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Webmaster Tools and Investigative Reports

Free Webmaster Tools and Investigative Reports including enhanced DNS, Provider, Whois, World Ping, Tracert and more from thirteen locations around the world.


Threat Intelligence - Pulsedive

Pulsedive is a free threat intelligence platform. Search, scan, and enrich IPs, URLs, domains and other IOCs from OSINT feeds or submit your own.


Check Nameservers Tool

Check nameservers and IP address for any domain name. Examine DNS records. DNS information is displayed in realtime.


Commercial malicious website blacklist services from

Sign-up for the MalwareURL blacklist of malicious URLs. Get access to the Threat Monitoring Portal to keep your networks clean. MSP agreements available at

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noimage.png Check DNS domain or IP, test DNS lookup

Online tools to analyze domain name or IP address configuration, check and test whois, DNS, MX, web server, mxtoolbox.


Free email address validation API service, block disposable email

Check-Mail is a free API service to validate email addresses, to check if an email is valid or disposable. The API combines blacklists with advanced heuristics to let you know if you should block disposable email or validate an email addresses.


Stop Forum Spam

Your favorite and most trusted "one stop shop" for the prevention of forum & blog spam, trusted by over 200,000 forums... All for free! Nothing beats free! 0 API queries to date current API queries per second 0 Coffees consumed since starting What? What is Stop Forum Spam? Why? Why...

noimage.png | Fighting malware and botnets | Fighting malware and botnets


Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and any other websites

Cloud Anti-Spam Service for websites. Protect your website from spam with invisible methods for visitors. No Captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. Fight spam!


DomainWatch - Domain WHOIS Search, Website Information, Database Search



The Anti Hacker Alliance™ fights against Hackers and Spammers

The Anti Hacker Alliance™ fights against Spammers, Hackers, CyberCrime, Intruders, Attackers, Spam Gangs, Internet Terrorists and Spam Support Mafias world wide.


Check Nameservers Tool

Check nameservers and IP address for any domain name. Examine DNS records. DNS information is displayed in realtime.


Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) | Integrate #1 Cyber Threat Intel APIs

Use TIP APIs to integrate domain malware detection, SSL cert/config analysis, domain reputation scoring, reverse IP and more capabilities.


Online investigation tool - Reverse IP, NS, MX, WHOIS and Search Tools

DNSlytics provides the ultimate online investigation tool. See detailed information about every IP address, domain name and provider. Perform network tests like DNS lookup, email testing and WHOIS lookups.


Find IP Address - Lookup and locate an ip address

Find detailed IP Address information with this free IP lookup and locator


Features Fast and clean reports Full IPv6 checks Mobile ready layout More than 50 tests Name & mail server checks SOA, NS, MX, A, AAAA checks IDN support Reverse zones (*.arpa) No TLD restrictions Guide to best practices Recent reports: - A - B - B

20 - an internet numbers search engine is an easy to use internet investigation tool.


RiskIQ | Digital Risk | Cyber Threat Intelligence | Incident Response

Security Intelligence for What Matters. RiskIQ is a leader in digital attack surface management, providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. With more than 75% of attacks originating outside the firewall, RiskIQ allows enterprises to gain unified insight and control over web, social and mobile exposures. Trusted by security teams, CISO’s, and more than 100,000 security analysts, RiskIQ’s platform combines advanced internet data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand digital attack surfaces, assess risk, and take action to protect the business, brand, and customers.


intoDNS: checks DNS and mail servers health

intoDNS checks the health and configuration of DNS and mail servers.

noimage.png | Free IP lookup tool for IP addresses and websites

IP Lookup Tool is a free-to-use IP lookup tool with the sole purpose of researching background information on any internet address. An address can mean anything that you use to access another computer or device on the internet: an IP address, a website URL or a domain name. Just...


AbuseIPDB - IP address abuse reports - Making the Internet safer, one IP at a time

Check an IP Address, Domain Name, or Subnet e.g.,, or Check AbuseIPDB making the internet safer, one IP at a time Report abusive IPs engaging in hacking attempts or other malicious behavior and help fellow sysadmins! Report IP Now Check the report history of any IP address...


My IP Address - Shows IPv4 & IPv6 | Blacklist IP Check - Hosting Info

Shows Your IPv4 & IPv6, OS, Browser, Organisation, Country on Interactive Map. Live Hosting Information on where any website is hosted on the internet and other information about IP address owners. Online Blacklist your IP Check (Real-time DB). Web Bots 2022 List


Fraud Prevention | Bot Detection | Bot Protection | Prevent Fraud with IPQS

Prevent fraud and detect bots confidently with IPQS fraud prevention solutions including bot detection, proxy detection, & email validation. IPQS fraud prevention tools detect bots, high risk users, and payment chargebacks to prevent abusive behavior in real-time.


The Best IP Geolocation Database | IPIP.NET

IP Geolocation Offline Using the IP address to determine the user's geographical location information, the domestic district and county IP database and domestic IP high-precision positioning can better meet the needs of the customer's own user portrait. IP Geolocation API Provides data support for scenarios that require fine geographical location,...


Home - DNS Coffee

Records Domains Nameservers IPs Zones ROOT TLDs TLD Graveyard Imported Research Trust Tree Search Advanced Search Prefix Trends API





[email protected] - Lookup IP Address and Location

[email protected] - Lookup IP Address and Location

34 A list on online internet scams documents scam websites by The Scam Directory.



株式会社 スリート。ITシステムデザイン企業。ITコンサルティング、ソフトウェアの開発、ネットワークの設計、ITに関する様々なサービスを展開。「信頼ある本物の技術」を信念とし情報社会をリードする企業を目指していきます。


BGP.Tools allows you to do bgp debugging and gives insight into internet routing with ease in a user friendly way


New IPs New Domains New Applications pgcharts nvidia-peermem.o uvm_maxwell_fault_buffer.o uvm_perf_events.o uvm_push_test.o uvm_page_tree_test.o uvm_map_external.o uvm_maxwell_host.o uvm_turing_mmu.o uvm.o New Vulnerabilities CVE-2022-21505 CVE-2022-1920 CVE-2022-1921 CVE-2022-1922 CVE-2022-1923 CVE-2022-1924 CVE-2022-1925 CVE-2022-2122 CVE-2022-2476 CVE-2022-34266


NsTools: Analyse DNS de domaine ou IP, test DNS lookup

Outils d'analyse en ligne de configuration de nom de domaine ou d'adresse IP, vérification et test des whois, DNS, MX, serveur web et mxtoolbox.


Block Temporary and Disposable Email - Free API

Block temporary and disposable email address with this free API


What is My IP Address | Find My IP Location, view IPv4 IPv6

What is My IP Address shows your IPv4 and IPv6 address as well as trace, lookup and find my IP location, blacklist check, proxy check, speed test, DNS Lookup, Reverse Check, WHOIS Lookup etc.


Censys | Industry-Leading Cloud and Internet Asset Discovery Solutions

Attack Surface Management and Data Solutions to help your organization discover potential threats, understand cloud-based assets, and help you move fearlessly forward.


Website Review - Open Admin Tools

Check the full site stats in one page! You can track Traffic Stats, Pages Indexed, Cache History, Backlinks, SNS Stats, Server Analysis and more.


BGPView - BGP Toolkit and BGP ASN Routing Lookup Tool

BGPView allows you to debug and investigate information about IP addresses, ASN, IXs, BGP, ISPs, Prefixes and Domain names.


ONYPHE - Cyber Defense Search Engine

ONYPHE is a Cyber Defense Search Engine for open-source and cyber threat intelligence data collected by crawling various sources available on the Internet or by listening to Internet background noise. ONYPHE does correlate this information with data gathered by performing active Internet scanning for connected devices and also by crawling Web site URLs. It then normalizes information and makes it available via an API and its query language.


Trace My IP | IP Address Tracker | IP Tracer | Computer Hardware IP Visitor Location

Track and trace website visitors IPs. Trace people and map their device IP location with computer IP address visitor location tracker


WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools -

Find information on any domain name or website. Large database of whois information, DNS, domain names, name servers, IPs, and tools for searching and monitoring domain names.


Welcome to Robtex!

What is Robtex used for? Robtex is used for various kinds of research of IP numbers, Domain names, etc Are you a normal IT guy doing data forensics, investigating competitors, tracking spammers or hackers or a virus, or just curious? No matter what, this should be the first place to...


RdpGuard - RDP Protection, Stop Brute-Force Attacks on RDP, POP3, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, MSSQL, MySQL, VoIP/SIP. Fail2Ban for Windows. Stop RDP, MSSQL, FTP brute-force attacks on your Windows Server. Terminal Services Protection.

What is RdpGuard and How does it Work? RdpGuard is a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) that protects your Windows Server from brute-force attacks on various protocols and services (RDP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, MySQL, MS-SQL, IIS Web Login, ASP.NET Web Forms, MS Exchange, RD Web Access, VoIP/SIP, SSH, etc)....


domainIQ - Comprehensive domain name intelligence.

domainIQ provides a comprehensive set of tools for whois and domain name research, specifically tools that assist in brand protection, cyber crime investigation, counter-terrorism research, and domain investment research.


DNS LookUp : Analyse nslookup de nom de domaine analyse la configuration d'un nom de domaine, une adresse IP, une adresse email ou un nom d'hôte grâce à des vérifications nslookup, résolutions et reverse DNS.


Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

Extensive web interface to dig for doing online dns lookup / nameserver query.


What Is My IP Address? Find Your IP, Whois And More On

Find out what your IP address is or use free website tools like our Whois lookup, proxy checker, and services to trace or verify an email.


What My IP Address ? Your IP Address Information

What's My IP Address ? - Show Your IP Address on Interactive Map. Easy to use What My IP service



Stop Scammers Automatically We help you automatically remove scammers from your dating site in real-time, saving your business time and money whilst improving your brand's reputation.   IP Address Fraud Checker **NEW** Use this free Scamalytics tool to check user IPs for potential fraud score Enter an IP Address Comments...


IP-Neighbors - Look-up IP address and hostnames

Find neighboring websites, hostnames, and domains. Get an idea who runs a host, the hosting density, and neighboring hosts.


IP Geolocation API & Free Address Database | DB-IP

From basic IP address to location to detailed cyber threat analysis, the DB-IP Geolocation API and database offer superior accuracy and performance. Learn more about our API and database here when you visit our website and get what you need with our free downloads today.


Whois API | Whois Lookup API | Domain Whois API

Whois API lets you quickly lookup a domain name's WHOIS data. You get fully parsed WHOIS fields in XML or JSON format at just $2 per 1000 domains!


BigDataCloud API - Precise fast and affordable Next Gen API

Essential APIs for feature-rich eCommerce, ad agencies, financial institutions, Saas, CRM systems, and more…


AlienVault is now AT&T Cybersecurity

At AT&T Cybersecurity our mission is to provide phenomenal threat intelligence, collaborative defense & effective security for organizations of all sizes.


Willkommen bei

Server-Daten - Web-Datenbank-Lösungen Sie möchten Server-Daten mit der Einrichtung einer Datenbank beauftragen und suchen das Anmeldeformular: zur Erstanmeldung Sie haben die Mail mit dem Bestätigungsschlüssel erhalten und möchten diesen eingeben zum Bestätigungsformular Sie möchten an Server-Daten Dateien verschlüsselt übermitteln und suchen das einfache Upload-Formular zum Upload-Formular Sie möchten etwas zum...


Domain Tools and Registrar Stats - is an all-in-one domain resource site dedicated to domainers and the domaining industry. domain tools, domain directory, registrar stats and more.


Free Uptime Monitor & Blacklist Monitor- HetrixTools

The simple and effective solution for Uptime Monitoring and Blacklist Monitoring.


Find Other Websites Owned By The Same Person

Reverse lookup Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, Emails, IPs, and other third party IDs.


GEO information and more

Get information by IP Get location, ISP, City and more by entering an IP address. You can also check details of your IP address: IP address chevron_right Latest IP searches Get information by organization You want to...


Is a disposable email domain?

Information courtesy of Go get your free api key to programatically access the most reliable fake domain blacklist available.

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A Record:
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NS Record:
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Domain name:
Registry Domain ID: e2f74f54efab41f6ad0acb1a297a90bf-DONUTS
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2021-08-21T23:06:48.68Z
Creation Date: 2016-07-14T11:18:42.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2022-07-14T11:18:42.00Z
Registrar IANA ID: 1068
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.9854014545
Domain Status: ok
Registry Registrant ID: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Name: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Organization: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Street: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant City: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant State/Province: Panama
Registrant Postal Code: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Country: PA
Registrant Phone: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Phone Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Fax: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Fax Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Registrant Email: Select Contact Domain Holder link at
Registry Admin ID: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Name: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Organization: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Street: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin City: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin State/Province: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Postal Code: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Country: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Phone: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Phone Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Fax: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Fax Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Admin Email: Select Contact Domain Holder link at
Registry Tech ID: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Name: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Organization: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Street: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech City: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech State/Province: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Postal Code: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Country: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Phone: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Phone Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Fax: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Fax Ext: Redacted for Privacy Purposes
Tech Email: Select Contact Domain Holder link at
Name Server:
Name Server:
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2022-06-16T22:57:13.56Z <<<
For more information on Whois status codes, please visit