10 Top PUBG Players In the World 2019

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game was made by the famous South Korean company named ‘Bluehole.’ This game came in December 2017. Since then it is loved by many people.  It is an action based game which can be played in solo or squad. This can be played in a lot of platforms like- PC, Android, play station 4, Xbox One, iOS, etc. In recent days, this game has taken the entire spotlight in the world of gaming. Over millions of people are playing this game. Some people play it professionally. Below, there is a list of descriptions of such pro players of PUBG in different platforms.

Top Players of PUBG PC:

  1. Shroud:

This man is also known as the God OF PUBG. His actual name is Michael Grzeisk. His skills in PUBG are insane!  This Polish Canadian boy is a Twitch streamer and professional CS: GO, player. Recently he has won PUBG’s Twitch Rivals tournament. Shroud racked up 15 kills in a just one match.

  1. Dr. Disrespect:

Dr. is one of the best PUBG players in the world. His characters and skills are amazing. He is one of the very rare players who play and entertain people equally good. He manages to play the game very professionally. Dr. Disrespect has a huge fan following for his fantastic game strategy and his look also.

  1. Grimmmz:

All the gamers, who know about PUBG or play this game, know about Grimmmz. He is known as one of the best PUBG players all over the world. Grimmmz is generally a solo player, and he is famous for that and he loves to play the game like a hero. He does not hide behind anything as he just comes out and fights openly. When he plays, he always tries to manage to set his skills high, so that he can get another fast. At the end of a round, he usually gets 10-15 kills.

  1. Ninja:

If you’re a game, then you might have heard about Ninja. Well, most of people know him for playing fortnite. But I have to tell you that he is one of the best PUBG players. He has various records in PUBG till date. Although he does not plays PUBG professionally now. But when it is a question of showing skill, he plays like a pro. He is unique in giving his weird touch to squad games.

  1. Summit1G:

Summit1G is a professional level PUBG player who is quite dominant in his play. He has managed to gather huge fans and is undoubtedly one of the players who has secured the highest rank in the leaderboard. Summit1G is equally useful in solo and squad games. He brings him in the spotlight even in a squad game by his magic.

  1. ChocoTaco:

This is a professional name which he uses for video games. His real name is Jake Throop. He has managed to gather over 550,000 Twitch followers. His game strategy is very balanced. He even plays with some top-ranked PUBG players like Shroud.

  1. SuperNayr:

His real-life name is Ryan Prakashsa and he belongs to Indonesia. He plays PUBG very professionally for ‘Aeroteamwolf one’ team. His team had secured 5th rank in Hongkong PUBG team world tournament. He plays this game very aggressively. In his game, he often pushes to kill other gamers instead of waiting for the perfect time.

  1. Jeemz:

His real name is Eliassen. Jeemz is a Norwegian player, and he plays for the legendary ‘Team Liquid.’ He is a professional level player. Jeemz has also won some an international tournament. He plays a very aggressive game, but it is balanced anyhow.

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5 Top Pubg players Android:

  1. RRQ D2E:

His real name is Bawonchai Han aka and he belongs to Bangkok. Popularly known as D2E he is one of the highest ranked players in PUBG mobile. He plays for the team RRQ. D2E generally uses a 4 finger claws technique and he is also famous for his close-range combat skills. His skills and reflexes are insane which makes him the gem player of RRQ.

  1. Athena Gaming:

His real name is Serioton Aka, and he is from South Korea. He plays PUBG live in his own YouTube channel and is a pro in snipping skills and close range battle. Serioton is very famous among the young generation for his deadly skills in PUBG. He plays in solo and squad teams both.

  1. Coffin:

Coffin plays PUBG Mobile professionally. He is from Turkey. Like Shroud is known as ‘The God of PUBG PC,’ he is called ‘The God of PUBG mobile.’ Coffin plays like a pro in terms of showing skills and is the best in showing skills. None can match him up in PUBG mobile. He generally plays solo and squad matches with high intensity and uses aggressive strategy in the game. His fast reflexes, pro-level skills, and ruthless gameplay have made him famous worldwide.

  1. Soul Mortal:

Mortal is from India, and his real name is Naman Mathur. He is one of the best players in PUBG Mobile. This players partly owns a team called ‘SOUL’ which was the finalist of PUBG Mobile India series 2019. His great reflex, 1000 level IQ and great skills have set the bar of the game very high.

  1. Rollexxx:

Rollexxx is also a pro player of PUBG and belongs from United States. He is very famous globally for his great run, reflex and well-strategized gameplay. He now plays for the team ‘Lights Out’.


So, these were some of the best PUBG players in both PC and Mobile versions. These are some of the most legendary PUBG players and have a massive amount of fan following. And all of these players have helped the game to be at the kind of heights it has reached today. So, that was all about the best PUBG players currently, and if you think anyone else should be on this list, you can comment their name below.


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