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The Scala Programming Language

Seamless Java Interop Scala runs on the JVM, so Java and Scala stacks can be freely mixed for totally seamless integration. More... Type Inference So the type system doesn’t feel so static. Don’t work for the type system. Let the type system work for you! More... Concurrency & Distribution Use...


Scala, Java, Unix, MacOS tutorials (page 1) |

Free Scala, Java, Unix, MacOS tutorials (page 1)


Maven Repository: Search/Browse/Explore

Utilities27 usages no.nav.common » util » 2.2022.06.20_04.34-44e077...MIT Utilities Last Release on Jun 20, 2022 Manifold :: Extensions24 usages systems.manifold » manifold-ext » 2022.1.17Apache Manifold :: Extensions Last Release on Jun 20, 2022 REST18 usages no.nav.common » rest » 2.2022.06.20_04.34-44e077...MIT REST Last Release on Jun 20, 2022 Manifold :: Core17 usages...

12 Fast, Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

Create a free website or build a blog with ease on Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. Free hosting and support.


Scala Tutorials

Scala Tutorials Here at, we provide a complete beginner’s tutorial to help you learn Scala in small, simple and easy steps. We are an official learning resource for Scala: GET OUR BOOKS: – Scala For Beginners This book provides a step-by-step guide for the complete beginner to learn Scala. It is particularly useful Read More ...


Netlify: Develop & deploy the best web experiences in record time

A powerful serverless platform with an intuitive git-based workflow. Automated deployments, shareable previews, and much more. Get started for free!


This is a site all about Java, including Java Core, Java Tutorials, Java Frameworks, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse JDT, and Java Design Patterns.


Free Java Doc hosting for open source projects -

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Fruzenshtein Notes - Professional Programmer Blog

Articles, manuals and tutorials about Java, Scala, test automation, Play Framework, Akka and software development


Scala software development, consultancy, and training - Underscore

Global software development consultancy specialising in Scala and functional programming.


Around IT In 256 Seconds By Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Podcast for developers, testers, SREs… and their managers. I explain complex and convoluted technologies in a clear way, avoiding buzzwords and hype. Never longer than 4 minutes and 16 seconds.


IT-Beratung, -Management & Dienstleister für agile Softwareentwicklung | codecentric

codecentric ist eine IT-Beratungsfirma für agile Softwareentwicklung mit 16 Standorten. Bei uns treffen Spitzentalente auf innovative Technologien & moderne Methoden.



Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) The Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) serves as a simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks (e.g. java.util.logging, logback, log4j) allowing the end user to plug in the desired logging framework at deployment time. Before you start using SLF4J, we highly recommend...


Messaging that just works — RabbitMQ

Quorum queues A webinar on high availability and data safety in messaging Learn more RabbitMQ is the most widely deployed open source message broker. With tens of thousands of users, RabbitMQ is one of the most popular open source message brokers. From T-Mobile to Runtastic, RabbitMQ is used worldwide at...

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