Top 4 Features to Look For in an Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software have become immensely popular these days and have emerged as one of the most important offerings in the tech industry ever since businesses and users got onto the Internet around two and a half decades ago. These tools have become ubiquitous in a way that people have started assuming that an antivirus software would automatically offer them the same kind of features and protection as any of its competitors. Hence, not ample attention is paid to the product under consideration.

Please know that the antivirus software you buy and use would have a significant impact on your ability to use your computer. It would help you keep malwares and harmful viruses at bay. Thus it becomes very important that you carefully read review of every such product before investing your hard-earned money in it. You must look for certain critical features in an antivirus solution before using it on your system. Let’s take you through some of these features below.

Automatic updates

A software cannot sustain itself over the long term if it isn’t updated regularly. This is all the more applicable to the antivirus software. As there are new types of malwares and viruses released in the market with each passing month, it becomes imperative for an antivirus software to be updated frequently, so as to efficiently track and prevent all such new threats (which didn’t exist at the time of its first installation).

An antivirus that makes it mandatory for you to update it manually would often miss out on important updates and thus might expose your system to harmful threats. Therefore, it is important for such software to have the capability to update themselves automatically, and on a regular basis.

Real-time scans

Although antivirus solutions are meant to detect malware and virus presence in the systems, all of them don’t go about their business the same way. Inefficient products would urge you to manually scan the system every now and then. On the other hand, the best antivirus software would offer dynamic scanning features which keep a constant check on any such threats, in real time. It might become very easy for malicious codes to infect your computer in the absence of such real-time scanning.

Cover all kinds of malware

Internet is full of all types of distinct threats other than viruses, bots, spyware, trojans etc. All these have potential to cause irreversible damage to your system. There are specific antivirus programs meant to target only specific types of malicious software. Thus it is always better to go with a program which can comprehensively detect and remove a wide range of threats.

Automatic cleaning

The antivirus software should be capable of not just detecting malicious software, but automatically deleting and removing the code, there and then, as well. Unfortunately, some antivirus solutions just move the malware into a quarantine zone post their detection, waiting for manual intervention from the user. You must go with an antivirus software that automatically cleans and removes such threats without leaving any potentially harmful software on the system.

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