How To Transfer Your Contacts, Message, Photos, Videos from PC/MAC to iPhone?

Being an iPhone user, I know how irritating the task of moving files from your computer to iPhone. You need to have iTunes, which has lots of limitations and it is not easy to transfer files through iTunes. It needs lots of authentications and also does not allow different files formats. Now we need some easy solution for this. So here I will tell you How you can easily transfer data between iOS and computer.

Transfer functions help us in many ways. Like if you are an Android user and wish to switch from Android to iPhone. Then you need to move your data from Android to iPhone. Or you upgrade your phone as every year some new version of iPhones comes into the market and to switch to new one, we need our data transfer to iPhone updated version.

And one more important aspect of the transfer function is data safety. We have our valuable data like contacts, photos, and other stuff in our phone and to prevent any data loss, the best option is the backup. And with the transfer function, one can easily take backup of their phone data on their computer.

How to transfer Media, Contacts, Files from PC to iPhone without iTunes?

Now we need some tool that can easily get connected with our device and allow us to move data between our devices. It should also have a good user interface that anyone can understand quickly and it should be fast. So we need all in one tool that can manage our mobile devices.

I tried many iTunes alternatives tool, and after researching, I found that Wondershare TunesGo is the best alternative to iTunes that has all the features that an ideal mobile management should have. So let’s discuss more about it’s functioning.

Transfer Files From iPhone to PC

  • First Download and install the TunesGo software from here.

MAC || Windows 

  • Once you complete the installation process, you need to connect your iOS device to a computer via USB.

Now when you connect, it will start installing supported drivers, and you need to provide a Trust access to a device.

See How easy was it to connect with TunesGo, now you can easily transfer files between your devices.

  • There are different options for all files types Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, Information or Contacts on the top column of TunesGo. You can select your desired file type that you wish to transfer.
  • Suppose I need to transfer some Videos from my computer, So I chose the Video Menu. To select the video, click on the Add button>> Add files. Now select the videos you want to add. You can also just drag and drop from your computer to TunesGo. If the file is not supported by your device, then it will also give you the option to convert the file while uploading. Like my file type was .avi, so it converted it into .mp4.

Beside that there are lots of other options like you can export files to PC, iTunes and convert to GIF.

  • Similarly, you can transfer other files Music, Photos, Contacts from your Computer to iPhone or vice Versa.
  • It’s very easy to transfer any file type from computer to iPhone with this tool.

Other Features of TunesGo

  • Supports All Devices: With TunesGo you can transfer the file from any iOS/ Android device to any computer MAC/ Windows. It supports all iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablet, and mobiles.
  • Supports 30+ Formats of Audio/Video: You might have the issue with iTunes that it does not supports many files type and so it won’t allow you to transfer. But it is not the case with TunesGo; it supports all major Audio/Video formats. And if not, it usually asks you to convert, so you can easily play on your device.
  • Two-Way Synchronization: With tools like iTunes you can transfer files from computer to iPhone with converting existing files, but with TunesGo you can do both Computers to iOS device or iOS to Computer without converting existing files.
  • Fix ID3 Tags: Many times iTunes won’t allow you to upload files due to some issue in ID3 tags. ID3 tag contains the Mp3 file details like Artist Name, Song Title, Date, etc. But it is not the case with TunesGo, it fixes all the ID3 tags issue and then uploads the files.
  • Duplicate Remover: There are lots of duplicate contacts and files get created in our phones that waste our precious space. In TunesGo there is a DeDuplicate option, which allows you to search all the duplicate files and delete them.

There are lots more features in the TunesGo that is beyond this article like Backup, Phone to Phone Transfer, etc. You must also try them.

So now with TunesGo, you can easily transfer your contacts, messages, photos, videos, music between your computer and mobile devices. It is very fast and connects very quickly. You can download the trial version of TunesGo which have some limitations; you can have full version at just $49.95 for iOS devices.

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