How to take Print Screen (Screenshots) on MAC OS X

The screenshot is a picture of any item visible on the computer screen which could be an image, document or something else. You take a snap and save it on your device. Although a Mac computer doesn’t consist a print screen button on the keyboard but still, taking a screenshot on a Mac is very easy and includes many options too.

Taking a screenshot can be very useful and help you to describe something in a more effective way. In case if you want to inform someone about making any change in the settings of the computer, then attaching snaps of each step taken will help the person to understand the process in a better way. The screenshots can also be taken to specify an individual item in a large document and you can simply email it to anyone rather than sending the whole file as an attachment.

In this article, we will talk about how to take a screenshot on a Mac OS X computer. We will feature both the ways in which you can take the screenshot of the whole screen or even a particular area.

Procedure to take a screenshot on Mac

Here we are going to inform you about the simple steps that can be followed to take a screenshot on your Mac OS X.

  • First of all, you need to Hold the Command and Shift buttons together and press 4


  • The Crosshair Pointer will appear on the screen, move it to the point from where you want to start the screenshot


  • Drag the Crosshair Pointer across the area which needs to be covered in the screenshot
  • After selecting the area, leave the trackpad or mouse button (whichever is being used)

The screenshot will capture and appear on your desktop as a .png file and initially ‘Screenshot/month/date/time will appear as the name of it, you can rename it. A person using two screens with his/her Mac can capture two screenshots simultaneously and both screenshots will display separate images.

If you want to capture an instant image of the screen without selecting the specific area then,

  • Hold Shift and Command (Apple key) and press 3.
  • The screenshot will appear on your desktop as a .png file in a similar way hosting Screenshot/month/date/time

If you want to save the file with an extension other than .png then all you need to do it just drag the picture to Photoshop or similar viewing program and save it with a different extension.

Most of the people avoid taking the screenshot of the entire screen because it captures unnecessary things. Though you can crop the image using an photo-editing software but still, taking a snapshot of a smaller area at first place reduces the efforts.

Using the Crosshair Pointer, you can highlight a particular area and show the object specifically. It is also advisable to use the mouse instead of the trackpad if you are not habituated of taking screenshots because most of the time users find it difficult to cover the area through Crosshair Pointer using them.

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