TF Keyboard Vault Review : Best App Locker You Must Have

Smartphones are the most common piece of technology that has become a necessity for most of us. Now the function of a mobile phone is not limited to making calls or sending texts, but it can do most of the things that a computer is capable of. From browsing the internet to making a bank transaction everything can be done with the help of a smartphone app. With the increase in the number of apps and data, the security associated with it also become a matter of concern.

tf keyboard vault review

TF Keyboard Vault Review

To protect the privacy and security of the data and apps, using a tool that allows app lock and file encryption is the best option. TF Keyboard Vault enables the user to lock the apps that contain some private information. With its help, the photos and videos present on the phone can be hidden and secured by high-level encryption.

There are many applock available on the Google Playstore but TF Vault uses a different approach towards the privacy of the user. Unlike other apps, once you setup TF Vault it works as your default keyboard. The app inhibits direct access. Instead, the user has to open another app that uses the keyboard, then the user can type the password. After that, the app opens automatically. You can not directly open the TF Vault app, this is the best part. It allows the user to select the apps that he or she want to lock and add the files or folders to it.


TF Keyboard Vault Best Features

App Lock

tf keyboard vault review

The essential feature of TF Keyboard Vault is the App lock. It will secure any app that you want with a password of your choice. Due to this any unauthorized access to an app can be prevented hence increasing the phone security. The apps that are locked will not have been available to access for anyone.

Photo Hide

tf keyboard vault review

You can add any photos, videos or any type of files to TF Vault. This will hide the files from your main gallery and can only be accessed through this tool. The user also has the option to add a whole folder to this app. The files once added are encrypted so remain secure.

Recycle Bin

The app has a recycle bin option. The files that are added to TF Vault can be deleted. But they are not deleted fully instead goes into the recycle bin. From the recycle bin the user can recover the deleted files.

Keyboard Access

TF Keyboard Vault cannot be accessed directly. Once the setup of the app is complete, to open the app again, the user has to open any application that uses the keyboard. From there, type the password. It also contains a feature that only opens the app when “#” is typed after the password. This prevents any unwanted app open.

Moreover, it also acts as the default keyboard of the phone. Although it does not contain advanced features, it provides a neat and responsive keyboard experience.

Security Question

The app does not store the files and any other useful information on its server. It does not keep the data on the cloud server. All the data remains on the device itself. So, to recover a lost password, the user needs to answer the security question that was entered at the time of setting up the app.

Final Verdict

Overall, TF Keyboard is a good solution for increasing the device security. It also encrypts the files which make it impossible to access by someone else. As the app cannot be accessed directly, it prevents any misuse of the Android application. You can download TF Keyboard Vault for free.

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