Whatsapp Spy :How To Access Someone WhatsApp Account [ Andriod & iOS]

WhatsApp has been one of the most favourite messenger or messaging application for a long time now. After its releases many more messaging apps like hike, line, and so many others came into the competition but none of them were able to gain as much attention as much WhatsApp did. There are many great features introduced in this span of time including not only voice calling but also official video calling too. After getting acquired by Facebook it reached new heights and with the recent addition of video calling feature it will take a lot for any new messaging app to replace Whatsapp.

But not every messaging app is perfect in terms of security. Even by doing some simple procedures you can get complete access to anyone’s WhatsApp. So today in this post we will give our users a trick to get a complete access to anyone’s WhatsApp. By complete access we mean you can not only see all the chats but you can also send and receive messages. This trick is completely safe and easy to perform. So with this trick you can use anyone’s WhatsApp on your device. This trick support both Android and iOS devices.

[Note: The following trick is not provided for any kind of hacking purpose. It’s for just for user convenience.]

Trick To Get Access Anyone’s WhatsApp Account On your Phone

There are times when you feel very possessive or insecure due to some sort of circumstances that you face. You want to know some things to get your answers and clear your head. If you think you are being cheated on then mostly, you can know a lot about a person just by seeing his/her messages. Since people are capable of easily connecting on WhatsApp, it is best to have a look at his/her WhatsApp.

To perform this trick you need to have the phone of the person who’s WhatsApp you need to access to. Not just the phone you need to know the passcode, if it has any lock. Since there are too many app lockers, you need to know everything first so that you don’t get stuck in between and can perform this trick with ease. If you really want to spy on someone be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or anyone else. This is the best and the simplest way to spy since if you get a complete acess to anyone’s WhatsApp, it can turn into an advantage for you which makes your job easy and even if you want to do it as fun then it will work in that way too.

Quick Steps to Spy WhatsApp on Android:

So let’s get started and get a look at some quick step follow the steps given below:


  • Now take the phone of the person who’s WhatsApp you need to spy on.
  • Make sure if have enough time with that phone.
  • Now go to the WhatsApp of that phone.
  • On right-hand side tap on three dots.
  • You will see the option of WhatsApp web over there.


  • After tapping on WhatsApp web you will get to a scanner. With that scanner scan the WhatsApp QR code of your whatsapp which you will have on the app that you have installed.
  • Once the scanning is done you will see that all the messages and chats appear on your android phone.

So it was pretty simple. Now you can have complete access to that WhatsApp so you can see all the chats and also send messages. Spying on WhatsApp is quite easy. You can stay log in as long as you want and the other person will never know that someone is accessing their WhatsApp on some other devices.

Quick Steps to get access someone WhatsApp on iOS:

There are no systems that cannot be penetrated. So does iOS. Everything is easy once you have WhatsApp web with you. So almost same simple steps you have to perform not much difference, though. If in case you are hesitating then spying is not bad thing to do. You are just taking out the information that you want to know without the other person knowing.

If you have an iPhone and you want to access the other person’s WhatsApp then follow these steps and get your spying done.

  • So go to your browser and type Web for WhatsApp.
  • Once you get the QR code on your screen.
  • Take the other’s phone and tap on three dots on right-hand side and tap onto WhatsApp web.
  • Scan the code of your screen with that phone and you will see all the messages and chat appear on your iPhone screen.

So you see that even if you have iPhone you can easily access Whatsapp of any Andriod phone on your phone and look at all the chats and messages you want to spy on. Even if you are unable to understand we have also made a video of it on our Youtube channel so you can follow the steps from there too and get your work done.

This video above will demonstrate all the steps discussed above for both android and iOS.

Even though there are many ways to penetrate any system but penetrating WhatsApp security is quite easy since we have WhatsApp for web. This trick is not only easy but it is proved to be efficient since your identity remains hidden all throughout the process. There are no tough procedures included to spy on anyone’s whatsapp. All you need to do is need to know the passcode if there are any and at least 3 minutes with the phone you need to access the WhatsApp . There are much more ways to do so but something which gives complete access as well as easy to perform even if you are not too much into tech stuff.

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  1. there is one more option to activate whatsapp web from anywhere…
    you have to download teamviewer in your computer or laptop and also you have to download teamviewer to your android mobile
    after that where ever you go you have to connect your mobile teamviewer to your computer’s team viewer and just open computers web browser and go to web.whatspp.com and just zoom on QR code
    and just scan that code from the mobile which you want to connect to whatsapp web just do it…
    it is very easy you only have to connect your pc to your android mobile just scan it from mobile and Bannnnnggg….
    you will succefully connected to whatsapp web..
    Thank You
    Harshal Jangada

    • You don’t need to do so much of task for this. You can simply open Web.whatsapp.com on your Android phone browser and then scan it with the mobile you want to get access.

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