Windscribe VPN Best Free VPN For Windows 10 And Mac With P2P

VPN services refer to the creation of encrypted networks over a secured web connection. The major benefit of the network is that it imparts the needed level of internet security. Once you have a proper VPN package at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about the unidentified intrusion or security threats. Windscribe provides authorized tunnel built between the organization and the network. It would let you resolve all your IT issues at one shot.

Benefits of Windscribe services packages

Windscribe VPN service ensures that you have complete data security against data theft. The uncensored internet access would let you access those sites that are banned in your home country. There would be a restriction free internet connection that would let you scroll maximum sites possible.

Windscribe VPN services

VPN networks would keep your browsing history private. It would support popularized P2P protocols like a torrent and much more. The availability and more reliability are what causing the VPN services to build a marketplace at the global level.

Best Package

If there is the certain technicality in the selection of packages, the company experts would help you to deal with it. The pricing, duration, features, and performance would all get clear once you rely upon them. The nature of the business has a major role in designing up of the packages. The experts offer a perfect choice to feed the internet while keeping the identity a top secret. The VPN packages would prevent your business secrets from falling into wrong hands.


Windscribe VPN has a straightforward pricing model of their service. There is both a free plan and $9 monthly subscription on offer. You may buy a year plan for $90, ($7.50 per month), gets an unlimited bandwidth and a choice of servers in 40+ countries. If you go with the free plan, for instance, you’ll get 10GB of free data and eight locations to choose the server.

Who can use our services?

The services are used by individuals, consumers and private entrepreneurs to meet their IT needs. VPN is literally a tunnel that shadows all the activity of the web user. The public Wi-Fi may not be secured to the required level. However, talking about the VPN services, they have all the ingredients that keep it safe. The BIT Torrent users are able to use the websites without any kind of glitches at all.

Why choose Windscribe?

I know that it’s not that easy for anyone to rely on any one company for their VPN package. But, then you must know that what main points that a company must have been. Before you make a deal there is something about the service quality you need to know:

  • Concurrent connections: you may wonder that having a single network connection is sufficient for the tiny business you own. But, when you would give it a deep thought, you would know that there are a number of businesses that are interlinked with yours. Suppose our wanted to configure various devices to exit nodes. In order to avoid such costs in future, you must go for a provider that is capable of giving at least three concurrent connections at a time.
  • VPN protocols: There are various kinds of VPN protocols that have emerged to give the best packages to the users. The VPN networks provided by Windscribe are free from all the hassles and bet in packages. You would know about the quality of the packages after you buy them from us.
  • Logging: when you buy VPN packages from Windscribe, they ensure that all your private info remains concealed by them. However, the ordinary companies might take a backseat when it comes to handling the private data. Windscribe has a very clear logging policy that offers nil intrusion or data manipulation.
  • Kinds of services offered: Most of the companies would try to extract the maximum of your resources in the name of “good” VPN packages. However, when you choose Windscribe, would give you many free services along with the paid ones. The company would let you try your hands on the free package and would then unleash the paid packages.
  • Bandwidth performance: Bandwidth performance has major role-play when you choose a VPN package. The paid packages would definitely guarantee the best of speed and performance. Also, there would be a peace of mind when you would have things working the way you want.

Other Platforms

Windscribe VPN has the dedicated app for the popular platform such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also now has snazzy Windscribe Apps for iOS. The company also provides you the additional a setup guides with detailed video guides. The extension is also available for the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Like this VPN there is no other VPN service provides this kind of multi-platform functionality.

Anytime you have a problem or query regarding our VPN service packages, you can submit a ticket to reach the customer care executives. We would try to resolve your queries then and there at no extra charges.

Final Verdict

Before we purchase any think we always wanted to try it and Windscribe VPN understands that very well. The free plan is one of the best around, ounce you satisfy with the service you can go with the Paid one. As far we know there is no other VPN service is offering the free plan with 10GB data and liberty to choose the server. This is the best for freebie-seekers and families where everyone wants to use the service at once.

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