Whatsapp’s new features for better User Experience

Whatsapp is rolling on to new features very rapidly, it’s not been so long from the time we have witnessed the new group setting feature and now again WhatsApp is up with the blend of features. No doubt, why it is the most popular messaging application around the globe.

Not just its user-friendly interface is famous but the rapid offerings of new dynamic features are something which keeps it on the top. It has been continuously spotted making changes on both iOS and Android Platforms.

New Whatsapp Features

Click to chat

We have always wondered about saving a number before making a Whatsapp. Even for a single WhatsApp text, we need to save a number even when we don’t want to do that. Well not anymore, WhatsApp has come with the solution. “Click to Chat”, the feature is visible in Whatsapp’s beta version.

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Instant Link with Facebook

Up till now, we have been sharing WhatsApp links via looking at the list of the different share option. The parent company Facebook has recently changed it. The user will now be allowed to directly share the link with instantly clicking on the option “Send to Whatsapp”

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Group Audio Call

From a long time, WhatsApp is planning to add this another interesting feature which will allow the user to make group audio calls. The feature is similar to what we have now. However, how many people can be a part of it is still unknown.

Moreover, WhatsApp is planning to add the features in which user will collectively able to mark the text read/unread.

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Media Visibility features

The feature is already available on iOS as well as the Android beta version. The update is quite unique and important as it will allow the user to decide whether they want WhatsApp media to be displayed in the gallery or not.

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Not just this WhatsApp is looking forward to adding much more features which are still nowhere in news. The new features can include the features related to New account information, improvements in the group voice and video callings etc.

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