Top 10 Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 10

The iOS has come with tons of useful features and offers an excellent functionality, but there are certain things that are not supported or we must say allowed to the users. Those who want to customise their device as per their needs and seeking alternate of any particular app do jailbreak to enable additional customisation.

Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 10

Many enthusiastic developers have launched hundreds of Cydia tweaks till now, but some of them have gained success and some of them not. Here in this article we have listed some of the best Cydia tweaks available for iOS 10 which can help you make your device more attractive and useful.

  1. CleanLock


It is one of the best Cydia tweak available for iOS 10 and allows users to keep their lock screen clean. We all know that in new iPhone 7 we can see all the notifications on our lock screen which seems to be useful but some users don’t like it and for them Clean Lock is a must install app. The tweak is priced at $0.99 and works with all iOS 10 devices.

  1. AnyDrop


It is one of the best alternative available for the popular AirDrop app that allows users to upload files and access them from anywhere. However, the AirDrop app doesn’t allow users to upload all kinds of files in iOS devices and that’s why Cydia tweak Any Drop is required for jailbreak users of iOS because it has no restriction on uploading files after installing it.

  1. AdBlocker


Whenever we play any game or use any app, many unwanted advertisements come around. These annoying apps not just spoil our mood, but also slow down the performance. In order to get rid of such ads you can install Ad Blocker Cydia steak which work like the Adblock extensions on computers and restrict ads in Safari as well as other browsers. This Cydia tweak is available for $2.19 to iOS users.

  1. BioProtect


This has been a popular tweak for iOS 8 or iOS 9 devices such as iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and now available for iOS 10 users as well. The Tweak helps you to avoid unauthorised access to your phone’s data and provides you bio metric protection. The app requires users to unlock the app using their fingerprint and this way only the authenticated user can launch them. The app is available at a decent price of $2.99.

  1. iCleaner


It is another useful tweak available for iOS 10 users that removes unwanted files from your device and free up storage. This Cydia app is free to download and  works fine with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app also improves the speed of your iPhone by removing cache.

  1. BytaFont 2


If you want to customise the look of your iPhone and require more options for that than this Cydia app is recommended for you. The app is free to download and works fine with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It allows users to download additional custom fonts from Cydia and use them using the tweak without paying any extra charge.

  1. AirBlue Sharing 7


This tweak stands along the best Cydia tweaks for iOS devices and is priced at $4.99 only. The tweak enables easy sharing of any kind of data, such as files, images, music etc. to Android phones and other devices. This app uses the in-built Bluetooth feature of your iPhone to send files to other devices.

  1. ByPass


If you want to set distinctive protection to lock your iOS 10 device, then this tweak is suitable for you. ByPass is one of the best Cydia tweak available that allows users to remove or bypass the passcode protection and use a secret gesture that works through the ByPass passcode and keeps your device secure. The tweak is available for free.

  1. CerCube


If you love to download videos from YouTube and want to use your iOS 10 device to do so without any hassle then this Cydia tweak is recommended for you. It makes downloading of videos from YouTube so simple and offers better functionality than other apps for this purpose. The tweak is hosted on the BigBoss repo source.

  1. Moove


It is a unique Cydia tweak that allows users to kill any active app with a specific movement of the body. The tweak comes with gestures based on movement to perform multiple tasks. This tweak is also hosted on BigBoss repo source.

The above mentioned Cydia tweaks bring new ways to use the iOS 10 OS and allow users to make the most of their devices. If you know about some more worthy tweaks that have worked for you then do not forget to mention them in the comment section. We appreciate the feedback’s of our users as well.

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