What is Alexa Rank and its Optimization Technique

If you are a webmaster, blogger, SEO expert or internet marketer. You must heard about the word Alexa Rank. Here i will tell you What is Alexa Rank, How Alexa work and how you can optimize or improve your Alexa rank.

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa is an Amazon based Company who provides commercial web traffic data. They rank website globally and locally according to different factors.


How does Alexa Rank Websites ?

Alexa measure the rank of the website based on the amount of traffic that passes through its system. Actually Alexa provides its toolbar for the internet users and it only record the traffic from users that have installed the Alexa toolbar on their browser and ignore those who does not have Alexa toolbar installed.

If you are thinking that getting more traffic can increase your Alexa Rank. You are little bit wrong. As i told above that Alexa only measure the traffic that passes through its system. So you may find websites that have less visitors from you and have good Alexa Rank.

What is Alexa toolbar ?

Alexa toolbar is a browser Add-on or extension. Anyone can install it on its internet browser. It support all type of browser. You can download Alexa toolbar from here.

This toolbar now display you the rank of the visited sites. It not only displays the rank of visited website, but also sends the data to its central servers. So every time you  visit website via Alexa toolbar installed browser. It sends your IP data and other information to its server. That’s how they collect data from users.

Is Alexa Rank Important ?

It is found only few people(like webmasters, bloggers, internet marketers or SEO experts) installs the Alexa toolbar on their browser. So size of audience is very less. So it is not right to judge the website only with its Alexa rank.

Like i discussed above , you may find some website with less traffic and good Alexa rank. Suppose there is a website that get 25k visitor daily but only 10% of visitors have Alexa toolbar installed. So it only consider those 10% visitor to rank that website and ignore other 90% visitors.

The sites which provide SEO, blogging or internet marketing tips have fairly good Alexa rank then the website or blog that provide normal information. As the audience of these sites are majorly Bloggers, webmasters or SEO people who have Alexa toolbar installed.

But if you see it from Advertisement point, good Alexa rank really attract the Advertisers. Advertisers do consider the Alexa to judge or estimate website traffic. A good Alexa rank will definitely help you  to get higher pay.

Alexa optimization  Technique

  • If you want to improve your website Alexa rank then you must check these tips.
  • First Download and Install the Alexa toolbar and surf your website.
  • Write content related to SEO, Blogging, Web and promote it on webmaster groups and forums. It will help you get more audience who have Alexa toolbar.
  • Write articles related to Alexa . This way you can get more links to your pages that will improve Alexa.
  • Add Alexa widget on your website.
  • Ask your friends to install Alexa toolbar and regularly visit your website.

These tricks really helped me in improving my site Alexa. You must try these. There are other black hat methods also but i does not prefer them as they are not long lasting.

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