Things to Consider Before Starting a Blogging Career

Blogging as a career is a good choice. With easy approach of internet these days, people are looking for more source of income online. As such there are many ways to make money online but blogging gives you a unique identification in the field. You can chose blogging as a part time or full time business. Being seated with your pc at home you can generate an awesome income.  Many blogger has made blogging as their full time business. But if you are newbie and thinking to start your career with blogging , then you must consider few things before starting a blogging career

 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blogging Career


Things to Consider Before Starting a Blogging Career

Money is Everything

It is a harsh reality that without money you are nothing. So first thing that you must consider before you start your journey in this field.

Are you doing Blogging for money ?

If you are newbie then you must not think about the money for at-least 6 month. As primary source of income for any blogger is the advertisement. And the maximum payout is from Google Adsense. And for adsense account in location like India and China, your domain should be at least  6 month old.

You may get ad from other advertiser like, Infolink, Chitika or you can have sponsor ad also. But if you are think of money from these then you must have good visitor flow on your site.

Choosing blogging as a career is really nice but quieting your job for blogging is not good, until you start making a good livelihood from that. If some life are dependent on you, then you must not opt blogging as a full time career.


With blogging you are not going to become rich in a night. You must keep patience.

Usually this happen that people start blogging for money, and when after 3-5 month, they dint get any cash. They lose hope and interest and quit. In this field you have to keep lot of patience. Sometimes you start earning in 2-3 month or sometimes it takes a year. It’s all depend on your hard work and your skills.

Content is the king

Before you write anything, you must have some expertise knowledge about that topic. You must chose the topic that you feel interested to work. Working on topic of your interest will be a more fun and you will feel more comfortable to talk on that topic.

So you must chose the topic and must focused on your content. As good content is like a piece of art, everyone appreciate it. It bring you more readers and followers.

Most common mistake that blogger do is coping  content. It can become the biggest reason of your blog failure. As Google and other search engine tracks the copied content and penalize accordingly. So you better write your own content.

Coping image from other site may also harm your blog. Generally the newbie blogger copy image from search engine result. Most of these images have copyright and they have hidden alt tag. Search engine detects copied images using these alt tag and other algorithm. So you better not copy images. Read Where to get the Copyright free images for your blog

Writing / Reading  Abilities

To be a professional blogger, you must have a good writing skills. You should have ability to write at-least 5 article a day. You should have good command on the language you are writing. A good writing skill always create a great impression on the readers. But for a beginner normal writing skill can work.

Beside writer you should also be a good reader also. As only a good learner can become a good content maker.

Consistency is the key

For success of any business, consistency plays the major roll. Same in case of blogging, consistence in the field of blogging means, you must have same frequency of update. Like if you have a strategy of posting single post daily, then there must be a new post every day. Some times it happens that you did not get time to write a post and some day you write 2-3 or more post. Then you can manage your post using WordPress post  scheduling feature.

Like if you take a real life example of  a sport person, then his fans aspect same or better performance from him in each match. And if his performance decrease, it directly affect it fan following. Same in case of blogging, your consistency help you to  remain in touch with your readers. You get more fan following and of course more visitors.

Where to get the Traffic

Just writing a blog cannot bring you a good traffic. You have to work very hard on SEO and SEM to get the right traffic to your blog. Beside that you have to promote your post or blog on different social media. These days social media is a great tool to get the traffic to your blog. Like other marketing and advertising company, you need to be creative to get the traffic. You need to find the ways to attract visitors to your blog. You should know ways to get both paid and free traffic to your site.

Time Management

A day cannot be more than 24 hours, so you must manage all your task in this 24 hours only. In blogging field you have to divide your time on reading, writing and promotion. So you must manage your time, so you get time for all these activities.

You have to spend more time on promotion then the reading and writing. As i already said you have to be tricky and creative like a advertising company.

For this you can make a time table for each activity.


Blogging is very interesting and exciting field but it is very challenging also. In blogging field you are the employe and you are the boss. So you have to work on each field. You yourself have to do the job of writer, promoter and a technical person. So you should have all the skills.

You must consider all the above point before you start your own blog.

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