Whatsapp UPI Payment Started in India on Invite Basis

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in India. The easy and fast functionality make it a great messaging app. Currently, the app offers functionalities like instant messaging, photo and file sharing, group chat, status etc. It has released its newest feature, the WhatsApp UPI Payment system. The system is currently in Beta version. Using Whatsapp UPI Payment feature the users will be able to send and receive money in the app without the need for any third party application.

As the app is currently in Beta version it is not available for all the users. A few users will be allowed to test the Beta version. This is to test the application for any bugs so that it can be removed in the final Whatsapp stable release.

New Update: Get Whatsapp UPI Payment Invite
Whatsapp UPI payment is rolling out on invite basis, if someone in your friend list got the update, just tell him to message you and you will also get the Whatsapp Payment feature. Or you can also comment with your number, we will send you an invite

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Whatsapp UPI Payment System

Mobile payment has become the important thing for many users. UPI stands for unified payment interface. This system can be integrated into any app making it able to send and accept payments over the internet. The new Whatsapp payment system will make the online transaction even easier.

The Whatsapp is owned by the Facebook company. Facebook is also the most used social media platform. It has its own messaging app what works with the Facebook account of the user but it has its own limitation. Earlier the mobile wallet apps like Paytm has already started using UPI payment method. And now Whatsapp has also started it.

What Is UPI

Unified Payment Interface is a platform which provides a simple yet efficient way to send and receive money online. Once the user registers the account on a UPI payment method, he or she is given a unique UPI address. This address remains unique to every user. A user can send money to another user by putting the unique address of the person to whom the money is to be sent. Also, money can be sent by entering the phone number. This payment system is also connected to the Adhaar card number of the person using it. This makes it more secure.

The user can connect it to the existing Bank account. Once it is connected to the bank account, you can transfer money from your bank account to any other bank account directly from your mobile phone.

The Whatsapp UPI payment app will soon be available for all users. Keep in touch with us for more updates.


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