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Set up your free staging WordPress site with in seconds. No technical knowledge required. Try WordPress plugins and themes in a safe environment before you actually put them on your live site without the risk of crashing it.


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Developer Tool-kit provides a set of online developer tools that helps to get the results of various functionality on-the-fly and diagnose


Google Cloud Platform

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If there is one JavaScript library that could be classified as the Swiss Army Knives of JavaScript, it would have to be Lodash. Lodash is a tool that …


Encrypt & Decrypt Text or File Online (AES encryption) — Encrypt.One

Encrypt One — online encrypted text and secure files sharing service. Browser AES encryption. Share your secret file or password with maximum security!


What's Wrong with RSA Exponent of 3 or 17? - Cryptogrium

RSA is arguably the most popular asymmetric key cryptography scheme, widely used for encryption and digital signature.  It’s founded based on the fact that it’s very difficult to factor a product of two large primes.  Encryption is done by c = p ^ e mod n Decryption is done by p = c ^ d […]


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Weebly’s free website builder makes it easy to create a website, blog, or online store. Find customizable templates, domains, and easy-to-use tools for any type of business website.


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Smart Motor, Switch, Gate, Bell, Gas/Smoke detector and Water Tank Storage level monitor and controller are our smart home tools. Our free internet tools include Strong Password Generator, Time and Data, world Clock, AES encryption, MY IP, measurements and conversion.


Hardware dongles backups and software protection testing service.


string-o-matic >️ do things with strings

Encrypt, decrypt, hash, cipher, encode and decode strings and files. Supports base64, hex, decimal, binary, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, BCrypt, AES and more.


The-X 在线工具箱 Base64 解码 AES RAS 解码 加密



Шифрование online

Здесь собраны наиболее часто используемые методы шифрования и преобразования, которых постоянно не оказывается под рукой, когда в них возникает срочная надобность. Например, вычислить md5 хеш или раскодировать url.


Secret Messages - Free online tool to encrypt messages with AES 256

Secret Messages is an online tool which allows easy encryption of messages. It utilizes AES 256 decryption technology to encrypt and decrypt messages so that the intended sender and receipt can be the only reading the messages.



OnTools is designed to make online use of Hahs function and other features such as Text Compare, Javascript Compress, and AES encrypted decryption easy.


Computer Science Field Guide

An online interactive resource for high school students learning about computer science


nmichaels dot org

c0d1bbf36e5bca988364116d225a9e6ca896f806ece450a4013a0f4e01f1f306e031aa2608e7a37c466af8e83cc59f263ec00a9ef4acbaea5eb544f37fb5c301fdd3a6649120b0409fd98695bcf471aa00259c7097341986443238a9446e8956449fb9e713ba0b0d9e04df1ec5b09d4b921820b3303b02346a4129dde16bd5d3 10001 b4 4f 29 44 a8 c6 84 01 d9 d5 d3 95 07 e3 93 c1 ed 08 07 67 d6 2a 8b 84 bf 70 b2 99 f6 09 f0 dc f0 d4 2c c7 b8 0a 23 4b cc ca 63 d5 ee 2a cf a8...


The Online Tool for Online People

online tools to perform Encryption/Decryption/digest using various alogirthms aes,desede,twofish,blowfish,jascrypt,bccrypt,rsa,pve,pgp Tool: Encrypt or Decrypt a given text,common string manipulations such as reversing a string, calculating a string's length, converting from hex to text or or HTML-encoding a string,


String manipulation tools online |

string encryption supported encryptions aes-128-cbc aes-128-cbc-hmac-sha1 aes-128-cbc-hmac-sha256 aes-128-cfb aes-128-cfb1 aes-128-cfb8 aes-128-ctr aes-128-ecb aes-128-ofb aes-128-xts aes-192-cbc aes-192-cfb aes-192-cfb1 aes-192-cfb8 aes-192-ctr aes-192-ecb aes-192-ofb aes-256-cbc aes-256-cbc-hmac-sha1 aes-256-cbc-hmac-sha256 aes-256-cfb aes-256-cfb1 aes-256-cfb8 aes-256-ctr aes-256-ecb aes-256-ofb aes-256-xts aes128 aes192 aes256 bf bf-cbc bf-cfb bf-ecb bf-ofb camellia-128-cbc camellia-128-cfb camellia-128-cfb1 camellia-128-cfb8 camellia-128-ecb camellia-128-ofb camellia-192-cbc camellia-192-cfb camellia-192-cfb1 camellia-192-cfb8 camellia-192-ecb...


mkjwk - JSON Web Key Generator

mkjwk simple JSON Web Key generator



JSON格式化 工具包含JSON的常规格式化显示,以及API接口测试自动格式化,支持get/post/postjson提交,自动生成接口文档开发必备! [热度]:62.4万 收藏 使用 时间戳转换 时间戳转换日期,输入时间转时间戳、或输入时间戳转成时间! [热度]:40.5万 收藏 使用 2022年终奖计算器 年终奖计算器,一键快速计算年终奖交税金额和到手金额! [热度]:3.9千 收藏 使用 2022年最新房贷计算器 最新房贷等额本金和等额本息,在还款时候利息和本金差异会随着时间越来越大,我们可以使用对比工具合理选择一款适合自己的方式! [热度]:13.7万 收藏 使用 在线代码运行 在线IDE编辑好代码在线运行,在线代码运行支持PHP、Node、Python、Bash等等 [热度]:11万 收藏 使用 在线字数统计工具 字数统计,字符统计,字节统计,字数计算,统计字数,统计字节数,统计字符数,统计word字数,在线字数统计,在线查字数,计算字数,字数统计工具,支持手机移动端查询多少字数,英文:Calculate the number of words,Count the number of words. [热度]:11.5万 收藏 使用 单词大小写转换 输入字符串转换字符串中字母大小写。 [热度]:8.6千 收藏 使用 二维码生成器 二维码生成/解码,LOGO二维码生成 [热度]:134.8万 收藏 使用 Linux常用命令查询 快速查询linux常用命令,文件解压,服务,权限等等...


Encryption Tools - AES/GCM, AES/CBC This online encryption tool is simple and useful for encryption with AES/GCM, AES/CBC algorithms. Go Hash Generating Tools - MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA3 This simple hash generator is computing hash algorithms of text such as MD5,SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384 and SHA3-512. Go


AppHarbor - .NET Cloud Platform as a Service

Sign up Sign in Reset password How It Works Pricing Add-ons Support Where .NET apps grow and prosper Get Started Now Sign up now. Prices start at free. What is AppHarbor? AppHarbor is a fully hosted .NET Platform as a Service. AppHarbor can deploy and scale any standard .NET application...


AES encryption

AES encryption is a web tool to encrypt and decrypt text using AES encryption algorithm. The tool is free, without registration.



You need to decide what domain name to use as the token to attach to your email. This need not be the same as the domain name you use in the From address in your email, but does need to be a domain name you control and can create DNS...


Encrypt and decrypt text online

Encipher.It is a simple way to protect your sensitive data. You can encrypt text messages, E-mail and files by AES encription with password


SSL Checker

Verify that your SSL certificate is installed correctly, identify installation issues if any.


Home | JavaInUse

Home Java Java Java 8 Interview Questions Top Java HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap Interview Questions Top Java Data Structures and Algorithm Interview Questions Java Miscelleneous Topics Java 8 Features Java Basic Topics Spring Spring Spring Boot Interview Questions Spring Batch Interview Questions Spring Framework Basic Spring Boot Spring Security Spring Batch...


appZaza - Free Web Apps

Free web apps that you can use online directly in your web-browser on any device.


Custom Keys Generator

Uppercase ? Yes Braces {} ? Yes Brackets [] ? Yes Hyphens - ? Yes How many ? 1 5 10 25 50 100 250 ... Select all Select next Get new results    Try our beta version Framework version ASP.Net 1.1 ASP.Net 2.0 ASP.Net 4.0 ASP.Net 4.5 How many...


Bitcoin Private Key Generator | All Bitcoin Address with Balance

BTC Address with Balance Random Generated Private Keys Compressed Uncomp'd BTC 288126.20075526 34xp4vRoCGJym3xR7yCVPFHoCNxv4Twseo L37Yn4fjzruAXP5CwBTXk5VMe75yzsPKAdbaebNm5U9FKTy3xMUm 1DrSFJW... 1HoWgjY... 0 178010.985401 bc1qgdjqv0av3q56jvd82tkdjpy7gdp9ut8tlqmgrpmv24sq90ecnvqqjwvw97 L4uecpZ2Az13eZ2MZeXvMAB1VAT1oN9ssyoGLt4cpfHhJMHaB5ZR 13twKe7... 1Ls9R7V... 0 110841.60571778 1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ L4t2HHan35u8pCZoaZLT9NczS7tRdDH5deB9rr8uJPBoJKTD69An 1Kx3Dwr... 128CLPj... 0 94505.1139653 37XuVSEpWW4trkfmvWzegTHQt7BdktSKUs L3QfmzNKfMzuBfuWcXcnppBdAizgcsrjJBa2GvFNn1J4enwJbpjr 1GqiTMV... 1FdnUS2... 0 85064.02156623 38UmuUqPCrFmQo4khkomQwZ4VbY2nZMJ67 L5eUgcFZuaWfyo8s2fcBt1o3Nf7uZ38wugPeKEs9Vg4Y8ypMJxCT 1CnduBi... 1GQpnFW... 0 82513.71289157 3Kzh9qAqVWQhEsfQz7zEQL1EuSx5tyNLNS KzDkVLNQca5vpz4s88NoLzsnFdBawypeAF3g7YLLAiZTG6esg9LM 1HJhbzN... 1GUkCaq... 0 79957.20678552 1FeexV6bAHb8ybZjqQMjJrcCrHGW9sb6uF KwS2p34g46HouH6Z7umwD7JAfSyjYjthWEZAt5hVeaWkXhCzrDcH...

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