Top 10 Best Facebook Games List

Playing game is really addictive and when that is to be played online with the friends, addiction reaches the top level. Facebook games are also like that. You might be a fan of the Facebook games. Here is the list of the top 10 best Facebook Games. All the games have been ranked on the basis of players and users.

best facebook games

Top Best Facebook Games

  1. Uber Strike – Tis game has been one of the top games that has been ever played on Facebook. The popularity of the game, based on the ancient striking methods has created a different chapter for the Facebook users. The game is having a perfect multi-player mode in the game version that allows you to challenge the online opponents.
  2. Dungeon Rampage – This is another game on Facebook that has been really admired. The popularity of the game has been so much that it placed and additional pressure on the server of the site. This game can also be played with many opponents at the same time.
  3. Social Wars – This is one is a game with aliens and army. The game gained a great success in the multiplayer mode. The players have to create army and counterattack the attacks made by the aliens. The perfect graphics of the game made a sensation among the Facebook users.
  4. Candy Crush Saga – This game has gained popularity in two levels. Popularity of the game in the android devices has been excellent, but when the score needs to be shared and there is need of aid, the game got the best exposure on Facebook.

  5. Criminal Case – This is another popular game, where the assignment was to find the hidden objects, but on Facebook, the assignment was to complete the levels faster than that that of the opponent. Finding hidden object games has been popular in the windows and android devices, but Facebook crossed all the records.
  6. Bubble witch saga – This one is another game among the top android games, that has been successful in the Facebook platform. The game has a perfect interface and different levels of difficulty has placed it at a different overall altitude.
  7. Clash of clans – This game, with ultimate interface has been the most popular Facebook strategy or RPG game. The game can be played online with the opponents. Help can be sought from friends and challenges can also be thrown at them. This made the game very much favourite of all users, from all ages.
  8. Baseball heroes – This game has been one of the most popular game on Facebook, that has been related to sports. Graphics and scoring in the games, with multiple user support has placed the game at a different position.

  9. Real Racing 3 – This game is also having an excellent interface and that has created a real fan base on Facebook. The best thing about the game is the HD graphics of it.
  10. Hay day – This game has been the most popular simulation based Facebook games. The number of players that the game showed to be playing at a single time is just amazing.

These are some of the best Facebook games to time pass. These Facebook games are very addictive and popular.

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