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30+ NEW Torrentz Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites (Working List)

30+ NEW Torrentz Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites (Working List)

Torrent has always been the most popular and convenient way to download online media, or any file. It works on P2P file sharing technology, that allows the users connected to the internet to download any file and share it with other users at the same time. Torrent was originally invented to let anyone share their file over internet to any number of users. It download the file by dividing it in a number of smaller fragments.

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List of Torrentz Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites-Latest Addition and Updates 2018

But from the time of its invention, it has become the biggest place for internet piracy. All movies and other copyright content are available to be downloaded on torrent. The copyright content has become the prime reason for controversy attached with the torrent service. Government and media groups are constantly engaged in efforts to scrap the movies and other media present on torrent. But it is not an easy job to track the torrents being surfaced online, the task of eliminating the illegal files from scratch remains almost impossible.

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Torrentz is a website that let the user download the torrent files of latest movies, songs, ebooks, softwares, and other stuff effortlessly. Once the user download the torrent file, he or she can get the movie directly. For that purpose, the user needs a client software that will search and connect to the peers of that are sharing the same as being downloaded. BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitCommet, Vuze are some of the software’s that can be used to access torrent.

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The website Torrentz eu has always been a centre of controversy when it comes to sharing pirated media over internet. The site search all the major torrent sites and lists the torrents available. As it is the most reliable and comprehensive source for downloading movies, software’s and other files, the site has gone offline twice in 2014 and in 2016. The official torentz domain was down for a long time since August 2016. But many clones of the website have surfaced on the internet. Currently it is up and running but is blocked by the governments of many countries including UK and India.

One way to still access the site is by using the proxy sites or mirror site. A proxy hides the original IP address of the target site by routing the traffic. This enables the user to access the blocked websites. It also offers a alternative for the original domain in case it is down.

Here is the list of Torrentz proxy 2018 that are up and running currently. The links here will let you access Torrentzeu without any hassle. It is advised that you use a VPN service to prevent yourself from getting monitored. Using torrent has been blocked by many countries so using virtual private network will ensure that you remain anonymous while downloading any file.

Torrentz Proxy Sites Live Now

No. Proxy/ Mirror Status
1 https://torrentz2.eu Live
2 https://torrentz.bypassed.st/ Live
3 https://torrentz2.cc/ Live
4 https://torrentz.unblocked.vc/ Live
5 https://torrentz.unblocked.st/ Live
6 https://torrentz2.me/ Live
7 https://torrentz.immunicity.st/ Live
8 https://torrentz1.unblocked.lol/ Live
9 http://torrentz.ukunblock.men/ Down
10 http://torrentzeu.to.prx2.unblocksites.co/ Down
11 https://torrentz.proxybit.loan/ Down
12 http://etorrent.top/ Down
13 https://torrentz-proxy.com/ Live
14 http://torrentz.unlockproj.party/ Down
15 https://torrentz.unblocked.cool Live
16 https://torrentz.unblocked.pub/ Live
17 https://torrentz.bypassed.cab/ Live
18 http://torrentz.usunblock.pro/ Down


How to Access Torrentz – Alternative Methods

Proxy sites provides a simple method to access blocked webistes. But the problem with it is that they do not seem to provide a long term and comprehensive solution. These alternate links often goes down and change the domain. Searching for other methods leaves us with many other options, the most efficient one is using a vritual private network.

A VPN is an online service that hinders the internet service provider from servaialing over your internet activity. It bypass the traffic through their own servers making it impossible for ISPs to see what the user is doing on the internet. Even if you are not downloading Torrents or trying to access a blocked website, using VPN service increases the online security as the connection you are using is encrypted hence more secure.

Using A VPN Service available Online

TunnelBear VPN

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It is one of the most used VPN service online that can be accessed for free. It make your online activity completely anonymous. User need not to perform complex tasks to connect it. To access Torrentz with the help of Tunnel Bear VPN, follow the steps below

  • Open the official website of TunnelBear from HERE
  • Hit the download button present on the top right corner
  • Sign-Up by entering your email ID and password
  • Download and install it on your device
  • Start TunnelBear
  • Click on Connect and it will automatically connect to the fastest VPN server available
  • Open your browser
  • type the Torrentz address in the address bas
  • hit enter
  • now you are good to go

Make sure you keep the VPN connection active till the time your file has been downloaded completely. There are other softwares available on the internet which will let you access blocked websites anonymously.

Some of the best VPN service which are available for free are HideMe, BetterNet, GooseVPN. If you need to download online content frequently and a better bandwidth, you may opt for a premium version of these software’s.


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