Top 3 DVD Copy Software for Windows and MAC

The USB and Cloud storage has become the main source of the data storage, transfer, and backup but still, DVDs have their own status. Most of the important data and games are still coming into the form of DVD. So, DVD is old but not obsolete. Users still prefer to store their personal data on DVDs due to their safe nature. Yes, they are breakable but when corrupting or damaging data their is not many chances.

Unlike USB storing or Moving the data from the DVD is not just copy/paste task. You need a dedicated DVD burning tool and proper software to do that. Out their many tools are available but not all of them are too friendly and efficient in this task. So, we listed Top 3 DVD software for you. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Top 3 DVD Copy software


DVDFab is a well-received and up-to-date DVD Copy software, it has the 13 years of experience of the development in DVD cloner and DVD burner. The tool can read and backup DVD disc, ISO file or folder to any blank disc. Despite the flash processing speed, DVDFab can output a DVD with quality by no means inferior to the source. And with its Clone mode, you can get a totally lossless output DVD. The reason we choose it on the top in our list features, UI, Performance, Copy speed and much more. The Software has some extraordinary features 6 different copy modes, as Full Disk, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split etc. These modes will enable you to copy the entire DVD or any content you may need with one mouse clicks.

Taking about the UI is very much simple and attractive. You can also customize the background of software. It is compatible with almost all popular platform like Windows, Mac as well.

DVD Cloner

DVD cloner is another best tool for the copy the DVD. DVD Cloner is one of the easiest to use, versatility and high-quality output provider. It can make the exact clone of the original of your data and also perform compress the data so it can fit onto smaller-capacity blank discs. Like DVDFab, it also performs the merge of contents of multiple DVDs onto a single disc. The UI is pretty much easy to understand for the non-techy users.

DVD cloner

Like DVDFab, it does not have the 6 Different modes but still got the two copy modules: Express and Expert. Modes work as the name Express mode will let you make the copy of a disk with as little effort on your part as possible. On the other side, Expert mode provides tools to customize and configure your copy before you burn it onto a new disc. In the expert mode, you can select the merge, split as well other options.

123 Copy DVD

123 Copy DVD Gold wins the third position in our list, last but not the least. It is more than just DVD copy software also does the converts part like DVDFab. The multifunctional 123 copy DVD allows you to make 1:1 copy of your movies.

123 Copy DVD

If you are not a techy user then for you interface would be more complex than the above-listed software. The reason of that, it has tools like converting video files for your smartphone, creating data discs and more. All the features are not listed as well so it confused a bit more for the first time.

The features which no one does is Decryption DVD. The commercial discs are protected with anti-piracy encryptions that prevent copying. 123 Copy DVD requires you to download and install a decryption plugin before it can copy these DVDs. The software makes the plugin easy to find, and you only have to do it once. After it’s installed, you can make new copies of all your DVD

Over to You

All 3 are the best DVD copy tools, have some unique features. But we liked the DVDFab because of the simplicity and perform more than one task as Burning DVD, and converting the file format. Well, this is our opinion, share yours also through comment.

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