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PDF documents are probably the most used document type ever. It is used everywhere and it’s become the major format for any document. But the problem arises when you need to create or edit pdf. It’s not easy like the Word Document. Or you can say it’s the main feature of PDF that it prevent formatting. Now to make a PDF like a professional you need software where you can edit, convert into any other format. Now, to add text to pdf is not an easy task, but all thanks go to Wondershare. Wondershare PDFelement is the best software to do all the changes into any PDF file. You can create, edit, convert, protect, watermark, merge, compress, and sign industry-standard PDF files using Wondershare PDFelement.wondershare PDF editior

Wondershare PDFelement is an amazing and designed by Wondershare. To a combine all the important tools that are concerned to make a PDF File, editing and converting PDF formats to other file formats.

Using this Wondershare PDFelement, you can create a new PDF, edit an existing PDF file, combine two different PDF files into one single document and convert PDF to other formats and vice versa also. Wondershare PDFelement provides you the best interface; it also offers you to add additional content to a PDF file without affecting the quality of content. The software is available for all the popular platforms as well Windows, Mac, and iOS.

The Most Cost-effective PDF Editor: Wondershare PDFelement

Today Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best PDF editor software and what its features makes it the best software. It offers you many features all you have to do some clicks, and there you go. Some of the best features of this software is editing, converting, OCR, add the password to protect, sign PDF with signature and much more. This software is the best in the market and continues gaining the popularity than most of the competitors like Acrobat X, Nitro PDF. This software is the best competitor and alternative to Adobe Acrobat. You can download this software from the given link below:-

wondershare pdf editor for windows

Wondershare PDFelement for Windows

wondershare PDF editior downlaod

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac

Now let’s see the features of Wondershare PDFelement:-

Edit PDF File

The best feature of the PDFelement is to add text, image and split any PDF file. PDFelement tool lets you edit existing or new PDF file. All you have to do just open that file and click on Edit PDF or click on the Edit PDF, it will bring all the edit tools. To add the text you just click on that text, it will bring the cursor over there. Now you can add text quickly if you want to change the formatting then just select the text and a small text formatting box will appear.

You can choose the font type, color, style and more. This PDF editor also gives you the power to edit any image into the PDF you can insert, crop, delete, and resize images. To add an image into PDF file just click on the “Add image” now select the image you want to insert into the PDF and it will be there now Drag and Drop the Image and place that wherever you want.

add text to PDF

You can see the editing the PDF with PDFelement is very much simple and quick. You don’t have to subscribe any pack or complete any kind of survey. The PDFelement is a free PDF editor tool.

In the editing section of you want to add more PDF file and make them one then this software also do for you. Once you have done with your editing you can save it where you want and if you want to convert the file to any other format then there is also an option for that.

Convert PDF to other Formats

As we told you this PDF editor is full of features here is the another best feature of this software. You can convert a PDF to any format and vice-versa. This software support 300+ format.

Convert PDF to another formatTo convert the PDF another format, all have to do just click on the Convert PDF and locate you file and open that. Now select the format in which you want to convert and there you go. Now, wait for some time, and your file will be transformed into the format you were chosen.

OCR Technology

This feature is one of the unique and most important features of this software. OCR Optical Character Recognition technology offers you the editing power of that file which is scanned. By the help of this OCR, you can convert any scanned image into an editable mode, and you can easily edit that file and make changes you want. OCR support the 20 languages, so this software makes that editing so easy.

Protect PDF

You can also add the password to protect the PDF file. Sometimes we need security to protect our confidential PDF files from being opened by unauthorized users. After setting up the password, one can access that PDF file until he know the password.protect pdf file

You can also restrict users to PDF printing, editing, copying by setting permissions for your document. For this, you need to apply for permissions to restrict users from making above changes to your document.

Combine PDF File

Here is another feature of this software you can combine more than one PDF and make them one. You have to select the merge PDF and then select those file you want to combine after that click on next and save that file on your computer.combine PDF files

So, guys now you understand how this software is different from the others. The features of Wondershare PDFelement software made the best PDF editor software. Wondershare PDFelement is an efficient PDF Editor it can be used for all type of PDF work. It is the best tool to edit or convert any PDF to your desired file format.


The Wondershare PDFelement is much more affordable than Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam. There are many free PDF editors tools like Foxit, Nitro, Sumatra PDF and many other. Not all the PDF tools can do these all work. But PDFelement can easily perform all task very quickly. You can edit text, image, convert file types, password protect, and more. The major point is it is available for windows, Mac, and iOS.

In my personal experience, you should try this software and also share with your friends, so they also get know about this software. If you have any query, please share with us through the comment section.

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