Ways to Skip Internet Censorship

Over the years, the number of individuals using the internet has increased due to the availability of large information that can easily be accessed. However, some people and other organisations have restricted and censored some of the information through the use of certain software, locking out certain critical information to internet users. However, there are ways in which you can access these restricted sites, one being by means of proxies or mirror sites. Herein are some techniques on how proxies skip censorship. 

Ways to Skip Censorship

Blocking IP

This is among the standard methods used to skip censorship. A given targeted website IP address gets limited. In case several sites share the same address, all connected sites will be restricted.

With a proxy, you would avoid online access and censorship. There exist many proxies online, they normally pick up the user’s location and displays all these on their wall. The ISP will only see the IP address of the proxy. Censorship can also be skipped blocked websites simply by a new IPs in the system. For those who may wish to have quick access to sites, they will need o try using hide.me proxy.

 DNS Redirection and Filtering

This is another up to the minute means employed in censorship. The technique functions when the DNS seems to fail to resolve the domain. This brings back an incorrect address in return. Normally, companies use this technique to block illegal sites like for instance porn while others block legitimate ones through DNS filtering. In skipping censorship, users can avoid this by simply typing the original URL bar domain name instead of considering to type numeric addresses. However, this is a less efficient method when the address is shared among multiple users.

 URL Filtering

This is a technique that is employed more often by much popular control and content software. Any URL that would have been requested immediately gets scanned for keywords that are singled out even if the domain has been crafted in the URL. This technique is normally used by private companies, government offices and also educational institutions at large. To skip censorship, you can explore the internet in full by applying the use of escape characters in the URL.

TCP Connection Resets

This is a technique that was mainly used by hackers. This method has since then been found being important by many countries. They are now employing it to block some particular sites. The method works best where a subsist gauze blocks a TCP connection. The unfortunate part of this method is that all succeeding connections will be blocked. To make it more serious, other users and websites can also get blocked in case there chances that the network they are using is routed through the block location.

To skip censorship, internet users should pay attention to firewall transmitted reset packet. The task will be successfully be completed by simply applying simple firewall rules to their functioning routers. These rules can as well apply to antivirus firewall not leaving behind also the operating system. The configuration of the firewall is important to internet users to prevent further actions that might take place. In case you are from a censorship device, you can move an extra mile to establish the reset packets. 

Packet Filtering

This technique is also referred to as static packet filtering. This censorship skipping method will either block or allow outgoing and incoming data packets. These packets will, in turn, be regulated depending greatly on ports, the location of the IP address and the keywords. The TCP packet transmissions will be discontinued if this technique is used to carry out internet censorship.

Tor to skip Censorship

You can manage to do this just the same way when using VPNs. The web browser of the users of the internet will be routed by Tor over an encrypted network. This will at the later times be seen at the other end and in most cases, it likely gets uncensored. This is actually what VPN does and it acts even faster than Tor. This technique should however not be used to access both encrypted and sensitive data as it will allow users to gain access to the blocked sites during any connection.

These are some of some of the ways proxies skip censorship you need to know.

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