Weejoy Smart Mini Projector – Theater Like Experience Anywhere

Projectors that used to be clunky and large box-like device have become more compact. The gadget now offers more functionality in a compact built. Earlier projectors were the heavy box like which needed to be connected to a fixed place to work them properly. Now as the technology has made everything smaller, the projectors are no exception. The Weejoy Smart Mini Projector allows you to watch videos with great quality anytime, anywhere.

Weejoy Mini Projector – A Pocket Theater Experience with Fabulous Features

There are many types of projectors available on the market. For business presentation, home theatre or the mini projectors which are light. Mini projectors don’t offer the quality that is available on a large projector but it works great under dark conditions. It is sufficient for watching movies and videos.

The Weejoy Smartmini Projector contains many features that make it unique. It is an elegantly crafted device with a sturdy build. This gadget offers all major type of connectivity options. It can be connected via WiFi, USB, and it also supports Bluetooth 4.1. Coming to the projection quality, the pictures and videos look sharp with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The mini projector runs on Android 5.1 so making it user-friendly too. It has a 3.5mm audio jack which could be used to connect an external speaker. If you use an iPhone or Android device it can be used for screen mirroring. Once connected it offers a great experience of playing videos and games directly from your phone.

The new Weejoy Smart Mini Projector is lightweight and portable making it convenient to carry around.  It can be a good choice as a home theatre. Also, as the device is compact and runs on battery it can be used outside too. With the features specified here, it can be your traveling companion which keeps you entertained. Enjoy movies, videos, and other media with this mini projector.

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