Tired Of Finding Buyers for Your Old Phone? Here’s a Website That Buys Your Phone

One of the most concerning issues for individuals who have purchased cell phones rotates around how to sell them for a decent amount. The critical issue faced here is that the smartphone devalues in esteem the more it is utilized. So, when people buy second hand phones they are always concerned about the condition of the device. Which is why if you wish to pitch your old mobile phone to someone, you need to comprehend that it will be significantly hard to offer it at a decent cost and you will always have to deal with hard negotiations which will surely consume a reasonable amount of your time.

sell your phone on Cashify

Different choices are available when you decide to sell your gadget. You can sell it at a local retailers, who may proceed to sell the internal parts of the device for further usage. In this situation, chances are that you will not be the given the right price of the gadget as the vendor is not into the recommerce business and doesn’t have brand partnerships or bulk sales advantage. Another choice is to place an ad online on commercial hubs, such as Olx, Quikr and the newly launched commercial center segment on Facebook.

In any case, risks here are that you will get ripped off  as there is no such thing as a 100 percent checked merchant. Also, you will have to speak and negotiate with a lot of buyers before you can get a reasonable resale value, which will obviously require a lot of effort. While managing people, it will undoubtedly happen that you probably won’t get the full cash that your phone or any other gadget deserves. In this digital age, you require a reliable source who will give you the correct cost of the item you have and furthermore assure you a guaranteed sale. Enter Cashify, your one-stop destination to get the best resale value of your gadget and moreover conveying the amount appropriate to your doorstep so that you get a hassle free experience.

What is Cashify?

Cashify allows its customers to sell their old smartphones quickly. The platform offers a guaranteed deal that takes close to 60 seconds. There is a component to determine the cell phone and then to provide some information about your phone’s condition post that an instant quote is provided online. If the customer is happy with the price and proceeds to sell at the offered amount, the old gadget will be picked up under 24 to 48 hours from their home/office, and the guaranteed amount will be paid right at the doorstep. With this, Cashify makes the experience of web-based offering advantageous, quick, secure and hassle free.

sell your phone on Cashify

Apart from this, the Cashify app assists with Data Backup and restore it to the new gadget and one-click Data Wipe for the old device before you sell it. The Application has a progression of stock highlights like File Exchange between Phones, Cloud Data Backup and Restore, AntiVirus and AntiTheft. However, to activate the Anti-Theft feature (optional), the application needs Device Administration Permission.

Aside from cell phones, users can likewise sell other old devices/gadgets like Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, and LED/LCD TVs. Cashify is a simple solution to substantial issues like searching for verified buyers, talking to strangers and publishing ads on classifieds etc. Using Cashify, you can instantly sell your old mobile phones and other gadgets at best price sitting at home.

Reasons to Sell your Device/Gadget on Cashify?

  • Instant Quote
  • Best Price Offered
  • Free Pickup
  • Quick Process
  • Get Instant Cash at Doorstep
  • Available at 30+ Cities
  • Open for more than 40 Electronic Brands

How to Use Cashify to Sell your Old Phones?

Using Cashify to sell your device at the quoted price hardly takes a minute and includes a procedure to provide a little information about the device. After you give the significant details, Cashify guarantees to offer the best price with free pickup from your Home or Office and clear the dues right there.

For better assistance, we have also added the step by step procedure for Cashify while selling your old gadgets.

Step 1: Visit Cashify official Website.

Step 2: Choose the Mobile Phone option under the selling section.

sell your phone on Cashify

Step 3: Choose your City and your existing Mobile Phone Brand.

sell your phone on Cashify

Step 4: Provide the correct information to generate a device report and get the best value of the device.

sell your phone on Cashify

Step 5: After that, you will get the final selling amount, once you accept the quoted offer. Enter Coupon Code for Extra Cash.

sell your phone on Cashify

Step 6: Click on “Sell This Device” and Enter the Pickup Details and Payment Mode. Moreover, it is done, your Device will be pick up at the scheduled pickup time.

sell your phone on CashifyCashify Coupon Codes for Some Extra Cash

After you get the final quotation for your old Device/Gadgets on Cashify, you can still add some extra cash to it by using a valid Coupon code in the provided space. Just Enter a Coupon Code and Click to Apply.

Currently, there are few coupons valid on Cashify: FRIDAY, CS200, APPLE, CK250, CLICK20, MOTO200.

The coupons vary from the amount of Rs 100 to Rs 300. You can also check for other offers running at the time when you plan to sell your smartphone or any other gadget.


Cashify works on the principle to avoid inconvenience or hoodwinking faced by customers while selling their smartphones. Moreover, Cashify is a secure platform for selling your old gadgets and guarantees the sale of your device and the best price for it. It is also straightforward to use and they quote the value instantly.

Cashify is available on Browser and App (Android and iOS devices). We also recommend you to download the app on your smartphone to get the price for your device, without any inconvenience. We recommend this platform for selling your gadgets so you can forget about the searching buyers and save your time. It is available in more than 30 cities in India and more will surely be added very soon.

Moreover, if you have any queries regarding Cashify, you can comment down the section below, and we will get back to you with a solution. You can visit Cashify Support Page for more information.

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