How to Uninstall Google Chrome on MAC OS

Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser which is free to download and used globally by millions of users. Though, it usually an be found on Windows computers, but Mac users can also download and use it. Many Mac users appreciate the advanced functionality of it and prefer to use it more than the inbuilt Safari, but the situation totally gets changed and can cause multiple issues if it gets crashes all the time or gives slow performance. If you downloaded the earlier just because others were doing so and now find yourself in a trouble because of its malfunctioning than removing it completely would be a nice solution.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome on MAC OS

In order to delete the Google Chrome web browser from the system you need admin rights so first of all you need to,

  • Login as an administrator
  • Navigate to Application folder from the dock where all applications are kept
  • Here you will find Google Chrome, drag and drop it to the Trash folder
  • Right click on Trash folder and select Empty Trash to permanently delete this application.

Even if you delete the Google Chrome application from your Mac OS, all saved passwords, bookmarks and browsing history remains on your device so it is advisable to delete such data so that it doesn’t bother you later.

In order to delete Chrome preferences, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Click on your desktop screen and menu bar will appear at the top


  • One of the options available on menu bar is Go, click on it
  • Now click on Go to Folder entry which is located almost at the bottom of the list


  • A small windows will pop up, type ~/Library/Google into it and click on Go


  • Another page will open up and you will see GoogleSoftwareUpdate folder over there, drag it to the trash


  • Empty the Trash and all files related to Google Chrome will be deleted.

If you don’t want to loose important settings and data such as password but want to get rid of Google Chrome then we advise you to create a backup of such details before following the above mentioned steps. You can do that by login into your Chrome with your Google account credentials.

Removing Google Chrome from Mac OS is comparatively easier than Windows device and doesn’t take much time or efforts. However, following the complete process is required to take it off permanently and avoid any further issue.

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