Top 5 Online Food Delivery Apps/Services in India

With the growing users of the smartphones, the online food delivery industry in India is also growing at a rapid pace. We all agree with the phrase a man’s true love is food, and it will always be. So, to keep the connectivity of food and human being alive in any corner of India online food delivery app plays a very vital role in it. Just with a few taps on your smartphone’s screen you can order food of your choice and get it delivered at your place.

Furthermore, most of the people have become busy and find no time to cook or go to restaurants. So just to stop your hunger the online food delivery services made foods reachable to you without any compromise in your work. People get a long list of dishes and restaurants from which they can select the food of their choice and even some time these services provide you offer prices which reduce lots of your expense.

So, let us now look around the top 5 online food delivery apps/service in India



Zomato is one of the biggest online food delivery cum restaurant search platform. It is available for the users in their smartphones since 2008. Catering massive popularity in a very short period, Zomato has captured most of the big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and many more. The feature of Zomato is not only limited to ordering food it also provides the opportunity to book a table in your favourite restaurants which cut in the cost with attractive coupons and discount system. The Zomato is also operating in the countries apart from India like the US, Australia, making it a world famous online food delivery service.

While ordering with the Zomato the long list of a menu from different restaurants would be available in your screen and you just need to tap and order your food. It is available in Android and as well as iOS platform. You can use Zomato referral code to get the new user benefit. 

Advantages of using Zomato:

  • You order online food and as well as book table in the restaurant of your choice
  • Regularly get updated with the attractive offers
  • Offers the pocket-friendly delivery
  • 24×7 running platform
  • Available on Google play store and as well as an iOS app store



Swiggy is the second biggest online food delivery service in India. It is one of the most dedicated online food delivery apps which is present in many cities in India. Swiggy is based in Bangalore which is itself a great hub of India with a significant number of population. It is a complete solution for your hunger which is enabled with an easy to use the platform and gives you an hassle-free experience of online food ordering. Swiggy accepts the online payment and as well as cash on delivery. It has a great partnership with over 1000 restaurants in India. Apart from the exotic experience it even provides attractive vouchers and offers to its users on a regular basis.

The service provided by the Swiggy has no policy on a minimum order, the customers could order as their requirement. It is available in the platform of Android and as well as iOS. Delivery of food with Swiggy is also fast with tracking enabled system for the customers. You can use Swiggy Discount Coupon to get the new user benefit. 

Advantages of using Swiggy:

  • Fast delivering service
  • Attractive offers
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Easy to use the platform
  • Food Tracking system


FoodPanda is one of the most amazing online food delivering app/services in India. With the recent analysis of the progress of Foodpanda, it is shown that currently, it is operating in 43 different countries with immense popularity. It has a partnership with more than 2000 restaurant for its delicious food menu. It was launched in the year 2012, looking at its such rapid growth it could be said that it is emerging as a top online food delivery service in India.

Even it even attractive discounts to its users which make it more pleasing for use. It is available in all the platform which makes it convenient for use.

Advantages of using FoodPanda:

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Great discounts
  • A long list of restaurants
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Quick platform


Uber eats is a newly launched online food delivery app/service in India. Currently, it is available in all the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. The owner of this food service is one of the leading taxi services across the globe. This platform has partnered with more than 500 restaurants across India. Users could daily get latest offers and discounts while ordering from their favourite restaurants. Even the delivery time of the food is fast in Uber Eats.

It is coming up as a great competitor for Zomato and Swiggy with its rising popularity in youth. Even it offers very attractive discounts up to 70% in its first delivery which is catchy enough for attracting more customers towards it.

Advantages of using Uber eats:

  • Available in iOS and Android platform
  • Attractive offers and discounts
  • Very fast food delivery
  • Facility of the meal on a car while booking a cab with uber
  • A wide variety of food


Fasso’s is even one of the most loved online food delivery app in India. But its users are limited to the metro cities of India. They offer a great menu of food which could start your day with a delicious breakfast and end with a great dinner. Even users can get attractive offers and discounts while ordering food. It is specially made for the Indian cuisines. The app is very user-friendly with a simple navigation system.

Fasso’s has also collaborated with prominent offices in the metro, and if you are working in one of them, then you could even get more mesmerising offers. With no compromisation in the quality, it delivers the best food to its customers. For discount and offers, you can try these Faasos Promo Code.

Advantages using Fasso’s:

  • Simple interface
  • Great Indian Cuisine
  • Attractive offers
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Fast delivery


Depending on a large number of young audience in various parts of India, online food delivery app has become instantly very popular among the users. There are many local online foods delivering services which are limited to that area. But, to enhance the experience, you must try these 5 top food delivery apps/services in India and even get attractive offers along with cash back.

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