Top 10 Tools to Create and Edit Your Content

If you’re a student, a professional writer, a webmaster, or a blogger who constantly writes material then you certainly know and understand why it is important to edit and proofread your work. There is nothing more embarrassing than finalizing a work and presenting to others only to find out that it is filled with small grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Readers are often annoyed with this and might start to believe you’re not taking your writing seriously.

Best Content Creation and Editing Tools

If you’re a student, you’ll receive a poor letter grade; if you’re a professional writer, a webmaster, or a blogger you risk losing your audience altogether. It’s essential you use editing and proofreading tools to create and check your content. But you should know that they aren’t all equally good, and you should consider combining several tools to ensure you are creating high-quality content.

Here’s a list of the top 10 tools you can find online:

Paper Written

Another excellent online editing tool is, an online academic writing service specializing in helping high school, college, graduate students, and others create expertly written academic assignments in any discipline. Since 2008, it has developed a team of 100+ native-English speakers (American, Australian, British, and Canadian among others) who provide a wide range of services from editing to proofreading to writing full documents from scratch.

Grammarly is an online grammar checker which easily improves writers’ text. There are both free and premium versions of this tool which can be downloaded for Chrome, MS Office, and Windows. The free version of the tool checks 150 grammar checks by properly identifying passive voice, confusing prepositions, wordy sentences, spelling, and punctuation. The premium version takes your writing to the next level, checking over 250 complex writing errors, providing suggestions for enhancing vocabulary, and a plagiarism detector that searches over 8 billion web pages. The free account is excellent for high school and college-aged students, while the premium is great for graduate and PhD students as well as professional writers.

Language Tool is the first open source editing and proofreading tool on our list. It’s a step-up from the basic programs you will find in most word processing programs and will check for English, French, German, Polish and over 20 more languages. You can download free versions of the tool for Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, and LibreOffice, and even as standing alone desktop tool. Because it’s available for free, it makes for an excellent addition to any writer’s collection.

Spellchecker is another free online tool that lets you check complex grammar and spelling mistakes with a simple one-click method. Its spell check database includes over 100,000 entries; it also has an integrated thesaurus with over 77,000 words so that you can always access a term that more accurately expresses your ideas. The site’s advanced search links to Grammarly’s premium account login-page, but is still great for academic and professional writers alike.


The online tool is different from all the others in this article, in that it doesn’t specifically help with grammar and spelling, but it does increase writer’s productivity by blocking time-wasting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. across browsers on Mac and Windows. The tool measures times to let you know which sites are the most addictive and then blocks all time-wasting sites as soon as your designated time on those sites is up. It goes without saying that is an excellent tool for students of all ages as well as anyone who is easily distracted from writing.

Byword 2

A great tool for formatting a wide range of texts – anything from a blog post to an academic paper to a creative piece of writing – is This online tool can help writers save tons of time with easy keyboard shortcuts, word counters, and syntax highlighting that allow one to make quick changes with simple clicks. It’s perfect for bloggers and creative writers because it simplifies the process of uploading to Blogger, Evernote, Medium, Tumbler, and WordPress.

Hemingway App

The online tool’s major feature is that it highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common grammatical errors. Using a series of highlight colors it can tell you wither your sentences need to be shortened or split up or revised to remove any complicated constructions. It also provides you with word suggestions to make your sentences more direct and impactful. This too is a great tool for all levels of writing, but it is particularly useful to students and blog writers wanting to write clearly and concisely.


This tool is excellent for collaborative works between two or more writers and editors. is an online simultaneous multi-use editing program that allows different to people to write or edit a piece of writing at the same time. It does this continuously, synchronizing all changes so that all users are looking at the exact same version of a document. This is a favorite of business writers, since changes can easily be tracked to ensure the correct message isn’t lost.


The tool helps you refine your wiring by searching for and identifying common mistakes. It allows you to easily cut and paste text and personalize settings which include an adverbinator, weak words, passive voice, prepositions, homonyms, and clichés. It’s a free source tool that is currently in Beta, which means you might run into some problems if you paste large pieces of text. Still, it’s easy-to-use format makes it a great tool for all writers.

Reverso Online Spell & Grammar Checker

Finally, the last item on our top 10 list of online editing tools is, an auto correct spelling and grammar checker which allows you to fix cumbersome mistakes and high degree of accuracy and speed. also includes a reliable text translation service for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and a number of other languages. Because it can be accessed at no cost, it’s perfect for all types of writers.

Any great writer should always double-check his or her writings, no matter what the intended audience. It’s better to spend a few minutes using two or three of the editing tools listed above than embarrassing yourself by submitting poor-quality work that is filled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

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