Still printing PDF forms? Here’s how to make PDF forms fillable automatically with PDFelement 6

If you have the trouble in filling the PDF forms that you just got in a mail or downloaded from some site. To fill it up, you need to print it, fill and scan. Or alternatively, you can create the new form yourself. Don’t you think there must be some easy solution to this?  Why not just fill the form directly, yes tools like PDFelement 6 can make your forms fillable.

Even there are many other options that can help you in making any forms fillable. Like if you have some printed forms, and you wish to make it electronically fillable. Then you need to design its copy but this tool uses some OCR technology to analyze and create your scan copy into editable pdf documents, even it detects the blank fields too. Lets see all its operations.

How to Make PDF forms Fillable Automatically with PDFelement 6

PDFelement 6 is the newly launched software by the Wondershare. The tool is specially designed to resolve the form filling problem. Its time when everything is getting automated, why we still struggling in editing the PDFs. Let’s see how this tool can help us.

To start with, I will suggest you to First download the Wondershare PDFelement 6. It’s available for Free Trial. Download and install it on your PC.

Create Fillable Forms From Non Editable Forms

You have some non-editable forms on pdf, word, excel or any office document, with PDFelement 6, you can convert it into editable forms. Then add values to boxes or make any changes. And this can be done in a single click.

Simply open your form document in PDFelement 6 and then click on Form Fill Recognition button. Now you can make any changes to your document.

You can fill the boxes, define name and Value for box. Make it read-only, required, change color, Add formula etc. There are lots of option that you need to make it editable form.

You can also scan any printed forms and then convert it into editable forms with the same method. You can also create new forms, select form the hundreds of templates.

Now next time if you want to require to conduct any survey in your office or anywhere, you can go for this fillable forms then the printed forms. You can even define some custom values, formulas, so it will be easy for the user to fill the form.

Export Form Data into Excel

Suppose you have some form and you need to fill it with all members of your office, also you need the filled data into excel file. You can easily make the fillable form with the above method but when it comes to extracting data. Then it again becomes a difficult task.

But this tool can also do that, You just need to open the form into PDFelement 6. Define the field area and then extract it into the excel document. And the best part you can apply the rule to other identical forms. So this will be fully automated, you will get your all forms data into a single sheet.

Make PDF File Editable

If you have any PDF file, and you need to edit some text, pictures or anything, but your old Adobe Acrobat software does not allow you to make changes. Now to edit this you don’t have to waste your time and efforts in redesigning the PDF.

PDFelement 6 can make your PDF editable withing seconds. Then you can edit text, pictures or anything easily.

Simply open PDFelement 6 and then Click on Edit PDF box. Browse and open the file you want to edit and within few second it will convert it into editable PDF format.

Now you can see in the above document, I can now edit the text, even the boxes, Images and other graphics. To start editing, you simply need to select the edit button from the top left and then make your desired changes. Beside this, there are lots of editing option that you can find in the edit menu.

Export Data From Scanned Documents (OCR)

From past few years, I am wasting my time in retype the printed documents, I tried many OCR services earlier but can find this much accuracy that I got with PDFelement 6. It recognized every text, symbols, so accurately, I found upto 99% accuracy.

Simply open the scanned file, photo into PDFelement 6 and then it will ask you to perform the OCR operation. When you grant the permission, it will take some time and convert your scanned document into editable text.

Click on Perform OCR button to start the OCR operation.

You can see now I can edit the text, select, copy like we do it on our normal electronic document. You can also convert it into editable Word, Excel and many other formats.

You can even convert it into a fillable form or extract its data into excel sheet. So next time if you need to fill some form, just scan it and convert into editable form with PDFelement and then use it. It’s so easy.


So much with the only one tool. You can create forms, edit pdf, OCR, extract data into Excel and convert pdf into the editable office document. This tool is really very helpful, it just automates all your tasks. Now you do not need to waste your time on typing printed document, creating new forms or manually extracting data from the pdf documents. Just go automate with PDFelement 6.

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