How to Track or Spy on Android/iPhone Phones Easily With Spyzie

If you are a parent and worry about your child activities that they do with their smartphones. Like what they browse over the internet, their messages, contacts, and location. In this world, when there are so many parental control apps are available, you can easily monitor all your child activities without letting them know. Even if you want to spy on your spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend or your employees, then also you can use such apps. So, today we are here to review Spyzie one of the best spy apps for Android and iPhone users.

Being a business owner, the most difficult task for me to monitor my employees, what they do during work time. Its really important for me to check that they are not wasting their time on social media or any personal work. After researching over the internet, I found this service Spyzie, so I thought of trying and writing a review about it.

Spyzie, one of the most trustworthy mobile monitoring solution and its available for both Android and iOS users. And the best part of the Spyzie is it is available for free trial. Though there are some limitations you can try their services before buying the premium plans.

How to Track or Spy on Android/iPhone Phones

To start with first create a Free Trial account on Spyzie. Now fill the details about the targeted device. Like owner nickname, Age and Phone OS. Currently, it is available for Android only, but soon it will be available for iOS also.

Now you need to have one-time physical access to the targeted device that you want to monitor. Simply open any web browser on the targeted phone, enter this URL: to download Spyzie app into the phone and then install the app, you need to turn on Unknown Source from the Settings>>Security>> Unknown Source.

Now open the app and enter your register login id and password. And then you need to grant some permissions, simply tap on Grant and Allow buttons.

And at the last, tap on the Start Monitoring button to start tracking. The app icon will be automatically deleted from the app drawer and user will not be able to find it even in the installled apps list.

Now you can monitor the device from your PC, Tab or Phone. You can download Spyzie Android app or open this url on your web browser: Enter your login details and start monitoring.

Developer: Spyzie
Price: Free

A Spyzie dashboard will open, where you can monitor all the activities of your targeted phone.

What You can Monitor with Spyzie

There are lots of things that you can monitor or track with Spyzie. Like, call logs, messages, location, photos, browser history etc.

Call Logs Monitor

This feature can help you in many ways, like if you want to monitor whether your boyfriend/girlfriend is not cheating on you or your child is not in contact with any strange person. Simply click on Calls on your Spyzie Dashboard to see all the call logs with Name, Phone number, Duration, Date, and Call type.

You can sort the list or search for individual number or name. It will also display the top 5 most calling contacts and messages on the dashboard.


It is really important to know the current location of your child or any other person you are concern about. By this you ensure that the person is at safe location or if you find any suspicious location, you can call them and if they lie, you can easily catch their lies with this.

You have their real-time location, so if the person is in trouble, it can help you reach them directly.

Application Installed

Well you can’t control what app your child or employee is using. But you can at least look and analyze their activity, like what kind of apps they have in their phone. Whether your child is involved in pornography or some poker or any other bad activity. You can even track their browser history.


You can even check all the photos of the phones, well it’s very personal thing. But for a parent, who is concern about child security. It’s necessary. What kind of images your child share like he/she is not involved in any nude activities.

Besides these, you can check all contacts of the phone, browser history, Messages, calendar, Whatsapp Messages and many more. In a free trial account, you can only monitor Call logs, Contacts, Calendar, and Apps.

For other features, you need to buy Spyzie premium account, and its very cheap just $9.99/month. And its really worth it, you can now monitor all your child activity without letting them know. But there is one drawback, it can only fetch data when the device is connected to the internet.


Spyzie is very helpful, it ensures you that your child is safe and your employees are working. The best part about this service is targeted user would not bale to know that someone is tracking their phone. You must give it a try.

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