Top 7 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blog

A WordPress theme is a WordPress template. It gives you the bones of a website on WordPress with a little bit of the flesh already on there. It is up to the theme user to customize the theme in order to make their own blog or website.
You can use free themes, or basic themes, or you can purchase themes. The ones you purchase are created by other people and often have a lot of the hard work done for you. Plus, you can choose one that is well designed. Here are the top seven best WordPress themes for a travel blog.

Wordpress travel themes

Top 7 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blog

1 – Dignitas – Hotel Accommodation – Responsive Theme

It comes with a left and right sidebar, as well as a function that allows you to create a dynamic sidebar. You are able to make a responsive website that covers the full page width. It has its own 404 Error page, and you can add logos easily. There are a number of drop-down menus to choose from, and you may use their selection of six hundred Google web fonts. There are lots of icons you can play with, and you can add things such as a layer sliders and weather forecasts.

2 – Tour Operator Travel WordPress Theme

The link leads to one with its own reservation system, which means people may book and reserve things directly via the website. It also comes with a rating system so that you and your customers may enter reviews. There are availability and pricing tools that you may install, and you may install your own special offers and packages functions too. It also comes with Google maps and Google street maps, a no-image option, a static image option and a revolution slider.

3 – Travelo – Travel WordPress Theme

This has an advanced tour search system and you can easily create customized posts so that they do not all look the same as each other. There are five varieties of sliders and you can add a sidebar. They have a booking form builder and you can install short codes. There is a translation ready booking system that you may be able to make some money from. You can create very dynamic posts that do not look like repetitive book pages.

4 – Lost World Unique Design Travel the WordPress Theme

This is a theme that is responsive, so you can start out with a website that will convert into a mobile website right from the start. This is handy if you are building from the ground up for the first time. There are eCommerce shop functions enabled, and they have fancy tools such as an appearance builder and a custom photo gallery. They have contact forms and the website theme is quite SEO friendly too.

5 – Lamoon – Travel WordPress Theme

It comes with five color schemes that you can try straight away, which is going to save you some customization. You can add sleek design elements that compliment the current design, and you can create as many custom sidebars as you like. It supports Google fonts, you can customize your blog posts and you may use their short code generator too. You can create nice full screen pages and add your own custom widgets too. The good thing about WordPress themes is the fact that they already have the SEO stuff done for you. It is good to see that themes such as this will also take care of the responsive/mobile website stuff too.

6 – Voyage Travel WordPress Theme

It has Jquery Image Lightbox and you can add Feedburner right away. It will automatically resize your images, which can be very handy depending upon your design style. You can add custom widgets and there are a few administrative options that you may like. It works for IE9 and IE10, as well as Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It is easy to customize and makes uploading your blog posts very easy and quick.

7 – Travel Full screen – Travel and Tourism WordPress Theme

It has four different types of format that you can add, and it has some very good looking transitions. It has addable functions such as Google maps, and sixty customizable options. You can dynamically adjust and resize your images, and there is a visualization short code generator you can play with.

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