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PyPI · The Python Package Index

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for the Python programming language.


The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines | Django

Download latest release: 4.0.5 Django documentation Support Django! BlueVine donated to the Django Software Foundation to support Django development. Donate today! Latest news Last Chance for a DjangoCon Europe 2023 There will not be a DjangoCon Eurpoe 2023 if the DSF board does not receive viable proposals for one by...


PyPI Package and Documentation Storage

Third party content providers represent and warrant that they have obtained the proper governmental authorizations for the export and reexport of any software or other content contributed to this web site by the third-party content provider, and further affirm that any United States-sourced cryptographic software is not intended for use...


Python Tutorials – Real Python

Learn Python online: Python tutorials for developers of all skill levels, Python books and courses, Python news, code examples, articles, and more.


Read the Docs: Documentation Simplified — Read the Docs user documentation 8.2.0 documentation

Automate building, versioning, and hosting of your technical documentation continuously on Read the Docs.


Simple is Better Than Complex

This is a blog about Python, Django and Web Development. New posts every week.


Gitter — Where developers come to talk.

Where developers come to talk.


Django Packages : Reusable apps, sites and tools directory

Activities Admin interface Analytics Anti spam API Creation Asset Managers Authentication Authorization Auto-Complete Awards and Badges Blogs Caching Calendar captcha Charts Chat CMS Commenting Configuration Cookiecutters Countries Custom Models Data Tools Deployment Design Developer Tools Django-CMS Django REST Fram… django SHOP plug… Document managem… E-Com E-Commerce Email Error Handling Feed...


Welcome to

The official home of the Python Programming Language


Kite - Free AI Coding Assistant and Code Auto-Complete Plugin

Code faster with Kite’s AI-powered autocomplete plugin for over 16 programming languages and 16 IDEs, featuring Multi-Line Completions. Works 100% locally.



Let's get to know you! You can choose your centers of interest in less than one minute. Customized : fitting your wishes. START NOW FEATURE REQUEST: Browsing single image with action buttons [OPEN TO HUNT] [$1,000] > OPEN TO HUNTERS ## Action Performed: 1. Tap on an image to navigate...


Celery - Distributed Task Queue — Celery 5.2.7 documentation

Celery - Distributed Task Queue¶ Celery is a simple, flexible, and reliable distributed system to process vast amounts of messages, while providing operations with the tools required to maintain such a system. It’s a task queue with focus on real-time processing, while also supporting task scheduling. Celery has a large...


PyData |

A community for developers and users of open source data tools Jul 11 - 17, 2022 SciPy 2022 Austin, Texas Austin, Texas View Detail Aug 12 - 13, 2022 PyData Yerevan 2022 American University of Armenia Yerevan, Armenia View Detail Oct 27 - 28, 2022 Python at Scale Austin, Texas...


Hello | The Pallets Projects

Welcome to the Pallets Projects! The Pallets Projects are a collection of Python web development libraries that were independently developed by Armin Ronacher and later used as the basis of the Flask microframework. Today the Pallets Projects are a community-driven organization with the goal to maintain and improve those libraries....


Python Packaging Authority — PyPA documentation

Python Packaging Authority¶ The Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) is a working group that maintains a core set of software projects used in Python packaging. The software developed through the PyPA is used to package, share, and install Python software and to interact with indexes of downloadable Python software such as...


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

An opinionated guide to the Python programming language and a best practice handbook for the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis.


thisPointer – Programming Tutorials

Generate Random Integers between 0 and 9 in Python Leave a Comment / Python / By Sireesha In this Python tutorial, we will learn how to generate random integers between 0 and 9 in Python? Table Of Contents Generate random numbers using random.randrange() Generate random numbers using random.randint() Generate random...


Matplotlib — Visualization with Python

Matplotlib: Visualization with Python Matplotlib is a comprehensive library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations in Python. Matplotlib makes easy things easy and hard things possible. Create publication quality plots. Make interactive figures that can zoom, pan, update. Customize visual style and layout. Export to many file formats. Embed...


Full Stack Python

Full Stack Python explains programming concepts in plain language and provides links to the best tutorials for those topics.


Web Forefront

Aboute the author & Consulting Writing All books & articles Beginning Django Web performance and scalability essays (2005)


Learn Python By Example - offers free content for those looking to learn the Python programming language. We offer the above Python Tutorial with over 4,000 words of content to help cover all the basics. We also offer an email newsletter that provides more tips and tricks to solve your programming objectives.


SQLAlchemy - The Database Toolkit for Python

The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that gives application developers the full power and flexibility of SQL. It provides a full suite of well known enterprise-level persistence patterns, designed for efficient and high-performing database access, adapted into a...


ActiveState | Secure & Reproducible Python Runtimes

Ready-to-use open source languages and tools to help coders and teams be more productive. Get the security and license compliance you need.


Django Web Development Company | Durham, NC | Caktus Group

Caktus leads in web development with a sharp team and an ongoing commitment to clients. Contact us to start your enterprise, higher ed, or non-profit project.


Agiliq – Webapp and API development with Python, Django and more

We build scalabale and maintainable webapps and APIs. We develop custom, bespoke webapps and mobile backends using Django, Python, Postgres, Angular and other modern tools. We love building amazing apps. We have been doing it since 2009. We are doing it right now, and we can do it for you. Interested? Contact us today.


Home - Docker

With over 50 sessions for developers by developers, watch the latest developer news, trends, and announcements from DockerCon 2022. From the keynote to


Debian -- The Universal Operating System

The Community Debian is a Community of People! Mini DebConf Regensburg 2021 DC19 Group Photo Screenshot Calamares Installer Debian is like a Swiss Army Knife People have fun with Debian People Who we are and what we do Our Philosophy Why we do it, and how we do it Get...


Nabble • Free Forum • Embeddable Web Apps

Create a free forum online in less than one minute. All forums are embeddable and fully customizable with scripting language. Choose a unique style and build a discussion board for your community.


djangosnippets: Welcome

Latest snippets posted: Browser-native date input field (Python) by kytta 20 hours, 32 minutes ago Generate and render HTML Table (Python) by LLyaudet 1 week, 3 days ago My firs Snippets (Python) by GutemaG 1 week, 6 days ago FileField having auto upload_to path (Python) by junaidmgithub 1 month, 2 ...


Scrapy | A Fast and Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework

An open source and collaborative framework for extracting the data you need from websites. In a fast, simple, yet extensible way. Maintained by Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub) and many other contributors Install the latest version of Scrapy Scrapy 2.6.1 pip install scrapy PyPI Conda Release Notes Terminal• pip install scrapy cat...


Welcome to the Python Library

Currently, the site's main purpose is to facilitate the sharing of files produced through the Python Extension Building Network. The other pages are for my own personal projects, although anyone is free to use them if they find them convenient. I'll probably add phpBB on here for a forum if...


Online Professional Training Courses and Certification - Intellipaat

Intellipaat offers professional certification online training courses authored by industry experts. Learn the high in-demand skills from our experts.


Packt | Programming Books, eBooks & Videos for Developers

Packt is the online library and learning platform for professional developers. Learn Python, JavaScript, Angular and more with eBooks, videos and courses


Analytics Vidhya - Learn Machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data science, big data, data visualizations tools and techniques. | Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya - Learn Machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data science, big data, data visualizations tools and techniques.


Python Programming Tutorials

Python Programming tutorials from beginner to advanced on a massive variety of topics. All video and text tutorials are free.


Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp

Learn Data Science from the comfort of your browser, at your own pace with DataCamp's video tutorials & coding challenges on R, Python, Statistics & more.

42 - The Open Source Discovery Service

Discover open source packages, modules and frameworks you can use in your code.


Ansible is Simple IT Automation

Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.


PyImageSearch - You can master Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and OpenCV.

Helping developers, students, and researchers master Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and OpenCV.


Stack Abuse

Learn Python, Java, JavaScript/Node, Machine Learning, and Web Development through articles, code examples, and tutorials for developers of all skill levels.


Home | Pythonic Perambulations

The Waiting Time Paradox, or, Why Is My Bus Always Late? Thu 13 September 2018 Image Source: Wikipedia License CC-BY-SA 3.0 If you, like me, frequently commute via public transit, you may be familiar with the following situation: You arrive at the bus stop, ready to catch your bus: a...


Contents 学んだことを書く場所。 Links GitHub


Towards Data Science

Your home for data science. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes.


Project Jupyter | Home

The Jupyter Notebook is a web-based interactive computing platform. The notebook combines live code, equations, narrative text, visualizations, interactive dashboards and other media.


GitHub: Where the world builds software · GitHub

GitHub is where over 83 million developers shape the future of software, together. Contribute to the open source community, manage your Git repositories, review code like a pro, track bugs and features, power your CI/CD and DevOps workflows, and secure code before you commit it.


Afternerd - Learn Python Online and Get CS Career tips

Learn Python Online: Python tutorials and helpful software engineering career tips


Learn programming languages with books and examples

Over 1000 topics to learn about any programming languages/software such as C#, Dapper, Entity Framework, SQL, and more!


Custom Software Development | AWS and Salesforce Cloud Services - Micropyramid USA

Micropyramid USA helps startups to transform into innovative solutions, with custom software development, Mobile, AWS and Salesforce Cloud Services


Dataquest: Learn Data Science — Python, R, SQL, PowerBI

97% of learners recommend Dataquest for learning data science. Better teaching = better outcomes. Take a free lesson now >>


The One DevOps Platform | GitLab

From planning to production, bring teams together in one application. Ship secure code faster, deploy to any cloud, and drive business results.


Red Hat - We make open source technologies for the enterprise

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.


Programiz: Learn to Code for Free

Learn to code in Python, C/C++, Java, and other popular programming languages with our easy to follow tutorials, examples, online compiler and references.


Python Courses and Tutorials: Online and On Site

Free comprehensive online tutorials suitable for self-study. An online course full of hands-on exercises and solutions.


Kaggle: Your Machine Learning and Data Science Community

Kaggle is the world’s largest data science community with powerful tools and resources to help you achieve your data science goals.



Why SciPy? Fundamental algorithms. Broadly applicable. Foundational. Interoperable. Performant. Open source.


Welcome to The Apache Software Foundation!

Home page of The Apache Software Foundation


Home - The Django Book

The Djangobook is Moving! For those that don’t know, the domain is a Django community resource that I have been the unofficial curator of for the last 6 years (give or take). I have decided to concentrate on other projects, so the djangobook domain will pass back to the...


Arch Linux

Latest News Undone replacement of pipewire-media-session with wireplumber 2022-05-12 Two days ago the wireplumber package was made to replace pipewire-media-session as the latter session manager for PipeWire is considered dead upstream and will see no more releases. Unfortunately, this step was premature. Our pipewire audio packages (pipewire-alsa, pipewire-jack and pipewire-pulse)...


Learn Algorithmic Trading & Python | Investopedia-Recommended Course

Join 30000 students in the algorithmic trading course and mentorship programme that truly cares about you. Learn Practical Python for finance and trading for real world usage.


Cloud Application Platform | Heroku

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud.


Codementor | Get live 1:1 coding help, hire a developer, & more

Codementor is the largest community for developer mentorship and an on-demand marketplace for software developers. Get instant coding help, build projects faster, and read programming tutorials from our community of developers.


DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. With you every step of your journey.


Free Online Certification Courses - Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow. - DataFlair

DataFlair, one of the best online training providers of Hadoop, Big Data, and Spark certifications through industry experts. Get 24/7 lifetime support and flexible batch timings. Learn coveted IT skills at the lowest costs.


AppDividend | ML | AI | Web | Mobile | Code

AppDividend provides latest Code Tutorials on various fields like Data science in Machine Learning, Python, and AI. Latest web development technologies like Angular, Laravel, Node js, React js, Vue js, PHP, ASP.NET, and Javascript. Mobile technologies like Swift, iOS, Android, React Native, Unity.


Bitbucket | Git solution for teams using Jira

Bitbucket Cloud is a Git-based code and CI/CD tool optimized for teams using Jira.


This is a site all about Java, including Java Core, Java Tutorials, Java Frameworks, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse JDT, and Java Design Patterns.

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