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    Domain Name: YULE.HK
    Bundled Domain Name: 中文域名
    Domain Status: Active

    DNSSEC: unsigned

    Contract Version: Refer to registrar

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    Registrar Contact Information: DOMAIN.NET.HK - .hk Accredited Registrar - Email: [email protected] Phone: +852 3612 0155


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    Holder English Name (It should be the same as your legal name on your HKID card or other relevant documents): SHULUI TSE
    Holder Chinese Name:
    Email: [email protected]
    Domain Name Commencement Date: 23-11-2012
    Country: China (CN)
    Expiry Date: 23-11-2022
    Re-registration Status: Complete
    Account Name: HK3475310T

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    Given Name: HOSTING SPEED
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    Company Name: HOSTING SPEED .

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