[Fix iPhone 4,5,6 Charging issue] Why Is My iPhone Not Charging When Plugged in

You plugged your Phone into charging into the wall or your computer, and what you see your phone isn’t charging. This is one of the biggest problems today many IPhone users are facing. Now the question is Why Is My IPhone Not Charging. There could be any reason so, today we are going to tell you the possible cause of this problem with solution also. If your iPhone won’t charge, then sit tight and read this article full, there could be an issue with any of the these components, it could be the wall adapter, the USB cable or the charging port on your iPhone or your phone software. In this article, I’ll show you how to diagnose and fix the reason why your iPhone won’t charge.

IPhone Not Charging In IPhone 4,5,6

Why Is My iPhone Not Charging Solution for iPhone 4,5,6

There is a misinformation which we need to clear about why iPhone won’t charging. I’ve seen on other websites about an iPhone that won’t charge. Replacing your iPhone’s battery if it won’t charge, now this totally wrong, trust me on that being a technical person this is not an solution of this problem.
If your iPhone won’t charge, and you are replacing the battery inside of your iPhone will hardly zero effect. By the replacing battery will not make any change, it may be damage your iPhone also. Now there is some other reason behind iPhone not charging, so we are going to tell you about that with solution:

Hard reset

If your iPhone won’t charge, one of the first and easiest things you could try is a hard reset. Sometimes your phone save some sitting and follow them also by doing Hard Reset it will clear that all and it start from fresh. Now to hard reset follow these instruction:

Press and hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.Hard Reset

  1. Keep them held down until you see an Apple logo.
  2. Let go.

Once your iPhone has rebooted, try plugging it in again. If it starts to charge, you’re good.

Switch outlets or ports

Something some outlets or USB ports didn’t work. As we know some time our USB cable damage from the one side and won’t work properly. Because it’s depends how we use our USB wire. So, can try plugging into a different USB port or charging wire and see if your iPhone start charging. If it does it means your problem is resolved.

Switch Charging Cables

Sometimes charging cables or iphone charger not working and fail to work. They get damaged by the travel or even household life. Other times, everything around us have a life so in charging wire it has also a life so they get damage and do not work. If there’s no problem with the iPhone and no problem with the power source, you need to check the charging cable.

You can try a new cable, if you don’t have one, try one from a family member, friend, schoolmate, colleague. See if it work.

iPhone Damage

If none of the above mention method work then there must be problem in your IPhone. You phone must be damaged. In this case the best way is to contact Apple store they will guid you to got to service center of the Apple. If you have AppleCare+, then go there and get it fixed from there. If you don’t, get an estimate from there the cost of repair the device.Apple Care +

So, guys these are the some of the best methods to fix your IPhone not charging, i hope these will help you a lot to solve your problem. And if you tried all of them and still facing the issue then don’t go anywhere apart from AppleCare +, that place offers your the best solution for your iphone not charging when plugged in charging. Share this article with your friends, neighbors, and family relatives so get also know about the solution if they face this problem.

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