Tuneskit Video Cutter for Mac Review | Best Features

For people who do a lot of videos editing work, Mac is the most preferred Operating system. It offers a lot of features that makes it really easy to work on multimedia. While working on multimedia, video cutter is one of the most basic things needed in editing.

In today’s time computers have become much more powerful. The increased processing power has made it really easy to create amazing videos and graphics. iMovie is a default app in MacOS that is used by many people. It has many built-in functions but it fails in some fields so there is a need for better media cutter for mac. Tuneskit video cutter for Mac is an easy to use and efficient tool that you can use for free.

Tuneskit Video Cutter Mac – Review | Fast and Efficient

When it comes to video editing, there are many premium softwares available online. But for video cutting, there is no need to go for a premium software when you have Tuneskit. You can use its trial version for MacOS for free.

Tuneskit Video Cutter for Mac

Other video cutters are slow and not user-friendly. Tuneskit video cutter is a smart tool that can be used to cut and join any type of video file. After video trim and merge you can also convert it to the desired format.

tuneskit video cutter mac

It has a neat interface making it the perfect choice for new users. Also, it does not alter the video quality. So if you are dealing with high-quality video files you get lossless video cutter. Let’s look at the best features of this tool.

Simple UI

tuneskit video cutter mac

This is the most basic feature of this software which we have already talked about. Tuneskit covers all the essential features of a video cutter. You can cut a single video file into multiple pieces. Also, you have the ability to merge several different video files to create a single video. Not only video, but this tool also lets you work with the audio files.

Talking about audio files, media that we download from the internet have DRM. It prevents files from being accessed from any other device. Tuneskit also provides a tool to remove DRM from iTunes. There are many DRM removal software available online, but this is easy to use and reliable.

Faster Processing

Tuneskit video cutter for mac is a lightweight software that means it takes very less time. With this, you can cut and merge the videos up to 60x faster without loss in quality. With its built-in media player, you will be able to see the quality while you are working on a video.

Accurate video/ audio cutting

tuneskit video cutter mac

This software allows you to trim or cut the video fragments with accuracy down to milliseconds. Use the playback bar slide to choose the frame where you want to cut to manually enter the time.

Final Verdict

Overall Tuneskit is a great software for people who have regular work on video editing. As it makes it really easy to cut and merge various files, you will not need any other tool for this work. It supports multiple different formats. Also, it lets the user save the file in any desired format. You must try it at least once.

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