5 Things can’t do with Whatsapp Web Browser

They came up with the brilliant idea launched it successfully. 700 million users loved the idea. Came into sight of facebook. Got connected with them and tried to make it more wonderful. I am talking about whatsapp. We all know almost everything about it. Trusted and loved internationally. Then came one more update which brought lots of features and made those millions much more happy. We all know whatsapp is the largest mobile messaging app. Users were requesting for the pc interface in order to connect it in their computers too in case their devices were at low battery or switched off. So after a wait for almost an year whatsapp came up with user request which came up with some satisfaction. The interface came up with some limitations (limited functionality). It dosen’t support all the features as it supports in our mobile devices. So lets take a look at all the things this interface is unable to support:

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Things WhatsApp Web Browser can’t do [Problems]

1: Whatsapp don’t support iphone:

Whatsapp for web automatically synchronizes your messages from mobile to your computer/laptop browser via its servers. At this point it dosent support iphone. May be because of it security or some other reason. Whatsapp is unable to provide the web client to Ios users because of the MAC platform limitations. Well report says that they might be able to connect with this platform too and will be able to interface with idevices providing web browser for them too. But till then keep using it on your idevices and peeking into them everytime message alerts come up.

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2: Mobile should always be switched On:

Mobile should always be switched on with active internet connection You will be able to send or receive messages only when your phone have active internet connection and is paired up with whatsapp web client through QR code image. So if your mobile device doesn’t have an active internet connection then its kind of not possible to use web browser.

3: No group creation and deletion

You cannot create any group here like you do in facebook or try to leave it. The reason is again whatsapp client interface have limited functionality. You can’t send broadcast messages too so if you tend to do so use your phone.

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4: Fails to block users:

If you are highly irritated of someone and you intend to block him/her then I suggest you to use your phone because your browser wont do it at all no matter what you try. I have successfully described you everything. Well I hope it is useful. Do like us and subscribe if you find our efforts fruitful for you.

5: Supports only google chrome

The web version of whatsapp can only support google chrome. Well not a bad thing as we have told you in our earlier posts that google chrome is a powerful web browser in the browser world.


  1. Quiet awesome guide. I am completely agree with all the points listed, But we should not forget this that it the first update by whatsapp. In future whatsapp can provide all those features on web also which are on mobile.

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