Top Mobile-Friendly Affordable Construction Management Apps For Your Jobsite

Organizing construction plans and professionals to boost efficiency takes more than purchasing software—you’re redefining how bottom lines get achieved.

At any point in time, a slew of decisions are being made on a jobsite. They range from averaging labour pay rates to marking change orders—depending on the circumstances and needs of clients and contractors. Amid planning construction activities to meet these dynamic situations, project managers are stumped by productivity challenges. While jobsites may not report missed deadlines every day, they don’t always have isolated cases of inefficiencies. 

Here’s where construction management software enters the scene. They’re designed after productivity parameters widely practised in the industry, and have in-built provisions patching everyone together, alongside the work they do throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Picking apps such that you buy them for the right reasons took us through multiple user reviews and years of hard-won construction management expertise.

Lined up here are ten affordable and mobile-accessible construction management apps to add to your project arsenal.

1. Procore

Procore’s drawing-centric functionality keeps everyone on task and up to date with on-hand information sharing and dispute resolution. Procore’s take on how RFIs facilitate information exchange provides a strong sense of their use and value in the project hierarchy.

Aside from having a distinct tool for critical documents such as submittals, daily logs, change orders, RFIs among others, it enables a project manager to make notes and deep dive into the specifics of each task—giving an all-round view of worker activity while communicating in real time to quickly work around issues and address task requirements as they emerge.

Top user-approved features:

  • An open API system that allows multi-platform integration
  • Access to unlimited users without extra charges
  • Company-level reporting from concept to completion that standardizes documentation

Following a subscription model, plans range from $10 to $200 a month based on services availed.

2. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a mobile-optimized app that connects the entire chain of your field team. Since the time a task is logged, team members are synced right on schedule with as-built project information making real-time quality control easier and effective. Having a visual interface ensures users update tasks by uploading photos, writing annotations, and putting in comments for higher task-resource alignment. For many contractors, it has increased the speed of delivery and precision in comparing project histories for better result orientation.

Top user-approved features:

  • Easy installation and file access
  • Seamless functionality 
  • Great training resource for junior

Fieldwire has a subscription model as well; it has annual and monthly custom-built plans for enterprise-level and big-size businesses. While a basic package comes at no cost, the premium plans start from $29 to $89 monthly.

3. CoConstruct

CoConstruct optimizes the changing order of business on construction sites, by helping stakeholders readjust to a revised schedule, budget, and even a new construction plan. Simple to install, this app blends with every project environment regardless of the complexity and scale. A stand-out feature is the single-entry estimations allowing users to build project specs with cost items editable so that errors can be pruned in time without increasing lead time between activities.

Top user-approved features:

  • Easy modifications to pre-existing files
  • Budgeting and forecasting project costs
  • Customer service 

CoConstruct’s recommends a $249/month plan for unlimited usage and services; however, it avails a tailored package based on projects needing to be managed.

4. Buildertrend

Creating synergies among project teams, Buildertrend offers a suite of services that include project planning, scheduling, financial management, and customer service management. It primarily caters to specialty contractors, customer builders and remodelers. Enabling a pre-sales software, it helps project managers arrive at more accurate project estimates by managing multiple bids effectively. Besides, it services clients with an account manager who guides them with customized solutions and trains on specific platform-oriented software hiccups.

Top user-approved features:

    • Wide choice of integrations to optimize business handling
    • Record keeping
  • Multiple templates from pre-project to post-project management

Without hidden fees, it charges $299 monthly to small and medium businesses with a $39 charge per month for each additional user. It builds custom plans for companies with over 20 users.

5. e-SUB

A mobile- and cloud-based construction management app, e-SUB provides a consistent user experience from document management to stakeholder co-ordination. The system’s intuitive software enables workers to access and share project files, and track approved, outstanding, and upcoming activities—a cost-efficient feature for companies across the construction spectrum. 

Top user-approved features:

  • Well-supported user interface
  • Stronger documentation control 
  • Ease of access

It bills clients on a monthly subscription model starting from $100. However, they offer custom pricing depending on your project needs and services required.

6. Esticom

Helping contractors with real-time construction project management, Esticom has nifty tools primarily designed for the trades—electrical work, plumbing, fire safety, HVAC, security and more—with purpose-built estimates, sales pipeline tracking, deadline tracker, proposals, material lists that maintain professionalism and are accessible from a single database.

Top user-approved features:

  • Alignment of entries pertaining to installations and fixtures 
  • Hands-on customer service
  • Flexible packages

Esticom’s plans run on a monthly subscription basis with a single monthly plan at $99 per use and yearly plan at $999 per user.

7. STACK Takeoff and Estimating

Revered for its estimating capabilities, STACK aids users in getting fair estimates of materials while making pricing flexible for various trades including exterior designers, interior designers, masons, landscapers, roofers, plumbers, HVAC mechanics, and builders. By reducing time spent on estimating projects, it simplifies collaboration among stakeholders through easily customizable project proposals.

Top user-approved features:

  • Easy monitoring
  • Automated processing
  • Resourceful construction library

Pricing is subscription based with a 7-day free basic plan to a pro package charged at $1799 per user annually.

8. Autodesk BIM 360

Making standardization the gold standard in construction management, BIM 360 is a comprehensive project management tool that eases everything from conceptualization to commissioning, helping teams peak their performance levels.
Having a suite of features for users, it assists with quality inspections, reporting and analytics, issue management, visualizing change orders, and design coordination. It’s built to enable construction companies speed up project delivery while maintaining budgetary and schedule commitments, complying with industry standards, safety protocols, and project specifications.

Top user-approved features:

  • Ease in reporting and scheduling
  • Responsive tech support
  • Workflow integration

Autodesk BIM 360 allows a 30-day trial period to test its features with the option to continue on a free plan or upgrade to single-user subscription to multi-user collaboration starting from $29/month to $599/month. They provide custom quotes with as-needed features curated for clients.

9. RedTeam

A cloud construction software designed for mid-size commercial general contractors, the app has been built around the idea of contract management which includes in-built services like business development, performance tracking, bid management, time capture and expense management—a foolproof suite to record project information. It offers ongoing upgrades, support and training through webinars available free of charge addressing a wide range of user issues. 

Top user-approved features:

  • Seamless cross-functional usage of tools
  • Resourceful webinars
  • Effective reporting and activity tracking

Pricing is based on specific features and number of users required to access the platform.

 10. PlanGrid

Designed for general contractors, specialty contractors, design teams, and owners, PlanGrid gives global information access to project teams emphasizing issue management from logging punch lists to assessing field reports. Data updated automatically reaches all team members with relevant documents and photos reporting on different aspects of a project. Having an automatic document version control feature helps teams be updated on project developments where users can create notes and renders on blueprints created. 

Top user-approved features:

  • Overlay capabilities enabling effective documentation
  • Operable at scale
  • Upgraded functionality 

Pricing is divided into three plans:

  1. The Nailgun plan is the base plan that allows working with 550 sheets at $49/month annually. 
  2. The Dozer plan comes at $69 per month covering 5000 sheets.
  3. The Crane plan comes at $139 per month allowing unlimited sheets.

Choosing a construction management app will be influenced by your project size and specifications—many of the features that govern the primary use of these apps may not be what you need. However, each of these platforms are mobile-friendly and accessible for core construction documents referred on a daily basis by owners and contractors.

Which construction management app do you find most effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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