.. whenever i install a new theme everything changes except for the icons in my app drawer .. what can i do bout it.?

  17. I just want to know about the internal memory which is available 8GB and occupied by system 3.3GB and THE APPLICATION ALSO OCCUPIED 3.3GB BUT MOST OF THE APPS ARE NOT INSTALL
    …so the only left space is 1 GB .
    How to reduce that bytes in application.??

  18. Hide app from home screen is not working, If we press that minus sign that app get unistall and we cant able to make enable from application manager. Any solution?

  19. perhaps, till now i couldn’t find any app. In playstore for hiding apps in j5 and j7.
    Only preloaded apps can be disabled.

    • Its same in all phones, simply go to Whatsapp settings then tap on your dp thumbnail and then camera icon. Select photo from gallery or click new. That’s it

  20. In J7 (2016), there’s a system app called My Knox. It is very useful for hiding personal or private files and apps. Besides, we can install two same apps in our phone at the same time and use them for different accoints. It is just great! It is like having two phones at the same time. I love it.

  21. Hi how to “turn on” vibration when press sensor buttons? Vibration works correct when have incoming calls and messages, but phone dont vibrate when press sensor buttons. How to active vibration when touch sensors?

    Phone is J7 (2016)

  22. hi! i m using j7, there is is a problem that during internet use balance deduction continues, i have subscribed 2 darham package of internet, how can i stop this deduction??

  23. Hi.l am using samsung galaxy j7 (2016).l have one query please some one help me.
    l don’t get the mail notification & what is the procudure to active that.

  24. Followed the instructons, when I attempted to install the super root setup .exe, on my j7 error msg stating that there is no app to perform action, unless I downloaded the wrong apk pack. please advise. This is all new for me

    Thank you

  25. Unable to play I, Gladiator game…. And you can play this game in Gionee F103. It is surprising that you can easily play this game in Gionee’s lower version Mobile phone…. Please give a solution.

  26. I have S Galaxy J5 Prime. How to change font color from white to any dark color in Weather Widget. If it is not possible then how to change Background in Weather Widget?

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