How to turn off candy crush saga requests in Facebook

Facebook the “social media king “, almost every person who is over 12 years of age have an account on Facebook. We use Facebook to share or thoughts our images, our personal experiences and to play games on Facebook. There are many games on Facebook. You can choose game of your choice and enjoy it. The graphics of all the games or apps present on Facebook are very good. Almost every member of Facebook who has an account on Facebook plays at least one game on Facebook. These apps or games present on Facebook are developed by Facebook and others outside developers. If a game or app developed by you is present on Facebook then you will try to make it viral or popular and you will love to increase your app/game players on Facebook.

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The most viral game on Facebook is Candy rush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game developed by and it was released in year 2012 on Facebook. Now this game has made its place among the most played game on Facebook. This game is creating trouble for all Facebook users. Now and then whenever you open Facebook and login through your id and password you get notifications about this game your friends invite you to play Candy Rush Saga or to they share their achievements in Candy Rush Saga. It gets very annoying when every second notification on Facebook is about Candy Rush Saga.

Don’t worry!! At TechnoFiZi we have a solution. In this post we will tell you how you can get rid of these annoying notifications. We will providing you a solution that will change your Facebook Experience. Candy rush saga notification problem can be solved very easily. Just follow the simple steps and enjoy


First of all open Facebook and login using your ID and Password. Now if you see Candy Rush saga Notification then don’t worry. These notification will not bother you after you will follow all the following steps.


Click on the notification button present on the topmost horizontal menu of Facebook. There you will find the Candy Rush Saga notification. Hover over to the X next to one of your Candy Crush notifications


When you hover over the X button you will be prompt you to “turn off.” Button. Press the turn off button in order to stop the annoying notifications of Candy Rush Saga


Now Candy Crush Saga is banned from sending you alerts. You can also alert Facebook if you feel it or another app is spamming you.


You can check whether the candy rush alerts are disabled or not. For that go into your notifications settings and make sure the Candy Crush Saga app box is unchecked and enjoy a quieter Facebook.

So now you can enjoy Facebook without annoying alerts or notifications from Candy Rush Saga.

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