Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones

Sudio Designing Sound

Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluetooth headphones which offers freedom from tangling cords and world-class sound quality and definition. Today we are going to review for you Sudio Regent Bluetooth Headphones.

Sound 8.5/10
Design 09/10
Grip 9.5/10

Editors Overall Rating


Detailed review of Sudio Regent Bluetooth Headphones.

The Sudio regent is designed considering the consumers' preferences and comfort. The main reason behind all Bluetooth Headphones is to provide ultimate convenience while hearing music or talking to someone. Headphones cover all your music world to a different stage. Same follows up with the Regent.

It gives you fabulous music experience with world-class sound quality and tone definition. The clarified noise with flawless balance of instrumental tones, the musical segments unite and present an adorable hearing experience.

The Bluetooth Headphones comes in very elegant design, which suits all occasion listening. Whether you're running or enjoying on the beach or traveling back in metro or bus. These headphones will always compliment your occasions.

Nevertheless, it covers up the complaints of low battery. You can use the headphones actively for 24 hours. Moreover, the user can enjoy the battery standby of 20 long days.

Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones

What we liked

  • The Fold-able Design is quite good and comfortable.
  • The cozy Ear pads covers the ear beautifully.
  • One can enjoy music without disturbance of outer noise.
  • Amazing voice clarity.
  • 24 hours active battery life.

What we didn't like

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity upto just 10M.
  • Low bass and beats sound.
  •  Ears start paining after continuous long use

Best Sudio Regent Headphones features

Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones

Sound quality

In many aspects, this is a highly acceptable headphone. Sound quality definitely gives the user amazing listening experience. Despite, lacking in bass and beats, the voice clarity is untarnished. All the voices and sounds carry a good detail. The headphones offer quite a good sound in itself so one need not stretch it till loudest. 

Design and Aesthetic

The large ear tight earcups offer quite a cozy wearing. These On-ear headphones are truely what company claims. The foldable Headphone's ear cushions give the luxuries feel. And as once you wear them and play something, you won't be able to hear any outer noise or sound. The headphones come matte finishing and polishing and interchangeable caps so you never get bored.

Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones
Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones


Well, it uses Bluetooth 4.1 and can catch up the range up 10 meters. In other words, it is a just acceptable device in Bluetooth terms. Talking about the battery life of Headphones then company has created a quite good standard Headphones. Taking the topic to overall performance then it is a quite good product to rely on if you just want a device with good ANC and defined voice clarity. Maybe you won't get satisfied if you're a high bass lover.

What you get in package

Package contains all that you can expect. It comes with fabulous and quite impressive packing. All the fitments are placed very properly. Even if the box drops or suffer hard traveling, then also product won't get damage or harm.

  • Sudio Regent
  • Audio cable
  • Charging Cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Guarantee Card
  • Quick start Guide

Technical details

The On-ear Bluetooth headphone is engineered considering the requirements of headphone lovers. They are made after quite a lot of work and research. Hence, they give world class hearing experience.



Matte and Polished






177 Grams


10 m


24+ hours 




Sudio designing sound bluetooth headphones


"Ideal Headphones for ones who look for combination of modern design, powerful sound and great grip!"

If we talk about the overall performance of then it's quite amazing product. It is designed thinking of all the gearheads and music enthusiasts who just want to get in-tangled in wires. The headphones look damn sturdy and stunning for all occasions. No matter what you're doing. It will always be an amazing companion. Talking about sound quality then it offers amazing voice clarity. Maybe if you like high bass, then the product is not for you. As the product believes in giving world-class sound definition with a fluent balance of instrumental tones. The most amazing part is grip of headphones. They gives you an immense feel while on ear. This gear is just beyond best in covering the outer noise. So click on the view price button and get your dashing headphones.

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