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SimonMed Patient Portal

SimonMed is a healthcare association that is one of the largest patient medical imaging providers. If you are one of its patients then this post is definitely for you!

If you want to know more about SimonMed, its services, its patient portal, patient login process and sign up, then do read the complete post.

Here, you will get answers to your questions too. So, what are you waiting for? Just go through the complete article and know every detail of the SimonMed patient portal.

Know More About SimonMed

Company SimonMed
Type Healthcare
Specialty Physician radiology and outpatient medical imaging
Total locations 150 in 11 states
Official site 
Official patient portal


For your ease, we have listed below the requirements for this login. Check out the list and make sure you are ready with all of it.

  1. All the users trying to login into their patient account will require their account credentials like password and username.
  2. All the users will need a link to the official patient portal.

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SimonMed Patient Portal: Complete Login Guide

If you are ready with the above-mentioned requirements then you can move to the next step.

Read the step-wise procedure given below and follow each step properly to get access to your account.

  • First of all please visit the official website from here.

SimonMed Patient Portal

  • Now when you reach the patient portal, you will see options for login.
  • In the first blank field enter your SimonMed username.
  • Next, in the second field enter your account password.
  • Hit the “LOGIN” button after entering the correct credentials.
  • Soon you will get access to your patient account.

SimonMed Patient Portal: Reset Account Password

Forgot your account password? Do not worry! Here is all you need to do to get your password back.

We have discussed the complete procedure for resetting the password. Read each step and follow them to get your password back.

SimonMed Patient Portal

  • On reaching the patient portal, click on the FORGOT PASSWORD button.
  • Reaching the next page, enter your email address in the provided field. 
  • Hit the RESET AND EMAIL PASSWORD button.
  • You will be sent a link through your email address.
  • Follow the link and reset your password.

SimonMed Patient Portal: Access Your Medical Imaging Studies 

Do you know you can even access your medical imaging studies through the patient portal?

We will tell you how you can access your medical imaging. Just go through the steps given to avail this facility.

SimonMed Patient Portal

  • From the right-upper-corner click on the PATIENT PORTAL button.
  • After clicking, you will reach the patient portal to access your medical imaging studies.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth in the provided fields.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the provided check box.
  • And hit the SUBMIT button.
  • Soon you will gain access to all the medical imaging studies.

SimonMed Patient Portal: Services and Benefits

Here is the list that will tell you what you can do using the patient portal by SimonMed.

  • You can easily access all your medical histories and medical reports.
  • You can keep a track of all your medical activities.
  • You can view your medical tests and reports online.
  • Bill payments can be done using the patient portal.
  • You can directly send and receive messages from your health providers.
  • All the users can easily book appointments from the comfort of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions on SimonMed and its Patient Portal

Q1. What is SimonMed known for?

Ans:- SimonMed is a healthcare association that is one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers. SimonMed is also known for physician radiology.

Q2. Can I pay my bills using the SimonMed patient portal?

Ans:- Yes. You can easily make payments using your patient portal account. But for this, you need to login to your account first.

Q3. Can I reset my SimonMed account password using the patient portal?

Ans:- Yes. To know more about the password reset process you can follow the upper section of this article.

Q4. What is the customer assistance number for SimonMed?

Ans:- You can make a call on 1-866-614-8555 to get technical support and customer assistance.

Q5. What services are provided by SimonMed?

Ans:- MRI, CT scan, Mammograms, ultrasounds, bone density tests, PET scan, X-ray, and nuclear medicines are available on SimonMed.

Q6. What is the official website for SimonMed?

Ans:- You can visit the official website for SimonMed at

SimonMed Customer Services and Quick Links

  • Get your technical issues solved by dialing 1-866-614-8555.
  • Get billing information and details at 1-888-685-3907.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed SimonMed patient portal and its related processes to it.

If you want a complete guide through the SimonMed patient portal then do read the complete article. Share with us your views and doubts if any.

We will bring more such posts and guide articles to help you out! Till then stay tuned!

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